Find Out Who Is Clicking Your Adsense Ads By Tracking Clicks Via Google Analytics

May 31, 2006 by  

Have you ever wondered where the clicks on your AdSense ads are coming from?

The AdSense reporting interface is good enough for most tracking needs but it does not tell us anything about the referring sources that generate the clicks. This method that I am going to describe will help you do just that, finding out who is clicking your AdSense ads.

If you know which referring source that clicks your AdSense the most, you can focus your effort in attracting more traffic from that particular source.

From the graphic below, we can see that out of 918 visitors that came from Google to one of my blogs from May 23 until May 29, 5.01% clicked on my AdSense ads over the course of their visit.


You can also see from the graphic that I have set up two clickthru goals data, i.e: G1/Vist and G2/Visit. I am actually comparing two tracking methods to see which one produces a more accurate results and does not deviate too much from the CTR in my AdSense account.

I find that the second tracking method, G2 produces more accurate results so I am going to use that as an example here.


Getting Started

The tracking is done using a third party javascript which is freely available from the Internet. This free script integrates with Google Analytics to all allow you to track your AdSense clicks.

You’ll have to sign up with Google Analytics in order to start tracking using this technique if you do not already have an account with them.


Creating a Goal

The tracking is done by setting up your “Goals” in Google Analytics. A goal is a website page which a visitor reaches once they have made a purchase or completed another desired action, such as a registration or download. In my case though, our Goal is defined by a click on our AdSense ads.

To set up your goals, Enter Goal Information:

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account and click Analytics Settings
  2. Find the profile for which you will be creating goals, and click Edit
  3. Select one of the 4 goal slots available for that profile and click Edit
  4. Enter the Goal URL . For our need, the URL does not has to exist as the javascript will trigger it.
  5. Enter the Goal name as it should appear in your Google Analytics account. For this enter the following information.


  6. Turn the goal On or Off . This selection decides whether Google Analytics should track this conversion goal at this time. Generally, you will want to set the Active Goal selection to On


Adding the Javascript on Your Page

I’ve found two different javascripts from two different sites. Each one uses a slightly different method to track clickthrough. I’ve tested both scripts and I found the following script from Besting AdWords to be more accurate.

Download the script here.

Just add this script to the footer of you pages that you want to track. Give it sometimes ( do not click on your own ads to test this!) before you could start seeing goal tracking appearing in your Google Analytics account.

Here’s another interesting stats for me, apparently, most of the clicks from May 23 to May 29 was generated by visitors from India, followed by Australia (based on my G2 Goal).


Armed with this information, imagine the potential increase in click through rates that you could generate by fully taking advantage of this method. It’s a gold mine sitting there waiting to be discovered by you.

The clickthrough rates in your AdSense account may differ from statistics reported by this technique. Some of the possible reasons causing this discrepancy are:

  • Visits from spiders, robots, crawlers from other search engines may affect the impression and CTR
  • The browsers don’t have JavaScript enabled or don’t support JavaScript
  • The browsers don’t support the iFrame tag
  • Impression from programs that people may have written to grab website content is not counted.

If you are interested in the other method that I’m using to track my G1 goal, you can read more about it here.


UPDATE: Currently the method I use to track my G1 goal works better for me.

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Comment by Rashmi Subscribed to comments via email
2007-07-29 16:41:36

My blogsite URL is:

I wanted to find out who is clicking my Adsense Ads by tracking clicks via Google Analytics.

I had configured the Google Analytics Goal with following details:
Goal URL=/AdSenseClick
Goal Name = AdSenseKB
Also, Active Goal is turned to “On”.

Also, I had installed the “Besting AdWords” javascripts as you had given, on all my pages.

However, when I see my Analytic report (Map Overlay-> Goal Conversion), I see my Goal as “Goal1: AdSenseKB”), but however I can not see any figures in this Goal (Goal1) column. This is despite my Adsense figures has gone up.

Kindly help.
Thank you in anticipation,

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