Quality of Postings on Project Petaling Street

July 6, 2006 by  

I came across this post by ShaolinTiger recently and several other posts here and here in response to his initial post regarding the quality of pings on Project Petaling Street, PPS lately.

I should thank him for giving Sabahan a mention as one of the good ones. I was suprised actually since I think my grammar isn’t that good, but hey I am working on it :). I guess it’s the content that matters more.

Anyway, I agree with most of his points but I think we also need to have a closer look at how we define a good blog.

The good blog definition is a subjective matter. Some blogs may appeal to a group of people but not the others and vice versa.

What most blogs have in common is they usually offer a valuable filtering function for their audience, in effect, pre-surfed for them. Blog owners pick out the most stupid, appealing, and mind-blogging content out of the countless web pages drifting throughout the cyberspace.

A function that is a time saver for the readers. Otherwise they will just sit there looking, page after page on the web and may be not finding anything at all.

I guess the only bad blogs for sure are those that fail to attract audience, from search engines, word of mouth or link back, one year after they were launched, when the number of Feedburner subscribers remains close to zero.

Another thing is that copy and paste blog will naturally die out as the search engines become cleverer in detecting duplicate content, until the owners of such blogs realize that they are just wasting their time and give up chasing the “easy money”.

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Comment by Katana
2006-07-06 16:13:22

Haha good thing my blog was not mentioned in ShaolinTiger post. There is no definition of good or bad blog. As long as the visitors keep on coming back to the blog in my opinion is a good blog regardless of content. 🙂

Comment by pinolobu
2006-07-07 02:22:12

IMHO, whether good or bad depends on the beholder. As long as it fulfills a need, it’s good. One person’s need is not necessarily another’s. I might find very useful, and not. But another person might think the total opposite.

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