Yahoo Keyword Selector Tool Still Alive

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There were many speculations about the future of Yahoo’s Keyword SelectorTool when many users had trouble using for the past few days.

It’s no doubt one of the most useful free keyword research tools online.

Yahoo spokesperson explained that this is not true. The reason why the public Keyword Selector Tool being inaccessible are due to volume and it’s not in danger of disappearing anytime soon.

In fact, a new public keyword research tool which would be hosted through Yahoo! will be made available later this year.

For existing advertisers on Yahoo Search Marketing, the “protected” version which is accessible within an advertiser’s account management console should work fine.

Malaysian Bloggers Undeterred by Lawsuit

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Here’s a news from AFP about the two Malaysian bloggers being sued by a newspaper.

If you don’t know it already, Ahirudin the owner of “Rocky’s Bru” blog and Jeff Ooi of “Screenshots” are being sued for series of posts critical of government policy that were published on their sites.

Under a deal floated by New Straits Times Press, its newspaper and Ooi has agreed to refrain from publishing articles or posting comments related to the lawsuit. Likewise Ahirudin and the NSTP have came up with a similar agreement.

This step was taken to prevent prejudicing the case.

The thing is, anybody can and setup a blog and discuss about the lawsuit. This is what happening now as new blogs mushroom and existing blogs continue to write about it

If two of the bloggers were to create anonymous blogs at to talk about the issue, there’s nothing stopping them too.

9 Keyword Research Tips to Help You Expand Your Existing PPC Keyword List Dramatically

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Your keyword list plays a crucial role in your pay per click campaign success. Your goal is to show up on the first page of search results for as many related keywords as possible and these tips will help you do just that.

Once you have your main keyword list ready, you can expand it further by adding keyword variations such as misspellings, abbreviations, plurals etc.

In addition to finding keyword variations that you may never come up with using the normal keyword research tools, you can now target less competitive keywords while at the same time save money on your advertising budget. It’s not surprising if you find some of these keywords convert well.


1. Use Misspellings and Typos

Online searches sometimes misspell words and phrases they are looking for. Use these common misspellings to your advantage. Misspell keywords cost considerably less and they are less competitive too.

The Reason For The AdSense Placement Packs Emails

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Many AdSense publishers received an email from Google a couple of days ago about the “Placement Packs” and wondered what it’s all about.

Peter Da Vanzo over at V7n blog wrote to Google for clarification and was informed that the type of ads you could expect to see on your site could be video ads in 300×250 format.

I personally think that anything that can help AdSense publishers more money is worth trying.

Quick Links To Blogging Articles

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Blogging for Money – A Passive Income?

Some newer bloggers hypothesizing to work hard in the short term of their blogging and then hopefully to slow down later and live off the ongoing earnings from archives.

Can blogging be a set and forget income stream? This is what the article tries to explain.


A Guide For Introverted Blogger

If you are an introvert, here are some tips on how you can use your introvert tendencies to enhance your blogging. It includes how to overcome the most common stumbling blocks that an introvert faces when writing for the public.

Repairs To Undersea Internet Cables Delayed Again?

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TMNet has not released an official statement on this but according to a news release from AFP today bad weather had again delayed the full repairs to undersea cables damaged last year.

Most of the seven submarine cables have now been fixed but one will take longer than initially estimated.

According to the organization that’s responsible for the repair work, one section of a cable will be completed by the end of February.

We don’t know if TMNet is dependent on that particular cable but if it does, we’ll still have to bear with the less than normal connection for a few weeks more.

In spite of this less exciting outlook, I am noticing a mark improvement in my broadband speed and it’s more tolerable now as compare to a few days ago. Downloading and uploading big files is still a slow process though.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Blog Fail To Make Money from AdSense

January 30, 2007 by · 9 Comments 

Using Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways for bloggers to monetize their blog. In addition to the ease of use, AdSense offers a reliable source of income to many.

AdSense takes the confusion out of blog monetization and allows bloggers to concentrate on writing quality content instead of worrying about making money.

Well, that’s the idea anyway.

Unfortunately most bloggers fail to earn a decent income from AdSense. Some bloggers end up waiting a year or two to reach the US100 threshold. Many more would never reach the $100 figure. As you may already know, AdSense publishers can only collect their check when it exceeds $100.

So what mystery is concealed behind blog monetization with AdSense that seems to prevent ordinary bloggers from earning decent income from it?

Make Money By Uploading Your Video At YouTube?

January 29, 2007 by · 3 Comments 

BBC News recently reported that YouTube was working on an ad revenue sharing program that will allow video uploaders to get a share of the ad revenue. The exact date has not been decided but the program rollout could begin as quickly as within the next couple of months.

This program could enable video creators to make money each time their videos are watched on YouTube. This idea is not new, other video sharing sites such as Revver already split advertising revenues with their users.

One of the options considered is to show the audience of YouTube video a short advert of three seconds length. I would imagine most users would be more tolerant with this arrangement as compare to the industry standard of 15 to 30 seconds ads.

Is Googlebomb Algorithm Change Affecting Your Site’s Search Engine Ranking?

January 29, 2007 by · 3 Comments 

It’s quite unlikely according to Matt Cutts.

Apparently Google is performing updates more frequently these days. The data refresh become more frequent, roughly daily instead of every 3-4 weeks previously.

Matt took a look at 5 sites where people were asking about changes in ranking for their sites.

All those sites reviewed shared one thing in common. In an attempt to make money quickly, some sites forget about what value their sites are offering to their visitors.

If you are trying to get a good site up quickly ask yourself if you took any shortcuts. If you do, Matt recommends you to revisit those sections and augment them with different tools, contents, features etc.

It’s obvious why those sites reviewed by Matt dropped in their ranking – duplicate content, broken links, redirects, lack of content etc.

If your site ranking has changed recently, you might want to check this out.

Seven Critical Mistakes New Advertisers Make When Setting Up Their AdWords Campaigns

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There are two ways to setup your AdWords Campaign, the right way and the wrong way. Here’s I am going to show you the wrong way to do it. If you commit any of these mistakes, you could end up paying more that you should and there’s a good chance that your campaign will fail.


1. Targeting the Wrong Language & Countries

The first step you do when setting up a campaign is to select the languages and countries you want to target. Most new advertises make the mistake by selecting the “All Languages” and “All Countries” options.

You may think that the more country your ads are shown or the more language the ads support the better. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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