How Made Millions By Word of Mouth Marketing

March 5, 2007 by  

Andrew of Web Publishing Blog has posted several links of some of his old posts that I think you may find interesting.

One of the posts talked about the website which made millions of dollars from organic search and e-mail marketing.

The website made $32 million in 2004 and this increased to $48 million in 2005. I am sure this amount is even bigger in 2006/2007.

The site attracts about 160,000 unique visitors daily. What’s driving this traffic and sales is their huge collection of articles, nearly 10,000 of them on health, nutrition, weigh training etc.

In comparison,, one of the most popular technology blogs on the Internet attracts more traffic, a mind boggling 800,000 unique visitors per day on average.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think annually is making less than simply because the main revenue source comes from advertising.

I am sure the income is impressive nonetheless, but it would probably be bigger if they start selling targeted products. But since they are running a blog, it would not make much sense to suddenly sell products as if they were an Internet retail website.

My point is, for ordinary people like me and you, we can probably make more money by promoting affiliate programs on the Internet, that’s not to replace our AdSense income, but only to supplement it. That’s kind of obvious isn’t it?

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Comment by Joneh
2007-03-05 13:53:44

im still confused on all this. blog & normal website. some better with blog but not suitable for certain thing. either one have to make another domain name using normal website to sell physical product or with blog better? or in blog but using page? geez im totally newbie on all this.

Comment by Azmeen
2007-03-05 17:32:50

Why not have both?

If I were to run my own company, I’ll have a blog of my own running on that domain itself. It’ll definitely be separate from my own personal blog, and have more targetted topics.

So, if I own mycompany.xzy, it’ll obviously have a corporate web site feel to it. My blog will probably be at

Now back to the topic of If you visited the site, you’ll see that they have zero contextual ads (AdSense, YPN, whatnot). They are actually selling stuff from an actual online store. Something most of us here don’t have.

I tend to agree with Gaman on this. For one thing, operating a store comes with a lot of responsibilities, ie. stock maintenance, marketing, customer service. At some point or another, you’ll probably need to hire staff to assist, or outsource this function to a third party.

You have to think beyond blogging. Blogs are a nice touch to a corporate site. But turning your blog to a corporate site, although achievable, is quite a feat to execute.

Just my RM0.02 🙂

Comment by Gaman
2007-03-05 20:00:37

Joneh, I’ll write more about making money from blogs & normal websites in my coming posts.

Comment by Joneh
2007-03-05 20:56:13

thanks much. i know if i search hard, i can find whats the diff, pro & cons but im i just lazy. i just read from your post. one blog for everything. hehehe. thanks gaman.

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Comment by Gaman
2007-03-05 21:05:36

It’s orait. You’ve actually given me an idea for my coming post. 🙂

Comment by Vladimir Designer
2007-06-19 01:03:41

If you have a blog inside domain name, even if people will link to that, they will link to blog but not your domain name.

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