Search Purple Web Directory Hacked!

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Search Purple Web Directory, one of my Text Link Ads sponsors, has been hacked by someone who called themselves Arslan KSA.


The homepage is replaced with some Arabic and English words asking people to visit, which is apparently has been suspended by web host.

The hacked page includes this short paragraph

I delete all backup from host which belong to sites and I don’t have the copy

No I don’t think the hacker found the page from I hope the sponsor has a backup somewhere so that the site can be restored ASAP while his text link ad is still running here.

IE7 to be distributed via Automatic Updates!

July 31, 2006 by · 2 Comments 

Microsoft will distribute Internet Explorer 7 as a high priority update via Automatic Updates (AU) after the final version is released for Windows XP in the fourth quarter of this year.

Alternately, you will be able to visit the Windows Update of Microsoft Update sites and obtain IE7 by performing an Express scan for high-priority updates.

One problem that continues to discourage me to completely switch back to IE from Firefox is the seemingly slower tab browsing function in IE. But that seems to be improving now.

Somehow the IE interface, albeit prettier than that of Firefox, has the bloatware feel to it.

In addition, my Roboform plugin, a password manager and form filler, does not work well in IE too. In certain situation, I have to fill in a form manually, simply irritating.

Let’s wait and see if the stable release for IE7 solves this problem.

[via IE Blog]

WordPress 2.0.4 Security Released

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The stable release of WordPress 2.0.4 is now available for download. The release contains several security fixes as well as over 50 bug fixes!

To upgrade, just overwrite your old files with the latest from the download. A more thorough upgrade instruction is available at the Codex.

To Text Link or Not To Text Link

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You may have noticed the Text Link Ads below the archives section on my left sidebar. So far I’ve made about US33 from it for the month of July, not much but I guess any income is good.

Problem is Text Link Ads do not use the nofollow tag. While I understand that won’t be penalized for using Text Link Ads, there’s a possibility that it will lose the ability to give reputation (PageRank and anchor text).

I know there are several reputable sites such as that use Text LinkAds on their blogs, so far I haven’t read any bad experience in regard to their inability to give out reputation. Have you?

I’ll shoot an email to the AdSense team and see what they have got to say about this.

Surviving the Google AdWords Update of July 2006

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If you have been affected by the recent Google’s landing page algorithm update, a report published by Affiliate Classroom recently may gives you some ideas on how to deal with the changes.

According to the guide, four kinds of sites are hardest hit

  • One page sales letter websites
  • Squeeze pages (landing pages whose sole purpose is to gather an email address in exchange for a free report)
  • AdSense sites (particularly AdSense arbitrage sites)
  • Affiliate sites

This may explain why my sites are not affected since none of them fall into any of these categories.

Apparently, many marketers that had been paying five or ten cents a click (or less) are now required to bid at least 50 cents to a dollar or more. There are also reports of some advertisers who have kept their bid prices, but those bids are now buying only 3rd or 4th page ad positions, where they used to buy first page positions.

Read the full guide: How to Survive the Google AdWords Update of July 2006

[via Shawn Collins]

More Optimization Tips From AdSense Help Center

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If you are new to Google AdSense or just looking for some optimization tips to increase your earnings, head over to the newly revamp AdSense Help Center.

The new version includes more info with detailed suggestions for improving your AdSense performance on blogs and forums, choosing the right color palettes for your sites and more.

It is also refreshing to find the addition of more screenshots and heatmaps to make the tips easier to understand.

Check out AdSense Help Center.

YouTube Viral Broker

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This is a funny video parody about an independent viral video broker Kevin Nalty working to clinch big deals for the viral video stars with Coca Cola.

Among those involved are Judson Laipply (Evolution of Dance), Smoosh (YouTube Viral Creator), Gary (Numa Numa Kid).

Perhaps this is one of the possible scenarios in the future when viral video monetization is fully embraced.

What Blogging is Buying Bloggers

July 25, 2006 by · 1 Comment 

Darren Rowse has been linking to a couple of people who had written about what blogging had bought them. The list range from dog id tags to offices.

I personally have not purchased anything substantial from my blogging revenue simply because I’ve only started blogging seriously early this year.

Since then my AdSense income has climbed back to around USD four figures per month but nothing to shout about compare to bloggers like Darren. Besides blogging, my other websites have also contributed significantly in this increase.

While blogging haven’t bought me anything too significant, incomes from my other Internet business have bought me quite a few stuff including:

1. Ford Escape 2.0
2. House renovation
3. Dell Desktop (RM12K value)
4. Home office equipments and furniture

Basically it has been paying my living expenses for the past few years. I don’t earn much compare to other successful bloggers such as Darren Rowse and many other Internet marketers. However, the favorable USD/Ringgit exchange rates allow me to do more with my Internet income.

I am still working hard to achieve my next goal, USD10K per month. I wonder what that level of income would buy me… 🙂

Amazon Omakase Links Program – an AdSense Killer?

July 25, 2006 by · 1 Comment has unveiled the much anticipated, at least to some people, context sensitive ad box which works similar to Google AdSense.

A brief explanation about the Omakase

Omakase – leave it up to us! Omakase links will show an Associate’s visitors what they’re most likely to buy based on Amazon’s unique understanding of the site, the user, and the page itself. To create Omakase links, simply modify the template and appearance elements below and copy the resulting code on to your page. Then leave the rest to Omakase!

To get to the Omakase links area, just login into your Amazon Associates accounts and click on “Build Links”

Despite the various customizable options available, I do not think this is an AdSense killer yet. You’ll only get paid when someone purchases a product and not when someone clicks one the box. So if you’ve low traffic sites or blogs, you’d probably do better with AdSense or Chitika.

In addition, I’d imagine Omakase links will do well on ecommerce sites too where most visitors are in the buying mindset.

As you may have guessed, Omakase links and AdSense links cannot exist together on the same page without violating the Google AdSense terms of service. This is because you are not allowed by Google to use other services that also contextually generated dynamically based on the content on the individual pages.

I might give this a try on some of my sites.

Check out AskDaveTaylor for a more detail explaination.

[via Shawn Collins]

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