Top paying Adsense keywords list and how you can profit from it

March 25, 2006 by  

There are many top paying Adsense keyword lists floating around the Internet. Most of these freely available lists are not updated regularly and sometimes do not represent the current CPC (cost per click) values. Nevertheless, these lists should be able to give you an idea about keywords that pay well.

If you have an Adwords account, you can verify the current estimated average CPC value using the Traffic Estimator tool. I ran a check on several keywords to see if they really belong to the top paying keywords category and found out that some of them really do pay a lot per click.

Two lists that I came across :



How to profit from top paying Adsense keywords

The obvious way to profit from these keywords is by creating websites or blogs that focus their content on the keywords. Then put Adsense or Yahoo ads which will automatically serve expensive ads along side your content.

The challenge is how to drive traffic to these sites. Getting free traffic via the search engine is one way to do this but it is not the easiest considering that there are probably many other sites competing for the same top spots in the search result.

So another way you can drive traffic is through online advertising, specifically via Pay-Per-Click advertising. You may be wondering how could one afford to pay the expensive cost per click for those keywords and at the same time, still make more than what he/she is paying for those PPC ads?

The trick is to understand the correlations between the cheap and expensive keywords that belong to the same niche. By understanding this, you can then advertise using the cheap keywords that are related to the expensive ones and use them to drive traffic to your sites that serve ads based on the expensive keywords.

As an example, you can advertise the keyword ‘excess facial hair’ on PPC search engine which will cost you less than of $0.45 on average per click. This traffic will be directed to your site that focuses on ‘hair laser removal’ that pays between $10.60 to $15.59 per click!

There are other ways to drive traffic to your sites such as using banner advertising, link exchange, sponsorship, sweepstakes, offering free stuff, launching an affiliate program just to name but a few. Just don’t limit yourself to the PPC and free search engine traffic.

Another issue that you’d need to understand is the supply and demand of the keywords that you want to promote. How many competitions are they? How many searches are done on these keywords per month?

If you can’t develop an edge over the competition, then understanding the supply and demand of the keywords will allow you to direct your focus on popular but under served niches. This topic is so important it warrants an article of its own which I hope to write about later.

Update: You might also want to check this out: Keyword/Phrase Lists for Adwords Wealth and the Highest Paying Adsense Keywords at CyberWyre


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Comment by Boss Stewie
2006-03-26 02:54:50

aww.. just a while ago I could’ve sworn the top was yahoo webhosting paying almost USD100

Comment by Stu
2006-03-28 20:38:43

The thing with the idea of paying for traffic via PPC, is that the cost that you pay per click must be inversely proportional to your CTR X CPC

ie if you pay $0.50 to get someone to your site, and you have a CTR of 5% (generous) when you get them there, you must be getting $10/click to make it worthwhile.

this method of driving traffic to an adsense site is fraught with danger! 🙂

Comment by Robotys
2007-03-21 13:08:23

Hmm, just focusing on niche keywords, many of them! Usually the main problem for building high paying keyword adsense site is competition to get traffic. It really fierce, as in mad bull riding.. 😉

Comment by Firman
2007-04-15 03:15:05

There are so many way to get relevant Ads on your page, get it how easy way to earn more money from your site with Tips and Trick Adsense.

Comment by Brother Din
2008-12-31 19:35:41

Well, Nice Keyword information and would be useful for other people out there…thanks for sharing

Comment by marin
2009-01-23 08:18:17

interesting article, keywords arbitrage is big very big, and those people who get it right get the lions share. no doubt sir….

Comment by savings
2009-01-27 06:41:54

So what we can do is, instead of finding HIGH paying keywords, we find GOOD paying keywords with lower competing pages which you can easily rank highyer in search engines and enjoy natural search engine traffic.Thanks

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