How Adsense publishers in developing countries reap the greatest benefit.

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There’s an interesting article in the Christian Science Monitor about how people in developing countries profit tremendously from Google Adsense.

While a USD100 per month in earnings may not be worth the trouble to a blogger in Manhattan, it can mean the world to a blogger in Manila.

Looking from a Malaysian perspective, I completely understand the situation. However things may not be as exciting as before if one earns less than, say USD500 per month (let alone USD100 per month). It’s an average income but I wouldn’t quit my job yet until I earn at least USD2000 or more per month just to be on the safe side.

Everybody is bound to feel the pinch after the recent fuel price hike and strengthening of the ringgit against the dollar. You never know how far the ringgit will climb although it’ll happen slowly over time.

Blog Advertising Survey by Receptional

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Receptional Internet Marketing has published a report which you may find useful if you are interested in learning more about paid blog advertising.

The report is based on an analysis trying to established patterns that can maximize the effectiveness of blog campaign.

From their site:

Don’t use Page Rank or Cost as indicators of quality when looking at running advertising campaigns across Blog sites. Our research now shows that these are two of the poorest indicators. How, then, should an advertising agency approach a Blog advertising campaign? What factors make good indicators as to the suitability of a Blog for your product or service? We set out to find out.

Debunking Google Sandbox myth

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Google sandbox has been the topic of speculation for anybody who looks beyond the basic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Google sandbox is the term use to describe where new sites get placed when they are first indexed by Google. It’s speculated that these sites that are sandboxed do not rank at all or do not rank highly in Google’s search engine results.

At some point, however, they are let out of the sandbox and suddenly all their pages appear in Google’s index and those pages can rank much more highly in search results.

So, does sandbox effect really exist?

A recent contest ran by proves that sandbox effect is nothing more than the failure of webmasters to follow Google’s own webmaster guidelines thus preventing new sites from appearing in Google search results.

Find domains on a server with IP Domain Check

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Have you ever wanted to know the domains that share the same IP on a server?

There’s a tool over at which takes a domain name ( and gives you back a list of other websites that are hosted on the same IP address.

It doesn’t list all but still quite helpful and fun.

Amazing Photoshop retouch

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Check out how a skillfully done Photoshop retouching can create amazing images from something that do not resemble the final image. It’s pretty impressive to see how a guy cut off several photos and sewed them together to create something that so seamless you swear it’s an original picture.

Check out the case study here

Study: South Korea Not ‘Most-Wired’ Country

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Contrary to popular belief, South Korea is not actually the most wired nation according to a new study of international Internet usage.

Only 68% of South Korean admitted to using the Internet on the past month. That ranked No. 4, behind Japan (89 percent), Canada (72 percent) and the United States (71 percent).

Japan remains the world’s No. 1 Internet-based economy with nearly nine in 10 people claiming to have used the Internet in the past 30 days and users averaging nearly 14 hours per week online, the study said.

The World Economic Forum ranked South Korea 14 in its recent “networked readiness index”. United States topped the list with Singapore comes second.

Malaysia? No. 24 ahead of Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain which is not too shabby I must say.

Yahoo! Search Index Update

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Yahoo! have announced on their blog that they have completed the latest update to their search engine index.

We completed an index update over the weekend. As a result, you may see some changes in ranking as well as some shuffling of the pages that are included in the index. You might also be seeing a temporary spike in crawler activity. As these things go, all this should stabilize in the near future. Meantime, if you have any comments about the new index, please let us know.

Has anybody bought a house with Adsense yet?

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Someone over at WebmasterWorld posted this funny question if anybody has bought a house with Adsense yet.

It’s interesting and sometimes inspirational to learn others experience making money with Adsense.

Many just use a portion of the AdSense income towards their mortgage or rent payments. Some were successful enough to pay off their entire mortgage outright. Some earned enough to by a prestigious home for their birds. Some don’t use it towards their home, but rather use it towards their business, to generate more long term income with AdSense (and then possibly use it towards a house then)

[via SERoundTable]

Watch Office 2007 video in action

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No more screenshots for Office 2007 and based your opinion on static image. Now Microsoft has released a video showing off the new Office 2007 in action.

I think this is a clever marketing tool from Microsoft as it actually gives one a better understanding might just as well change people’s opinions on how the new interface works.

The video covers several Office products including Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The ribbon interface is the main departure from the menu and toolbar interface in Office 2003.

Microsoft wants to give the average user the power to design incredible looking documents with Office 2007 and I think they might be able to achieve that with this slick, modern and more intuitive interface.

Click here to watch video

[via M-Dollar]

Memoirs of a Geisha

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Just for a laugh. Here’s another funny video for you.


You are the most beautiful girl in all of Japan!

Watch video here.

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