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July 20, 2006 by  

That’s not too surprising is it?

Just take a look at for an example, and you’ll find the majority of bloggers prefer to write about themselves and share their own experiences rather than to discuss about politics or technology.

There’s nothing wrong about this of course but it also means that there’s always room to accommodate bloggers who would write about non personal and current issues, obviously.

According to a recent survey conducted by The Pew Internet & American Life Project “A-list” bloggers are usually those who write about topics that covered by traditional media but in general blogging is more of a personal experience.

The Pew study also showed that U.S. adult Internet users prefer to read, not write, blogs. About 12 million, or 8 percent of the total number of adult Internet users, post blogs, while 57 million, or 39 percent of the online population, read them.

Bloggers also tend to be a creative bunch. A whopping 77 percent have shared online something they’ve created themselves, such as artwork, photos, stories and videos. By comparison, only about one in four Internet users have done the same.

The survey showed that only a minority of bloggers is interested in topics other than themselves. Only 11 percent focus on politics and government, 7 percent on entertainment, 6 percent on sports, 5 percent on general news, current events and business; 4 percent on technology and 2 percent on religion, spirituality or faith. Smaller groups wrote about a specific hobby, a health problem or illness, or other topics.

Getting feedback appeared to be important, with 87 percent of bloggers allowing comments on their blogs. Few bloggers are likely to get rich on their efforts, since only 8 percent earned money on their blogs. Anonymity appeared to be important, with more than half of bloggers using a pseudonym

If you are trying to make money from blogging, I would say the chance to be successful at that should be much better if you put more focus on other issue besides yourself. I know this may sounds offensive to some people.

I’ve nothing against personal blogs but hey just do what you love. To those people, blogging is more about personal expression and sharing personal experiences which I do it myself in this blog once in a while.

Download Pew report here.

[via TechWeb]

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Comment by menj
2006-07-20 15:49:22

Well my blog is about personal AND political/religious issues 😀


Comment by pinolobu
2006-07-20 16:17:45

so it would seem that politics and govt is something that’s read by a lot people, but how to monetize that kind of topic?

A hot political issue in Malaysia might not concern people in the US at all.

Unless of course you select issues which affect the whole world.

Comment by Gaman
2006-07-20 16:26:34

Good point pinolobu. You can still take advantage of Google AdSense, especially when your blog is written in English. is one of such bloggers.

If you perform a search for “politics” at Google, you’ll notice that the ads can be universal and not bias towards US politics only.

The trick is to know what keywords to target while still discuss about local political scenes.

Comment by Stu
2006-07-24 07:53:22

I wonder what percentage of people actually read personal blogs. Other than people who know you, nobody really cares about your cat or which book you are currently reading.

I would say a very high percentage of people who read blogs tend to read news/information blogs.

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