Have You Taken Advantage of the AdSense Link Unit Yet?

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I don’t know about you but the AdSense Link Unit has been working quite well for me. While it’s not the most profitable ad unit, it still contributes a significant portion of my total AdSense revenue.

The Inside Google AdSense team has published a case study over at their blog about how a publisher is doubling her AdSense revenue by using a 468×15 link unit.

I’ve published an article previously how I use the 468×15 link unit as an additional navigation bar to increase my AdSense revenue. Check it out here.

AdWords Advertisers Will Be Able to See Where Their Ads Are Displayed On The Content Network

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Kim Malone from Google has revealed that they will show all URLs where AdWords advertiser’s ads are appearing.

Currently, the only way to find where your ads are being shown is to check your raw logs and extract the content site URLs from the long AdWords referral strings.

I used to enable my ads on the content network but had stopped doing so because of the poor conversion rates. I had no control over how and where my ads appeared and I believe this is a turn off for many advertisers too.

This coming move from Google could encourage AdWords advertisers to opt-in to the content network.

So what does this means to you as an AdSense publisher or AdWords advertiser?

How to Make Money From Your Videos Using YouTube

February 28, 2007 by · 3 Comments 

Vishen of MindValleyLabs has a post up where he shares how he discovered a way to make quick bucks using YouTube.

His method is not new but it’s nice to see someone documented it in a way like what Vishen did.

It’ll work better if you have an existing list of contacts to email to where you can jump start the promotion of your video. If you blog is already popular, your existing readers could boost your video popularity as well. This will cause your video’s popularity on YouTube to go up faster.

Once it becomes one of the top watched videos of the day, more and more people will start watching it.

You can include your site URL on YouTube page showing the video and more often than not, some viewers will end up visiting your blog.

How to Make Money From Your Blog With Monetizing WordPress Plugins

February 28, 2007 by · 4 Comments 

If you’ve been trying to make money from your blog, you might find the monetizing WordPress plugins list from Lorelle a useful one.

He has put together a list of WordPress plugins which you can use to make money from your blog.

  • Adding Adsense Ads to Your WordPress Blogs
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Other Advertising WordPress Plugins For Your WordPress Blog
  • Ad and Banner Rotator WordPress Plugins
  • Shopping Cart WordPress Plugins
  • PayPal Donations WordPress Plugins
  • Adding Ads to Feeds
  • Monitoring Other People’s Money

My advice is to be selective and do not plug in everything under the sun hoping to make more money. That won’t make you more money; instead you’ll end up cluttering your blog and scaring your readers away.

AdWords Optimization Tips From The AdWords Crew

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Today the AdWords crew has published the second part of their AdWords Optimization Tips series over at Inside AdWords.

This tips discuss the importance of identifying your goals as you begin top optimize your campaign.

If you are promoting a third party affiliate program using AdWords, the section about knowing your website would not be much of your concern since you are sending traffic to the vendor’s landing page instead of your own.

But, that’s not to say that you should ignore how the vendor’s landing page is structured or designed completely. Instead of evaluating your own website, you should use those elements in your evaluation to help you decide which vendors to promote.

A badly designed and structured website gives a clue on how the conversion rates would be like.

If you have missed the first part of AdWords Optimization Tips, you can read it here.

Ask Shawn Collins: Advice for New Affiliates

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If you are not planning to get started with AdWords & affiliate program anytime soon as I recommended in my previous post, you’ll need to understand the basic of affiliate marketing for new affiliates.

Shawn Collins received a question from Mark of via a video on YouTube. He was asked if he were to start all over again how would he go about doing it?

Mark asked a hypothetical question from an affiliate described as the following

  • He’s a forklift driver worked eight to ten hours a day
  • In a little bit of debt
  • Has limited time on the weekends and evenings
  • Lots of passion to make an affiliate marketing business work


Mark Question: Advice For Newbie Affiliate Marketers


Shawn Answer

Geo Targeting Tips With Yahoo! Search Marketing

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If you are using Yahoo! Search Marketing you may find this tip useful.

A member of Search Engine Watch forums was wondering why his geo targeted campaign towards Texas was not getting any traffic. His ad was also getting zero impression.

He created one campaign that was

  • Geo targeted to Texas
  • Used Texas specific keyword qualifiers (eg “texas car insurance”)
  • Created a landing page specific to Texas

He contacted Yahoo! and they responded by telling him that the strategy was too specific which resulted in no impressions for either content or search.

They then recommended that he created two different campaigns.

  • A campaign that was geo targeted towards Texas using the geo targeting tools.
  • Another campaign that used Texas specific keyword qualifiers without using the geo targeting tools.

What The Internet Was Like In 1993

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This video clip is taken from a TV documentary which was broadcast in 1993. It talks about a new phenomenon so called the Internet.

Back then, there was not a lot or cursing or swearing or scream full go to hell one would expect to find online. The reason being I think,the Internet demographics back then was very much different from it’s today. The average surfers were mostly IT professionals and those from the academic communities.

The Interface was text based and best described as pre-historic but still it’s amazing in those days.

They were right to say this thing would change the world. It certainly has changed mine. Without the Internet I would probably working somewhere in the middle of the South China Sea LOL.

How to Quit Your Day Job and Make Real Money Online

February 26, 2007 by · 10 Comments 

I was out of town yesterday and I came back this afternoon to find that I’ve made another US20 from one of my affiliate programs. It has gone down a little from the USD80.00 I made on Friday. Perhaps it’s because of the weekends 🙂

When compared to what I am making from pay per lead affiliate programs or other online income source the amount seems pretty insignificant.

But it doesn’t matter, because what I am doing now is a number game. I know the technique that I am using is making me money. All I have to do next is find another profitable products/services and replicate the steps.

If I can make US50 per day from one product, just imagine how much I’ll make from 10 profitable products. It’s not impossible to make USD 500 per day and this translates to around RM1750 daily or RM52,500 per month in you pocket every month.

Why You Should Stay Away From the Internet Marketing Niche

February 25, 2007 by · 3 Comments 

I know, the title seems to be an oxymoron to what this blog is all about. Here I write about Internet marketing and teach people how to make money from the Internet and now I’m recommending people to stay away from it.

What am I thinking? I hope I do not ruffle someone’s feathers with a title like that.

When I said in my previous post, Internet marketing niche is a very competitive niche and newbies should stay away from it – that statement comes from my own experience.

Though I didn’t, say you shouldn’t learn Internet marketing, or create a blog about Internet marketing or join affiliate program because you are bound to fail. In fact, those are things that one could do in order to learn about Internet marketing.

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