My BlogAds experiment – a further analysis

April 1, 2006 by  

As I promised earlier, here are more findings and analysis from my previous BlogAds experiment. You can read my earlier posts and see my ad designs from the links below.

I mentioned earlier that there was a big different in the final CTR between the two ads. The one that served at has received 0.082% while the Kahsoon ad received 2.241%. Lets take a look at several findings in details:


What are the possible reasons that have caused the difference in CTR between the two ads?

  1. There is no doubt that my ad at received higher CTR because it was located higher on the page. In contrast, my ad at was located way below on the page. Actually I’ve planned to have my ad placed at the top adstrip at but mistakenly clicked on the bottom adstrip and ended up purchasing that position.
  2. There were many competing ads on every page at, whereas pages had a cleaner design with fewer ads competing for attention. Less banner blindness effect in has contributed to the higher CTR.
  3. The average page view at is higher than that at which means visitors tend to click around more. So the more pages they looked at, the better the chance for my ad to get notice. The lower CTR in is probably due to the attention its visitors give to a single post. A click out is more likely generated from a link within a post rather than from the surrounding content.
  4. is visited by people who are looking for funny and fun content, which are mainly dominated by young adult males. My ad context appealed to this demographic thus resulting in the higher CTR. In contrast, content appeals to a broader tech enthusiasts. Trying to attract those that were only interested in specific niches wasn’t as easy.
  5. The ad design at utilised the media player interface which may have attracted curious clicks. The ad benefits are obvious to most of the Kahsoon visitors. In contrast the perceived benefits as offered by my ad at could only be understood by certain visitors.


Suggestions to improve CTR 

  1. Put your ad as high on the page as you can possibly afford.
  2. Show the benefits for clicking on your banner. Include your most important keywords and describe benefits in large font.
  3. Keep you message short and concise. Use bullet points and make your message scannable.
  4. Feature a call to action such as “Click here”.
  5. Use bright/different colors to the blog where you ad appear to make it stand out from the rest of the content.
  6. Use interesting image. Avoid using images that compete directly with those that appeared on the blog.
  7. Use the word “free” and “you” to arouse attention. But only if you really offer something for free.
  8. Keep your banner fresh. I admit I am guilty for not doing this sometimes but if you notice your CTR drops, then change your ad to improve CTR.
  9. Keep your file size small. Preferably below 12KB. This will make sure your ad load as fast as it can.
  10. Use animation where appropriate. Although I personally prefer static ads.
  11. Test, test, and test. Only by testing you’ll know the most effective banner design for you campaign.


Suggestions on how to convert traffic into repeat visitors or subscribers

  1. Make sure you blog is ready for the prime time before you start off a campaign. Write enough quality content that will appeal to the incoming traffic.
  2. Offers exactly what you ad says. If your ad says you offer free Adsense tips, then post Adsense tips frequently while the campaign is running.
  3. Post new and good quality content frequently while your campaign is running. This will indicate to the potential subscribers that you are committed in offering the good stuff. They’ll come back again to see what’s new in your blog.
  4. First impression counts. Make their first visit memorable by offering posts that peak their interest.


How to increase your Adsense earnings during the campaign

  1. Try to include keywords that typically appear in your Adsense ads in your blog ad.
  2. Blend your Adsense with you page but use bold color for the ad title to help draw attention.
  3. Consider link unit instead of the traditional skyscraper.
  4. Check out Adsense tips for blogger here


So there you have it! These are just suggestions that have worked for me. You’ll need to run your own test to find the most effective ad design and techniques that can serve you best.

If you plan to start off your own BlogAds campaign, I suggest testing your ad for a week before committing yourself to a heavier promotion. If you ad perform badly, you’d only have a week to lose. In my next post I hope to write about how to select suitable blogs where you can advertise effectively.



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Comment by colbert
2006-04-03 05:36:04

i think is a rude person. I dont really like him. He does not reply emails and he took out a blogroll exchange when he suggested it in the first place

Comment by Gaman
2006-04-06 15:27:00


Comment by Gaman
2006-05-09 12:17:22

Hi colbert,

For some reason he refused an ad design without wanting to give any reason at all especially if the ad received good CTR. I have advertised on his blog several times and I’ve found that the ad design itself is the one that has resulted in good CTR. Like in any other blogs, bad ad design get low CTR.

Yes a few of my emails gone unanswered too. You thought you are the only one.. LOL

I’ve also found this about him..

I wonder why many people dislike him… perhaps he could explain.

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