Malaysian fuel-hike protesters taking it to the street

March 13, 2006 by  

OK… going off tangent here.

Apparently the mainstream media do not want you to see this. Malaysian is protesting the recent fuel hike on the street near KLCC. In one incident, the police even had to use chemical-laced water canon to disperse them.

For more information, check out:

Jeff Ooi
myAsylum (with videos)
Flickr Pics

A blog dedicated to protesting the hike and demanding a lower fuel price can be found at Minyak oh Minyak. According to the website

Jangan Lupa Untuk Menemani Rakan-Rakan Seperjuangan, yang anda sedang tengok di klip-klip video ini. Mereka bukan sahaja berjuang untuk diri mereka bahkan untuk semua rakyat Malaysia tidak kira kaum , tidak kira bangsa , tidak kira miskin atau kaya yang merana kerana kenaikkan harga minyak.

Silalah hadir ke “Protes Sampai Turun” Round 3

Tarikh : 26 March 2006 ( Ahad )
Tempat : Perkarangan KLCC ( Main Entrance )
Masa : Tepat 10 pagi

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