You are a true Sabahan when…

February 22, 2006 by  

A friend of mine sent me this list of things which embodied a true Sabahan, as her email said.

  1. You drive at right lane of the road, with a speed of only 50 KM/H.
    If people horn behind you, you still don’t know what’s wrong.
  2. You have the luxury of working from 8 AM to 5 PM (get off work punctually).
  3. You don’t believe that there is any "clean" politician in Sabah.
  4. You feel "obligated" to reach the top of Mount Kinabalu at least
    once in a lifetime.
  5. You prefer a big car than a big house (probably you can’t drive a
    big house around to show off).
  6. You wear slipper and short wherever you go, even in city.
  7. You still think that Labuan belongs to Sabah.
  8. You will not go to any FREE seminar / function that has no food or refreshment.
  9. You don’t care about service. You just want things cheap, cheap,
  10. You know where to get your candles and torch light quickly in the
    total darkness (due to training by frequent blackout).
  11. You know what "aramaitiee" means…
  12. You shout "referee bodoh" and at the same time throw mineral water bottles on the pitch during a football match at Likas Stadium..
  13. Your Timorese maid ran away with her lover, taking your money or jewellery along..
  14. You doubt someone’s mykad wether it is real or fake..
  15. Your favourite assemblyman whom you vote and supported all this while…gambled away and lost a whopping 60 million ringgit in a London casino..
  16. You go inside a karaoke at 12 pm and realise that the place is
    still open at 5 am…
  17. You come across a supposedly local person but with a very foreign accent..
  18. You cannot vote in an election because someone has voted on behalf of you…
  19. You own a bakakuk

I was looking for something that’s funny and clever at the same time but they are either funny or clever but not both. Nevertheless, some items ring true for a Sabahan and some applies to Malaysian in general.

Personally I think item number

3. You don’t believe that there is any “clean” politician in Sabah
If there are more responsible politicians than the irresponsible ones, we would be on par in terms of physical and human capital development like our neighbouring Sarawak.

4. You feel “obligated” to reach the top of Mount Kinabalu at least once in a lifetime.

Who doesn’t, even the west Malaysian travel all the way to conquer her peak.

6. You wear slipper and short wherever you go, even in city.
Well for me at least. But I put on jeans more often now.

11. You know what “aramaitiee” means…
A true Sabahan knows what this means.

15. Your favourite assemblyman whom you vote and supported all this while…gambled away and lost a whopping 60 million ringgit in a London casino.
After partings with my hard earn money to pay taxes like a responsible citizen that I am, this is where our money ends up sometimes. London casino.

19. You own a bakakuk
Own three and get a death penalty.

Anybody can topped this list, I’d like to know 😉

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Comment by titan
2006-08-26 15:16:27

hei..nice blog..i like to added exchange link haa?? dunt know…emm..u from ?? im in kota kinabalu, UMS..still study..

Comment by Gaman
2006-08-26 21:31:14

Thanks. For link exchange please refer to

Comment by juslee
2006-08-29 23:36:17

hello…whats up dude….i love this web site but i’m wondering how to get sabahan chat…room..? dclee…at selangor….!

Comment by Gaman
2006-08-30 14:23:32
Comment by Kay Kastum Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-19 01:32:50

Ha ha, quite true actually 🙂

Comment by papajoneh Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-20 18:14:28

Kekekee.. quite true indeed the truth. Deserved to be blog post again. Hahaha.

Comment by dani Subscribed to comments via email
2007-11-01 11:20:46

im sabahan born. i stay and work in bali, indonesia. if you need any information regarding bali island for your vacation, please do email me at or you can call or sms at +628164706664

Comment by lovehatetragedy
2008-03-02 01:28:43

huhu… i think nobody can top you.. well maybe there are some who owns more than 3 bakakuks and made aramai tii as their thirst quencher(it the words right?)… they pay taxes like anybody else… who are they?? i think the people from the the interior of sabah… hahahaha…. correct me if i’m wrong… aramai tii!!

Comment by StuckS
2008-04-01 19:02:51

one more important thing..
you know what “Bha” means and how to use it..

Comment by dennis
2008-07-30 22:12:53

I have beeen working for about a year in Seychelles, the Indian Ocean, next to Africa. I shall be back to KK in September 2008. I will eat my favourite “noodles mixed with po*k meat” at the old shop at Tanjong Aru in fornt of the race horse course –Yum Yum – never miss it every time I return. My dad like the “Sui Kau” at Inanam new town, and the beef noodle soup in Megattal too… Also we drove to Tuaran to eat those Tuaran Noodle too… All the noodle in Tuaran are good, any one can tell me which is the BEST?.

Comment by papajoneh
2008-07-31 11:26:27

wow Dennis … those shops are the same for me too … well i guess we are true KK’ian Sabahan I guess. 😀 LOL.

Comment by Adrian Lee
2008-12-23 01:51:34

I think I might be the local person with a foreign accent. Or a local who gets mistaken for a Japanese or Korean. Last week, I was mistaken for a China tourist.

Comment by ejje Subscribed to comments via email
2009-03-05 03:45:28

at last,i found sabahan website(becoz im sabahan too n trying to be a bit patriotic.hahahah)..thanks to you…
dis topic is really attract me to aloud..damn true..
keep up the good jobs..
love sabahan..

Comment by noor haslinda zakaria
2011-10-18 14:17:18

haha…just foud yr site…truly baru jak nampak kat belakag 4×4 tadi….masi idup ka in blog?
actually im from kedah…baru jak 3 tahun disini tapi yah…kat mana bumi di pijak kat situ langit dijunjung….bah mari kita sama di fb pulak….looking foward to add you as my fb friend!!

About your post…hahaha…true..true..true..(macam upin & ipin)..tambah lagi dalam list….its hari satu (Isnin) bukan hari sabtu….(haha funny way to mention about days at sabah!)..and who can tell me how many roudabout can you find from sipitang to kudat….haha..its time to change for traffic light lah!….do you realise that the last traffic light is at solidwood factory at telipok….and you will never find any until you reach kota belut!

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