Monthly Archives: February 2006

The more famous scientific photo of history

One of the most famous photos in the history of physics captures the illustrious participants at the fifth Solvay Conference in Brussels, October 1927. 29 physicists, the main quantum theorists of the day, came together, 17 of the 29 attendees were or became Nobel Prize winners. Can you see Einstein in the picture? Besides him, […]

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Sex video of college girl making the rounds

This is the sort of story that reminds you not to misplace your camera phone. But more importantly, to be careful with what you record on your camera phone. The Internet makes it possible to turn your private recording into some kind of entertainment for the global audience viewing pleasure; all can happen at the […]

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Microsoft Sets New Web Apps

Would you like to use browser as your desktop and perform any tasks that you’ve been doing using applications installed on your computer? From the article: Specifically, Windows Live includes new e-mail and IM programs plus a customizable Live.com home page, which you can populate with your favorite blogs, RSS news feeds, and mini-apps (requiring […]

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Was SMS invented in 1861?

An interesting article about how it seems that text messaging may have been invented in 1861 when old technology was found to be surprisingly similar to SMS. From the article: Once upon a time, major service providers around the world introduced a short message service allowing people to send multiple messages to each other for […]

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The Best of next generation Website – Web 2.0

DesignTechnica has assembled a list of the next generation Websites which is appropriately called Web 2.0. The main difference between Web 2.0 technology and the current one is its interface. You feel like you are interacting with desktop applications rather than a normal web application. Anyway, the list recommended websites that range from video, audio, […]

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Windows Media Player 11

Microsoft has released Windows Media Player 11. Many improvements can be seen by the redesigned interface which includes simplified trees, helpful shortcuts on the menus and menu bars, and an advanced and improved media library. There are now Back and Forward buttons, giving Media Player a web-browser feel. Also available is a deeply integrated music […]

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The Future of the Blog

Blogging is here to stay. Although it won’t supplant the mainstream news Web sites and other established media but it is meant to complement each other. What makes a blog interesting is the presence of a more personal voice. What would the next big issue in blog design? Interestingly a simpler design with bare-bones templates […]

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