Google’s new Toolbar: Beta 4

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Beta 4 of Google’s Toolbar adds new search functions, bookmarks, and a one-click ability to send a Web site’s URL to a blog, an e-mail account, or a cell phone.



The enhanced search function displays a list of keyword suggestions as you type your query.



Google Bookmarks allows you to access favorite sites on any computer running Beta 4.



The Send To command lets you send a page by e-mail (using Gmail), via text message, or as a link to your Blogger-hosted blog.

101 Free Games

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Have you got time to waste? Want to play a fun game right now while having your ‘break’. Head to 101 Free Games for your fix.

Doesn’t matter what type of game you like, action, arcade or simulations, I believe you’ll find the game that’ll match your interest.

Google Hacking: Ten Simple Security Searches That Work

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With 1,000s of security related Google searches, this article shows the 10 that consistently return great results. It’s excerpted from the book “Google Hacking for Penetration Testers”.

The solutions included are:

  • Site
  • intitle:index.of
  • error | warning
  • login | logon
  • username | userid | employee.ID | “your username is”
  • password | passcode | “your password is”
  • admin | administrator
  • –ext:html –ext:htm –ext:shtml –ext:asp –ext:php
  • inurl:temp | inurl:tmp | inurl:backup | inurl:bak
  • intranet | help.desk
  • List of Sites

Read Google Hacking here.

Cool Visual Passwords

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If you are like me, you are probably having trouble remembering all the passwords of the websites that you are a member with. Fortunately, I have Roboform to help me manage and remember those passwords.

Password overloaded might be prevented by using a visual password which is called Passclicks. It is a new way to login to websites without users having to remember their old style textual password. Just save your password by clicking on 5 points, then login by clicking on those same points with a 7px margin error. Ingenious!

Try passclicks here.

Natural blondes are likely to be extinct

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A report from the University of St. Andrews , published this week in Evolution and Human Behavior , says north European women evolved blond hair and blue eyes to make them stand out from their rivals at a time of fierce competition for scarce males, it appears blond hair originated in the region because of food shortages 10,000-11,000 years ago. Many men died in long, arduous hunting trips for food, leading to a high ratio of surviving women to men. Lighter hair colors, which started as rare mutations, became popular for breeding.

The analysis of northern European genes carried out at three Japanese universities has isolated the date of the genetic mutation that resulted in blond hair and blue eyes to about 11,000 years ago, but according to another study by the World Health Organization , it looks like blondes are about to get extinct .

Six Versions of Windows Vista

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A Vista for all seasons

Microsoft has decided to offer six distinct versions of the Windows update. Here they are from simplest to most tricked-out.

Version Description
Windows Vista Starter Sold only on new PCs in emerging markets such as India and Thailand. Runs only on 32-bit machines, and will be able to handle only a limited number of programs at a time.
Windows Vista Home Basic Comparable to XP Home. Has the security and search abilities particular to Vista, but does not offer its fancy graphics or high-end media features.
Windows Vista Home Premium A higher-end option for consumers. Adds support for Vista’s new graphics as well as Media Center and Tablet PC features.
Windows Vista Business Similar to XP Professional. It’s the mainstream corporate OS; also contains extra tools for small businesses.
Windows Vista Enterprise Available only to customers with volume licenses. Includes all of the features of Vista Business, with the addition of encryption, Unix services and virtual machine capabilities.
Windows Vista Ultimate Combines the features of Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Home Premium to offer the highest-end version of Windows yet.

Note: Microsoft will also offer “N” versions of Vista Home Basic and Vista Business in Europe that have Windows Media Player removed.

Read full story at

Who’s who of Google hires

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Google has the ability to attract the best and brightest minds in technology and science to join the search giant and has been assembling a pretty impressive list of candidates,

The search king lures electric combination of world-class programmers, computer networking pioneers, renowned execs from Microsoft and even a famous epidemiologist who helped eradicate smallpox in India.

Microsoft Origami Project

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I noticed the ‘Origami’ appears buzzing frequently in many blogs, online forums. As the rumors unfold, I read that it’s actually a new Microsoft concept gadget codenamed ‘Origami’, which is a sort of the next generation mini PC.


The official Origami site does not give away any details except that it will be unveiled on March 2.

An Engadget blog from earlier this month quoted a Microsoft mobile platform division executive calling the device “wearable, always on, no larger than 10 inches, connected through 3G networks, pen-based” and that it would sell for $500 or less.

Apparently, this gadget will probably run the full version of Windows.

Photo booth prank

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Just how far people go for free photos. It’s just hilarious to see the reaction of the people who fall for this prank. Just remind yourself next time that there’s no free photo booth.

As seen on

The World’s Billionaires

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From the article

The collective net worth of the 691 billionaires we could find is $2.2 trillion, up $300 billion from the combined worth of the 587 people listed last year. Every region saw gains. The world’s richest moguls now hail from 47 countries, including, for the first time, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine and even Iceland. The newcomers include 69 Americans and 38 Europeans. More than half of them are entirely self-made.

Not surprisingly, several Malaysian richest have made it into the list as well including Robert Kuok, Ananda Krishnan, Lim Goh Tong, Teh Hong Piow, Quek Leng Chan & family and Tiong Hiew King

You can read more about the world’s billionaires here.

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