Are There Negative Consequences to Pausing a Campaign or Adgroup?

January 19, 2007 by  

A member over at WebmasterWorld Forum asked

Will the keywords lose their CTR performance? Will this somehow be detrimental in terms of being competetive when the campaigns or adgroups are resumed after a period of time? Basically.. are there any bad consequences to “stepping out of the game” for a period of time? I’m talking weeks or months.

From my experience, there are no negative consequences for pausing it for a week or less.

One of my ads which occupy the first and second spot consistently will return to the same spot when it’s resumed after it’s paused for a week or so.

The only different is that when new advertisers come in. They would push my ad out of the top three. But two or three days after that, it’ll usually return to its normal position.

I guess it all depends on your previous ads history, your competitor’s ads history and whether there’s new advertiser joining in the bidding.

Rustrybrick of Search Engine Roundtable writes

Deleting a campaign or AdGroup can and will cause issues. Editing a campaign or AdGroup can also cause direct issues. But pausing them should not.

AdWordsAdvisor basically confirms that, but we are waiting on confirmation on that.

What may happen is that your competitors gain better history for their ads (but your history should remain the same). It also may hurt you to not remain active, because this is a dynamic bidding and ranking environment, if things change and your not around to watch these changes, then you can be hurt from the lost experience and time.

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