From zero to hero: Targeting 10,000 or more visitors daily to my blog in one year

March 9, 2006 by  

It’s every blog authors’ dreams to have truckloads of visitors visiting their blog daily.

When and other blogs were created in February 2006, I set a goal to have my traffic level raised from less than 100 daily now to at least 10,000, within a year. That would be February 2007.

With so many blogs failed to attract even a decent number of visitors after over of year being online, how can I be sure if that’s even possible?

Several top Malaysian blogs have demonstrated that it’s not an impossible task at all.

Take for example. As you can see from his Sitemeter traffic graph below, his blog started with virtually zero visitor count in April 2005. A year later, 360,000 people had visited his blog in the month of February, 2006 alone.




Another blogger, Paul Tan who authored a blog about cars, started with a low visitor count in April 2005. The rise for the coming months has been nothing short of meteoric.




Then Liew CF, who blog about technology, computer and the Internet has consistently maintained a good number of daily visitor count.




So what did they do to attract tremendous amount of daily visitors to their blog? From my quick observation, I noticed they share several things in common.


1. Content, content content
Yes, in the world of blogging, content is still the king. But more importantly, they offer the right kind of contents that please their visitors’ palate.


2. Adding fresh content daily
They are adding new content daily, on average, 3 posts per day.


3. Accumulate incoming links
They manage to accumulate large number of incoming links. I am sure manual link exchange plays important an role here. Besides, writing quality and interesting content also encourage others to link to them


4. Taking it seriously
I know that LiewCF and Kahsoon are full time bloggers, but I do not know if Paul Tan is also a full timer. LiewCF and Kahsoon left their previous jobs after they saw the potential rewards by doing it full time.


5. Be the authority in their niche
It’s hardly surprising they are able to attract large followers since I can’t find many Malaysian bloggers who have the same success in tackling the car, technology or funny junk niches to become the ‘authority’ in those niche. Or perhaps, being among first ones to take it seriously might have helped them too.


6. Good search engine ranking
With so many posts, the chance for any of the posts to rank high in search engines increases. You only have to look at their stats to understand that a large chunk of their traffic comes from the free search engines.


There are other observations that I think have contributed to their success but the above are the main ones.

My plan now is to emulate these to help me achieve my goal. Starting a blog, adding content and bringing the traffic level up to the next level require hard work and time. If one can keep the motivation going, the traffic trend will go nowhere but up. I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

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Comment by Kenny Lee
2006-03-09 16:51:15

good luck then…

Comment by Paul Tan
2006-03-09 17:29:21

I’m not a full timer, I run a small web development and IT outsourcing firm during the day and become Paul Tan Dot Org at night!1!111 jeng jeng jengggg

Comment by Wingz
2006-03-09 17:37:33


Comment by LcF
2006-03-09 19:15:47

about niche… find your “blue ocean” instead of fighting in “red ocean”.

Recommended reading: Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant

Comment by Gaman
2006-03-09 20:25:09

Hey Guys,

Thanks for stopping by!

Comment by Kahsoon
2006-03-10 03:06:13

Good luck to you dude, an advice to you, emulate is good, human are born to emulate, how do we learn to write abc? By copy the same exact alphabet. But remember to emulate the sucessful ones, my 20sen.

Comment by Gaman
2006-03-10 04:38:28

Thanks for the best wishes and advice.

I’ve actually been involved with Internet marketing for a long time, I guess longer than the average Malaysian. So jumping into the blogging bandwagon seems to be a natural progression for me as I’ve not been taking blogging seriously until last year. So my experience in other areas will definitely help.

Sometimes you already know how things work but because they’re quite obvious (at least for me), you start taking them for granted.

Here I hope to share with others what our local blogs are capable of achieving within one year so that everybody can learn a thing or two and improve.

Comment by ahmad uzair
2006-10-20 01:29:43 to be like them also..

Comment by TheWheeler
2006-11-03 20:49:54

It has always been about content: if you have good material, the visitors would start comming themselves. You have to be consistent and hardworking (to take it serious). The rest is the statistics… :)

Comment by Franck Silvestre
2007-03-16 05:12:20

These blogs are really impressive. Good job.

Comment by ahmed
2007-05-15 15:33:09

i think it,s great to have your blog seen by me as i am looking to see more traffic comming to my site.

Comment by Melayu-Johor Subscribed to comments via email
2008-12-19 02:28:08

This article is great. It is a true story not a theory. I totally agree that the contents play an important role to attract visitors.

Comment by faisal Abdullah
2010-05-19 23:20:06 to hero..powerful story

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