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March 8, 2006 by  

I scoured the net to find useful wordpress plugins that do certain functions to make more functional, sticky, and helpful. I ended up with these must have plugins which fulfill my current needs. I hope you’ll find them useful too.

All plugins has been tested and works with WordPress 2.0.1 unless mentioned otherwise.


1. Adsense-Deluxe

Being an Adsense publisher myself on several of my earlier websites, Adsense Deluxe is one of the first plugins that I searched for. It’s a great plugin allowing you to plug your Adsense ads easily anywhere within your post simply by inserting html comments. You can define a single default code or as many variations as you like for your skyscraper, banner, link unit ads.

Adsense-Deluxe allows you to test your Adsense styles without having to edit your WordPress templates. However, if you want to use the ads defined in Adsense-Deluxe within your WordPress templates, you can do so by placing the following code where you want the ads to appear:


<?php adsense_deluxe_ads('Ad_Name'); ?>


2. Jerome’s Keywords

If you are looking for ways to associated keywords with each of your post, this plugin might suit your need. What I like about Jerome’s Keyword plugin is its versatility. You can define your own keywords/tag system in your blog to help your readers find contents that interest them or create local tag cosmos like Technorati or Flickr or automatically use your keyword for page meta tags.

By default Technorati tag the WordPress post category as keyword. Now I can use Jerome’s Keywords to have specified keywords tagged by Technorati as you can see at the bottom of this post. Once installed, a keyword field is added into your WordPress editor for entering and editing keywords.

There are other keywords and tags plugins out there but this one does nearly all the tasks you ever wanted.


3. Post Teaser

The Post Teaser plugin is one plugin that generates a preview of a post with a link underneath pointing to the full post. You might like this plugin if your main page is filled with long posts that force your readers to scroll down just to find the post that interest them.

You can also save bandwidth with this plugin by having your readers view a full post only if they actually want to read it. Also, instead of cluttering you main page with ads, you can include post specific ads which can only be seen by the reader when they view the full post.

It includes features to generate a word count, image count, and an estimated reading time. Jerome’s Keywords is easy to install and configure without the need to tinker with your wordpress template.


4. Related Posts

One way to increase your blog page view is by adding links to posts which are related to the one they are currently reading. You can do this with Related Posts plugin which automatically returns a list of related entries based on active/passive keyword matches.

Your post title will be used for matching but you can also manually relate entries using keywords in situations where post’s title may have little to do with post’s content.

I use the default matching option and found that adding a descriptive title will help the plugin to find more relevant matching entries. This plugin is installed on nearly all my blogs such as Internet Security Online, Offbeat Enough, Portable MP3 Player, Office Supplies and Pay to Surf Reviews besides

After installation, you can specify the number of related posts to show, include excerpt and among others.


5. Admin Drop Down Menu

You know, when you are in WordPress admin area and want to perform certain task such as editing your index.php theme, you’ll have to click ‘Presentation’ and then click on the second lever menu which is ‘Theme Editor’.

Here’s where Admin Drop Down Menu comes in. It eliminates the need for this double clicking by allowing you to see the second level menu just by placing your mouse over a main menu. The image below shows the ‘Presentation’ main menu is currently selected but it also shows the ‘Links” second level menu by placing the mouse over it. Neat isn’t it.




6. Email This Post

Word of mouth is one of the best viral marketing method. People tend to trust their friends and colleague more then they trust the salesman. Adding email-to-a-friend tool can provide a powerful way to promote your blog to a circle of friends.

WP-Email is one of such plugin which enables your readers to send your blog entry to their friends. I have to warn you though that the installation is not as straight forward as some other plugins listed here.

When I first installed this plugin, it added some entries into the database. These entries are used to create the email, error, success page. To match my blog template, I had to fiddle with the plugin code and edit the database entry because there’s no straight forward way to update those entries (Update: This problem does not exists anymore in version 2.04 and above). But once installed, this plugin works like a charm. You can check out the demo at my other blog at




If you know of other email-to-friend plugin that’s easier to install, please leave your comment and share it with us.


7. WordPress DatabaseBackup

Backing up your wordpress database should be done frequently especially when you are adding content actively. WordPress DatabaseBackup offers a one click database backup to help you backup your data easily. You may download the backup file, or have it emailed to the address of your choice. It’s included in WordPress 2.0. by default but you’ll have to enable it.


8. WP-ContactForm

If you want to add a contact form in your blog, WP-ContactFrom might be the one for you. Leaving their comments is one way for your readers to communicate with you but having a contact form allow them to get in touch with you regarding matters not related to the post you made. Wp-ContactForm is very easy to use, just drop the HTML comment, <!–contact form–> anywhere in your post and you are ready to go.


9. Akismet

This could be your best friend if your blog is inundated with comment spams. Akismet is a spam filter which checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You need a API key to use this service. It’s easy to setup and runs quietly in the background. Akismet also comes with WordPress 2.0.


10. Optimal Title

You’ve done everything to make your blog pretty and functional, you’ve added useful content for your visitors, so what’s next? You might want to optimize your blog for the search engines and one way to do this by installing Optimal Title which will turn your blog title into something more meaningful for the search engine.

By default your blog post title looks like this (take for example): >> Post title for the search engine

Optimal Title optimizes your title to

Post title for the search engine <<

You may ask what’s the significant of this change. Well first, this provides more meaningful search engine results and browser bookmark names. Placing your post title in the beginning also ensure that long title is not truncated entirely when viewed in the search engine result.

Of course you can also do this by editing your header.php title tag manually but why bother when Optimal Title can do that for you? Also, if you notice when you visit homepage, the title says: About Computer, Interet, Marketing and Interesting Stuff.

The title is a combination of the blog title and description. This is achieved using the following code:


<title><? optimal_title('&laquo;'); ?><?php bloginfo('name'); ?> <?php if (!optimal_title('', FALSE)) bloginfo('description'); ?></title>


By default wordpress will only display ‘’ as the title.


Phew…! This is the longest post I’ve written so far.

It’s easy to go overboard and install every plugins ever created out there. I try to keep the number of plugin installed on my blog to the minimum so as to avoid any difficulty when upgrading to a later version of WordPress.

Now that I’ve shown you mine, can you show me your favourite plugins?

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Comment by gdymov
2006-03-19 05:45:18

Hello, stumbled over your post with plugins. Check out this plugin, you might find it useful if you’re interested in blog SEO:

Backlinks WordPress plugin

What it does is count your backlinks and draw a graph that shows how they develop over time.

Comment by Katana
2006-04-10 13:02:21

Hey thanks to this post I have added Jerome’s keywords and email plugin on my site. Learnt a lot of optimisation tips from your site. 😛

Comment by kurniawan
2006-04-12 20:08:32

Hi Sabahan, thanks for the good posting.
I wonder what plugins do you use for making comment as showed in no 10. Optimal Title “ >> Post title for the search engine”

Comment by Gaman
2006-04-13 12:05:20

Hi Kurniawan,

Did you mean the quotation box? It’s a built in feature and its properties are managed from the style.css

Comment by korokmu
2006-04-15 15:12:18

i don’t use the optimal title plugin, but i change the in the header template. Just change the position 🙂

Comment by kurniawan
2006-04-17 15:07:21

Hi Gaman,
Yes that quotation box 🙂
Kind a cool, … how to do it ?

Comment by Gaman
2006-04-19 00:49:23

Kurniawan, I’ve replied your question here. Hope it helps 🙂

2006-04-29 02:08:11


Thanks for this wonderful tips. I really enjoy them.

Will give you feedback on what I did later.

Love you.


Comment by colbert
2006-06-21 08:15:40

good post. thanks for the useful info. Im already using most of the plugins already and they are good

Comment by ahwong5
2006-07-20 01:06:05

Wuah, thanks for the wonderful tips~!! They are really useful to us…i have been searching these for a week, thanks!

Comment by unHealthy
2006-07-20 01:11:00

hi, nice review you got here, just got my self messing up with my WP again to insert the email plugin.

Comment by Wang Internet
2006-07-27 16:36:41

Of all plugins, which is the best to implement so that you can get some traffic from search engines?

Comment by Winston
2006-09-12 15:18:02

Hi Sabahan,

Wow…i went searching for almost a month before i found you..
Gosh..thanks for this resource…and all the updates you have

P.S: By the way, where can i start to learn how to write plugins?

Internet Marketing Overload

Comment by TheWheeler
2006-11-03 20:19:01

Looks like you’ve forgotten Google Sitemaps plugin. Or… is it embedded in WP2.0???

Comment by danmilward
2006-12-13 09:20:55

Hey guys. What about WP e-commerce – don’t forget us. A wordpress site isnt a site without a working wordpress shopping cart 😉

Comment by Hitesh
2006-12-17 18:38:57

I have downloaded and activated adsense deluxe plugin on my blog.
I have not modified any php file nor added the optional adsense deluxe item for drop down menu.

Then to add my default code( in a post , i converted to html editor (I think i should add the above code in html file only)
.. But now the visual editor is not showing any more.
How to get back the visual editor back? Please help me.
Also after adding the code, I was not able to see the adsense ads. 🙁
This happened with me for second time

Comment by Watchdog Milwaukee
2007-02-04 23:57:21

Your link to WP-contactform and your link to Related Posts is broken or those sites are defunct. This sucks because those are the only two I was hoping to get. Some of the other ones I’m using already.

Comment by Joneh
2007-02-05 12:17:57

I’ve checked mine, the WP-contacform site is out. the address is correct,though. the Related Posts previous link does not work anymore. The current one is this. try it. probably will change again.

Comment by Malaysia Property
2007-02-09 12:26:00

admin drop down is not working nicely on wordpress 2.1

Comment by Gaman
2007-02-10 10:28:16

You are right. I hope they optimize it for WordPress 2.1 soon.

Comment by Gareth Heyes
2007-02-20 20:37:46

I think my wordpress plugin should be included here, it prevents comment spam with verification, see my blog here :-



Comment by moonswamp
2007-02-24 14:40:13

Optimal Title

i only want some seo plugins such as “Optimal Title” (i’ve used on my blog)

other plugins such as Related Posts is this kind !

and i use UTW instead of your Jeromes Keywords

my blog:

Comment by Free Sounds
2007-03-13 21:06:52

I like the adsense plugin myself, makes it extremely easy to include ads wherever you want.

The other ones are quite useful as well.

Comment by Jake
2007-05-17 00:07:22

I found this very useful…

Comment by gedas
2007-05-25 03:17:14

I found this very useful…
thanks a lot

i m waiting for
50 most useful wordpress plugins


Comment by Adib
2007-06-08 10:50:44

Thanks for the list. I will try out your suggestion..

Jerome’s keyword
Related post
Optimal title

Comment by Brian Turner
2007-07-03 18:12:35

Just to let you know the email to a friend example on your other blog isn’t working.

Comment by gaman
2007-07-03 21:00:59

Hi Brian, Thanks for letting me know about this. Will check this out now.

Comment by Natasha Domainger
2007-07-26 17:52:31

Wow. What an amazingly helpful post. I followed it over from Instigator blog. I’m just getting started and this is going to give me a LOT of reading to do. Thanks so much!

Comment by Rose
2007-08-06 07:49:12

The related post plugin is on my list too.

Comment by Mike
2007-09-28 13:46:15

Hey thanks for this great post! Do you know the name of the word plugin for RSS feeds, to generate content autmoatically? Thanks!

Comment by Locos
2008-03-10 04:55:06

Great article.. I’ve download it all and install in my WP blog. My Blog still new and need some plugin to make blogging easier thanks to

Comment by Rich
2008-08-12 11:11:08

I keep running into this list and finally had to say Great List! I think I’m currently running 9 out of 10 on several of my WordPress-run sites.

Comment by kashnash
2008-11-17 04:17:48

Hi there..

Thanks for the top ten list.. I’ve added 5 of them to my site already 🙂 Great work.



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