How to Lower Costs for Leads Generated via Google AdWords

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If you are looking for ways to lower your Google AdWords costs then check out this article by Marketing Sherpa.

It’s a case study of a real-life B- to-B lead generation marketer who changed bidding tactics and tested page changes.

The study involves a strategy which is worth following:

Step #1. Segmentation by lead readiness
Step #2. Optimize landing pages for lead conversion
Step #3. Cut low-value campaigns

The study concludes that if you have to choose between paying for landing page tests versus paying for more search clicks, the landing page should win. This should also apply to those who create and test landing page themselves.

Read the full article: How to lower costs for leads generated via Google search ads (PPC)

After 100,000 Sales, Make Your Site Sell EBook Is Now Free

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Make Your Site Sell is an excellent ebook written by Ken Evoy, said to be one of the most successful Internet Marketers online.

It cost me USD29.95 to get my hands on this superb ebook but now you can get for free!

This ebook has sold more than 100,000 since its launched in 1999 and was described as “The Bible of selling on the Net”.

The most important idea I’ve learned from the ebook is the “Big 3” variables (product, site-selling, traffic building) which evolved into a more powerful process that become known as

Content > Traffic > PreSell > Monetize

This concept has helped me make tons of money online because all the uncertainties are unraveled into these four clear and concise definitions. It has helped me realizes the important “variables” that can make or break my business.

Google AdSense Payment via Western Union

October 7, 2006 by · 9 Comments 

Some of you may have read in other blogs that Google is currently running a pilot which involves some Malaysian AdSense publishers receiving their AdSense payment via Western Union.

I’ve just picked up my AdSense payment via Western Union recently.

With USD check payment, I have to wait two weeks for the check to arrive in the mail and another whole month or so for it to clear.

In comparison, when Google tells me I can pick up my AdSense payment at a Western Union agent, the payment is there already and available right away. The exchange rate is comparable to what my bank offers for USD check but there’s no bank charge to receive Western Union payment.

They will continue to run the pilot this month so I’ll still receive payment by Western Union at no charge. Just in time for the holiday! – Sabah’s First Blog Feeds Aggregator Portal

October 7, 2006 by · 12 Comments 

At last someone comes up with a blogtal or a blog portal that aggregates the latest postings from Sabahan made and maintained blogs on the cyberspace. It’s called which means a worm in a local Sabah slang. That’s a good name for a blogtal if you ask me.

This site is owned by MrBadak and currently accepting submissions from Sabahan bloggers who want to be listed in the system. To get listed, just fill out a simple form and your site will be approved within 48 hours.

I hope more Sabahan bloggers will register their blogs there, not only to get traffic, but to help those who seek “Sabahan made” information on the cyberspace to find a “one stop shop” which could save their time and effort in search such info.