Google and Click Fraud

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I came across this interesting article about Google click fraud problem and how it’s making Google richer.

After 29 years of working in high-tech companies and writing about them, I have noticed how insular they tend to be, often not seeing either the world or themselves at all clearly. Whether intended or not, this cultural artifact comes to control how the world in turn sees them, which rarely works in their favor.

The classic example is Microsoft, where hiring smart people fresh from school and working them 60 hours or more per week — in an environment where they don’t even leave the building to eat — leads to a state of corporate delusion, where lying and cheating suddenly begin to make sense. But it isn’t just Microsoft that does this. It is ANY high tech company that hires young people, isolates them through long hours at work, feeds them at work, and effectively determines their friends, who are their co-workers. This trend even extends to the anti-Microsoft, to Google, where the light of day is sorely needed.

50 Most Popular Bloglines Feeds

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Bloglines is one of the popular free online services that helps you subscribe to and manage web information such as news feeds, blogs and audio.

As of June 8, 2005, Bloglines was already tacking 500 million blog and news feed articles in their searchable database.

I was browsing my feeds when I came across the Most Popular Feeds compiled by Bloglines. If you are interested to know the kind of information that attracts the most subscribers, here are 50 of the most popular feeds on May 30, 2006.


No of Subscribers
1 Bloglines | News
The latest news and updates from Bloglines. It’s not suprising to see it occupies the top spot since it’s added into every subscriber’s feed by default.
2. Slashdot
News for nerds, stuff that matters

How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?

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The Economist has published an article that try to tackle the age-old question: How much sleep do we really need?

From the article:

a new, contrarian school of thought is emerging. The eight-hours mantra has no more scientific basis than the tooth fairy, says Neil Stanley, head of sleep research at the Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit at the University of Surrey in Britain. He believes that everyone has their own individual “sleep need” which can be anywhere between three and 11 hours. “If you’re a three-hour-a-night person, you need three; if you’re 11, you need 11.” To find out, he says, simply sleep until you wake naturally, without the aid of an alarm clock. Feel rested? That’s your sleep need.

Read more: From A to Zzzzz

Insert AdSense Randomly Into Your WordPress Blog Entry

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Here’s a plugin to help you reduce banned blindness and eventually increase you AdSense click thru rates.

WordPress Injection is a simple WordPress plugin that takes a random paragraph break in your article and inserts AdSense code randomly. You can select how many ads to display (0-3) and pick the formats and colours you want it to randomly select from.

A demo is available at the author’s blog. You can see the effect by refreshing the post in his blog.

[via Jensense]

Find Out Who Is Clicking Your Adsense Ads By Tracking Clicks Via Google Analytics

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Have you ever wondered where the clicks on your AdSense ads are coming from?

The AdSense reporting interface is good enough for most tracking needs but it does not tell us anything about the referring sources that generate the clicks. This method that I am going to describe will help you do just that, finding out who is clicking your AdSense ads.

If you know which referring source that clicks your AdSense the most, you can focus your effort in attracting more traffic from that particular source.

From the graphic below, we can see that out of 918 visitors that came from Google to one of my blogs from May 23 until May 29, 5.01% clicked on my AdSense ads over the course of their visit.


70 Of the Most Popular Blogs In Malaysia

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Syed Syahrul has published a list of the most popular Malaysian blogs at his blog.

Based on Alexa traffic rank alone, should have been included on the list. With an Alexa rank of 52, 676, is actually number six on the list. Not bad for a three (or is it four?) months old blog right.

No, I am not complaining for the exclusion. It just goes to show that you can’t relay on Alexa to gauge sites popularity.


How Alexa ranks a website

Alexa ratings are based on a level from 1 to 4,000,000 and it goes beyond 4 million sometimes. The lower the rating on Alexa the better. So if a website has a ranking below 100,000 then the website should be getting a good number of daily visitors.

Visualizing World Development With Google Gapminder

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Here’s an interesting application from Google to help you visualize and interact with data from World Development Indicators 2006 from the World Bank.

Each bubble on the scatter plot represents a country. The size of the bubble represents the population of the country while its position is determined by the x-axis and y-axis which can be anything from income per capita to life expectancy.

Some interesting observations:

1. Select colour by Income groups and click on the ‘Map’ tab. See how the bubble moves into position representing each country income level.

2. Sometime in 1992, Malaysia per capita income and life expectancy matched those of 1975 Singapore. As we steadily improve, so does Singapore.

Let’s just hope it won’t take us another 17 years (year 2023) before we could enjoy the same per capita income and life expectancy as those of Singapore.

Adsense Integration Competition

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John Scott the Administrator of v7n forum is currently running an AdSense integration contest.

I must say a contest such as this is not only beneficial for publishers but it’ll help them promote the v7n website since everybody is interested in knowing how to monetize their existing traffic. Regardless of their aim, I am sure everyone can learn something from this contest especially if one is an AdSense newbie.

The challenge is to take an existing page about Suzuki bikes, and redesign it completely. The goal is to completely integrate AdSense and make it appear as part of the site. That is to say, Adsense should appear to be internal navigation, not advertising.

The original page can be seen here.

At the time of this writing, several people have already submitted their entries. So far I like this one.


What’s the Internet Going To Be Like 20 Years From Now?

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Berners Lee, widely considered as the inventor of the Internet, well not single handedly, has proclaimed that the Web is ready to evolve.

He used the term called Semantic Web to characterize the next generation of the Web. The new Internet will enable computer to do more heavy lifting in terms if processing data and being able to better interpret the information found on Web pages.

As fleshed out at the conference, Berners-Lee’s vision of the next-generation Internet is one in which Web sites, links, media content, and databases are “smarter,” having the ability to automatically provide more meaning than what is available to users today.

Besides more interactivity and customization, the next web will feature more automation.

Linden explained that, for average Internet users, the technology initially will mean better searches. “Because of the additional data that can be processed better by computers, it will feed all kinds of search, analytics, and reporting,” he said.

What’s Going On With Yahoo & Partnership?

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Apparently there’s a lot of things going on there according to Joshua Schacter, founder and product general manage of

To those who are not familiar with, it’s a popular social bookmarking site where users can publicly bookmark sites with keywords called tags.

In his blog Schacter writes recently:

You’ll notice that the homepage now features a hotlist which is updated every hour to show you the top three most popular links as of that moment. These links are taken directly from the popular page, and we never show the same link twice. This guarantees that every time you visit the homepage, you’ll see something new (well, at least every hour)

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