$10,000 Dell PC sold out

Posted on 28th March, 2006

I wrote about the blazing fast XPS 600 limited edition Dell PC with a $10,000 price tag.


Apparently it has sold out recently even though the monster rig has lost a bit of its ultimate status due to now wide availably of NVIDIA’s quad-SLI technology and the 5.46 GHz over-clocked machine displayed at CeBIT.

From the article:

Whether Dell plans to make a second offering of XPS 600 limited edition PCs remains unknown. What impact Dell’s acquisition of Alienware will have upon Dell’s interest in ultra-premium PC gaming is also open to speculation, though if the XPS Renegade is a true success, at least in limited quantities, we may begin to see equivalent or better entries coming soon from many manufacturers.

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  • ebolasaurus says:

    Sure, its easy to say ‘sold out’ when they only had like what, 10, units to begin with.

    OK so maybe they probably have 10 units, but you do need to consider just how many they can actually produce, as well as how many they can realistically hope to sell. Things like that are more of marketing gimmicks than anything else.

  • Kip says:

    I have a Dell xps 600 and it is the worst computer ever produced. When I try to get things fixed dealing with Dell is horrific. I am forced to work with several Dell computers and it is a nightmare. I am in Dell hell. The XPS plastic cdrom cover will break almost immediately..and I can’t seem to get good PC out Dell. Everyone I have has been shipped with major problems. Also they lie about the discounts you get with financing.

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