The more famous scientific photo of history

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One of the most famous photos in the history of physics captures the illustrious participants at the fifth Solvay Conference in Brussels, October 1927. 29 physicists, the main quantum theorists of the day, came together, 17 of the 29 attendees were or became Nobel Prize winners.


Can you see Einstein in the picture? Besides him, other famous scientists are Pauli, Schrödinger, Einstein ,Dirac ,Marie Curie ,Bohr ,Planck ,Lorentz and Heisenberg.

You can search Wikipedia for their background, expertise and contributions they have made that have changed our world.


Sex video of college girl making the rounds

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This is the sort of story that reminds you not to misplace your camera phone. But more importantly, to be careful with what you record on your camera phone. The Internet makes it possible to turn your private recording into some kind of entertainment for the global audience viewing pleasure; all can happen at the speed of light.

And this is what has happened to Tammy, who filmed an explicit sex video with her boyfriend. She misplaced her phone and forgotten about the video clip. Then a fellow student called to say the video had been spotted on the Internet.

News of the video exploded on the Internet, creating an excited buzz on local forums and blogs. The next thing she knew, people look at her as if she is a porn star and her nightmare began.

Apparently, the “Tammy”, Tammy Download”, “NYP Tammy” and Tammynyp” are currently the most search tag on blog search engine Technorati.

Read about Student in sex video scandal speaks up in

Microsoft Sets New Web Apps

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Would you like to use browser as your desktop and perform any tasks that you’ve been doing using applications installed on your computer?

From the article:

Specifically, Windows Live includes new e-mail and IM programs plus a customizable home page, which you can populate with your favorite blogs, RSS news feeds, and mini-apps (requiring Internet Explorer) called Gadgets. Office Live, meanwhile, provides small-business goodies ranging from a free, basic, ad-supported Web page to subscription software bundles. Microsoft hopes third-party software developers will create additional applets for Windows Live and Office Live.

How about having free access to most of these goodies? Well, you can read the full article here.

List of freely available windows software

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Looking for freeware and open source for your Windows? Check out “listible” compilation of such resource which is ranked by popularity.

Video tricks revealed

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Great little clip that shows how they do computer compositing of shots and effects. It’s always a little jarring to be reminded of how much we see on a screen is not real.

Was SMS invented in 1861?

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An interesting article about how it seems that text messaging may have been invented in 1861 when old technology was found to be surprisingly similar to SMS.

From the article:

Once upon a time, major service providers around the world introduced a short message service allowing people to send multiple messages to each other for a nominal fixed fee. Typically the message space was small, and as a result people invented methods to deal with this by cramming in as much information as possible using shorthand, acronyms and restricted grammar. It became very popular, creating upgrades to services infrastructure, and employing additional people, all despite the fact that people were already using the same service provider to communicate with each other using similar services. Sounds familiar?

The Best of next generation Website – Web 2.0

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DesignTechnica has assembled a list of the next generation Websites which is appropriately called Web 2.0.

The main difference between Web 2.0 technology and the current one is its interface. You feel like you are interacting with desktop applications rather than a normal web application.

Anyway, the list recommended websites that range from video, audio, photos and others that show case the best of Web 2.0 technology.

Windows Media Player 11

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Microsoft has released Windows Media Player 11. Many improvements can be seen by the redesigned interface which includes simplified trees, helpful shortcuts on the menus and menu bars, and an advanced and improved media library. There are now Back and Forward buttons, giving Media Player a web-browser feel.


Also available is a deeply integrated music library for both online and offline content, the ability to connect to additional hardware easily, and integrated, easy-to-use tools for following the process of any task (downloading music, burning CDs, synching music, or streaming video, just to name a few). Media Player 11 has a new integrated feel, too—one that makes online, network, and offline content indistinguishable.

A review from CNET says

As for the WMP interface, the latest version takes a page from the iTunes book, focusing more on simplicity and ease of use and less on massive numbers of features, though there’re still plenty of them. Microsoft did away with most of the options in the left-hand navigation tree, opting to place emphasis on music instead of offering a huge menu of video, TV, and music all at once

Faster Chips in stores near you soon

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I always wondered how fast computer chips can be 10 years from now.

Apparently it would be feasible to create 5GHz CPUs in four years. I have a 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 so it would be fun to have a speed jump of over 150%.

However Intel and AMD have said the rate at which clock speeds increase – in measured gigahertz, is not the main reason for the performance boosts. The companies will take advantage of increasing chip densities to pack multiple cores onto each chip, resulting in performance leaps. Intel said there may be as many as 100 cores packed on a single processor within 10 years.

How cool will that be?

The Future of the Blog

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Blogging is here to stay. Although it won’t supplant the mainstream news Web sites and other established media but it is meant to complement each other. What makes a blog interesting is the presence of a more personal voice.

What would the next big issue in blog design? Interestingly a simpler design with bare-bones templates and more focus would be given to the content.

From the article

We’ll focus on the idea of more select and filtered readership, and how to allow people to read certain posts. That to me is interesting: how different people want different views of the blog. A big issue right now is how to take that idea in account when designing blogs.

Another new challenge is the trend toward adding a lot of assets. People are adding photos, video, and music to supplement the text. How do you make it possible for bloggers to present as much as they want to present without creating blogs that are too cluttered or confusing?

Read The Future of the Blog here.

Check out for free blogging resources.

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