How to Make USD600 per Month From Your Blog?

March 20, 2007 by  

One of my readers emailed me recently asking if I could show a step by step plan to create a successful internet business. The answer to that question can be anything and it could easily cover several pages long.

Since he’s a fellow blogger too, I’ll answer his second question for a start. I thought this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by any blogger.

The question goes something like this:

I have a blog hosted on the free It’s currently getting less than 50 unique visitors per day. How can I earn USD600 per month from this blog? I’ll quit my 9 to 5 job in a heart beat if I reach that level of income. But it seems that I can only dream about it.

(ABN – I hope you don’t mind the little rephrasing above :) )


First off, if you are serious about making money from your blog, get a domain name. It costs less than USD10 per year and you could continue to host your blog at for free.

Without your own a domain name, you run the risk of losing your traffic, search engine rankings, Google PageRank and your hard earned incoming links if you decide to move to another blogging platform or domain later. In addition, potential advertisers will take you more serious if your blog has its own domain name.

I would recommend paying for a web hosting to host your blog if you want more control on how you run your blog.

OK, let’s break it down by the numbers. To make USD600 per month, you need to earn at least $20 per day.

So what does it takes to earn $20 per day? First let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways to monetize a blog and how they can add up to the $20 per day.



This needs no introduction. While it’s easy to implement, most bloggers will only make a few cents per day from it. When trying to make money from AdSense it’s important to be selective about the niche you want to write about.

Certain niches pay more than others. Creating a personal blog is the worst way to make money from AdSense. Instead of explaining why you fail to make money from AdSense all over again, I suggest you check out my earlier post here:Top 5 reasons why your blog fail to make money from AdSense.

Keep in mind that, it takes time to build up your blog’s AdSense income. does not make much from AdSense I tell you that but its AdSense income still passes the US100 mark every month. This actually took close to a year to reach that level.

I am not a full time blogger and the niche that I am targeting at here – blogging & marketing – is not the most magnetic one when it comes to attracting the general traffic.

I know one of my readers gets five thousands (and over) unique visitors daily to his blog simply because he writes something that’s of an interested to everyone. Topics like weird, funny videos, interesting facts and the like have the potential to attract tons of traffic from the social bookmarking sites like,, etc.

I’ve more or less a similar blog at – While I own that blog, I am not one of the active contributors. One thing that I’ve noticed is that the eCPM or effective cost per thousands impressions for is much-much better than that of

It all boils down to niche selection, its content and the AdSense ads placement.

That means does not necessarily needs to get as much traffic to earn as much as

So let’s say you’ve mastered the above and earn about US5.00 per day from AdSense. You still need another USD15 to reach the USD20 daily mark. What’s next?


Text Link Ads

This is one of the easiest but often overlooked ways to make money from a blog. The income is consistent and passive at the same time – meaning you don’t have to do anything besides concentrate on the writing.

You can check how much you can make from Text Link Ads here. If you are already a member, learn 21 ways to increase your text link ads commissions. Join Text Link Ads here if you are not a member already.

So how much is making from Text Link Ads? Admittedly the amount changes month after month, sometimes it goes up sometimes go down. I’ve written about how much I’ve made from Text Link Ads here.

So let’s say you manage to make $150 per month or $5 per day from Text Link Ads. You now need another $10 to reach the $20 daily mark.

What’s next?


ReviewMe or Pay Per Post

I have registered with both but haven’t tried them yet. The potential income from it could be good. As at the time of this writing, the price of a review here is $100, and I’ll earn 50% from it or $50.

So if I could write one review per week or four reviews per month, I could be making $200 per month which is about $6.7 per day. Now I need to make $3.3 to reach the $20 level.

I know one Malaysian blogger, is currently one of the top earners in the network as you can see below.


The amount US5,037.08 is the total amount she has earned since she first joined

You can join ReviewMe or .

Now what?


Review a product

OK we are getting closer to our goal. Why not join an affiliate program, or Click Bank and review a product?

In the review explain how useful the product and lead the reader to buy through your affiliate link. The best product review is the one that you’ve experienced using. I’ve made a couple hundreds dollars from a review I’ve written about the Day Job Killer ebook.

Your job here is to presell the product not to hard sell it. Pre-selling is one skill an affiliate marketer couldn’t afford to do without if he wants to be successful. Learn more about it here. The link will lead you to an ebook which cost about USD20 something but the author has decided to give it away for free.

Just remember not to overdo this. Don’t review everything under the sun just for the sake of trying to make a couple of dollars.

So there you have it! That’s one way how you can make USD600 per month from your blog. Keep in mind that these methods are by no means definitive but they will nevertheless help you reach the USD600 goal if done correctly.


Finally, don’t limit yourself to earning USD600 from your blog. Once you reach this goal, aim for a higher one.

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Comment by ABN
2007-03-20 17:14:03

Wow! Thanks a lot, friend. Now i got guidelines to start it. Allow me to keep this permalink at my site, just for my reference, just in case i cant find it by second (maybe after more posts by you… hehe). I will let you know after i reach that level. Thanks again… :D

Comment by lyndonmaxewell
2007-03-20 21:13:33

Some interesting tips you have. I guess making money from blogging is a niche area from many blogs online. And, people are making much money from this subject alone.

Comment by pinolobu Subscribed to comments via email
2007-03-21 00:15:34

Gaman, you said in one of your earlier posts that you have over 30 sites. Are most of them a “reviewing a product” variety? If so, would you be willing to share the URL of at least one of them? Thanks in advance.

Comment by Gaman
2007-03-21 00:21:11

Some are the same websites but utilise different credit card processors, each hosted on .net and .com. Most are not product reviews sites.

Comment by pinolobu Subscribed to comments via email
2007-03-21 12:41:25

Are you concentrating mostly on affiliate marketing or marketing your own products?

Comment by iCalvyn
2008-05-06 18:52:00

I only make 1 time referral commission over TLA, and for PPP, my PR is low and cant make much from there, i prefer sponsored review

Comment by PS3
2009-02-06 03:04:09

Brilliant post! From these methods could you earn $600 a month today or are the rates lower?

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