Google AdSense Introduces Enhanced Ad Placements

January 26, 2007 by  

Yesterday AdSense introduced a new feature allowing you to create premium inventory on your site with the use of the new “ad placements’.

The ad placement feature allows you to define you ad slots to advertisers so they can bid on specific placements on your site.

Think of ad placements as ‘enhanced’ custom channels. To create an ad placement, you create and implement a custom channel just as you normally would. The only change is the additional step of providing attributes and an accurate description for your ad placement.

On the ‘Channels’ page in your account, click the appropriate ‘edit settings’ link on the right. As you can see below, there will be a box labeled ‘Targeting’ on the next page which, once checked, will show this channel to advertisers as an ad placement. From there, you’ll just need to provide some details on where the ad unit appears on your site:


Today I received an email from AdSense inviting me join their custom placement packs program for one of my websites. Custom placement packs are selections of individually-reviewed sites designed for their largest brand advertisers.

They would like to feature the site frequently in these advertiser packages. But to do so, they need me to place more image and text-enabled medium rectangle ad units (300×250) on my site.

I don’t know if this will make me more money from AdSense but if it does I’ll let you know.

I have no idea what’s custom placement packs is and whether it can be accessed by normal AdWords advertisers or just their premium advertisers but this sounds good to me anyway.

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Comment by Katana
2007-01-26 21:36:58

I got this one too. Well I would say that it would most likely increase earnings since premium advertisers would definitely pay more but I don’t really like their ‘above the fold’ placement of the medium rectangle. It really spoils the readership of the blog. Just my two cents.

Comment by gaman
2007-01-27 11:42:57

I agree. Only thing is the website that they’ve selected is a Malay language website and it typically serves PSA ads. I don’t know whether there’s enough local advertiser who will be interested to advertise there.

Comment by Joneh
2007-01-27 00:53:45

Hey you’ve change your adsense look with square one. Hmm, have you noticed that it cuts through your blockquote??? the one displayed now is totally out of place.

Comment by gaman
2007-01-27 11:51:25

I am just testing that 🙂 BTW do you have problem accessing this blog from where you are? I have to resolve to using foreign proxy to access my server. My Streamyx is caput and I’ve to go back using a dial up.

update: My Streamyx connection is working again at 3:10 PM

Comment by Joneh
2007-01-27 19:16:42

my streamyx ok… accessing your blog is ok. just my blog problem. ever since i upgrade.. it slows down dramatically!
and your adsense square is still out of place. im suign firefox 2.01. 😉

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Comment by ShaolinTiger
2007-01-28 01:03:40

Let me know cos they emailed me too, same stuff, more medium rectangles, adverts packs for frequent advertisers etc.

I’ll probably try it anyway, no harm.

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