101 Ways to use Google’s New Web Optimizer

Posted on 13th December, 2006

Conversion Rate Experts recently published an article with the title 101 Easy Ways to use Google’s New Website Optimizer and it’s given by a their Conversion Rates Squirrel.

H ello! I’m Conversion Rate Squirrel. I’m here to tell you how to get twice as many customers, FREE, using Google’s new Website Optimizer tool! Google is still beta testing this tool and I was one of the first to use it. My Verdict?… …it’s amazing – it turns your website into a ruthless money-making machine by massively increasing your conversion rate (that’s your website’s ability to turn visitors into customers).

To be honest, I haven’t tried this tool personally but if it comes from Google, I know it something that could help me in my marketing effort. I’ll let you know about my experience once I’ve tried it out.

According to Google Website Optimizer is designed to help AdWords advertisers test different landing pages in order to determine which one drives the most conversions – whether they are sales, sign-ups or downloads. 

This multivariate landing page optimization tool enables marketers to test different ideas for variations of headlines, promotional copy, or images and provides easy-to-read graphs showing which variation resonated best with their site visitors.

This is excellent, no more manual labour to find out which page element works the best.

Check out the article here: 101 Easy Ways to use Google’s New Website Optimizer

For Website Optimizer overview click here.

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