10 Alternatives to Checking Your AdSense Earnings

Posted on 19th July, 2006

Those who can’t help but to check their AdSense stats every five seconds or some are probably suffering from GAD or Google AdSense Disorder, nothing serious but I guess it’s still a kind of an addiction 🙂

As you know, constant checking won’t lead to more earnings – in fact, it could lead to the opposite.

So, Eric Giguere of Make Easy Money with Google and AdSense has written 10 things you could do to be more productive rather than checking your AdSense stats over and over…

1. Write more content.
2. Read the AdSense Terms and Conditions.
3. Visit an AdSense forum.
4. Study the AdSense heat maps.
5. Research keywords.
6. Create some channels.
7. Create systems.
8. Optimize your pages.
9. Think like an advertiser.
10. Spend time doing other things.

One thing for sure, the little plugin such as the AdSense Notifier has actually cured me from GAD. A peek at my Windows status bar gives me all the information I need so.

I only click on AdSense Notifier to get more details information at each $10 or $20 increment to find how my websites and each ad perform.

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  • MG says:

    Lol! I’ve got GAD and I need a cure too!

  • Free Sounds says:

    I had GAD until I got notifier. Now I know whenever I get a click or money if I am doing anythin on the web.

    One of the best FF plugins I’ve seen 🙂

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