Free Online WordPress Theme Generator

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Here’s a free online WordPress Theme Generator with real-time preview for the WordPress blogging platform.

From the website: it creates your own custom unique WordPress Theme without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge.

Change the colors, settings, layout, preview live, click “save” and download your unique WordPress theme zip-file. Extract, upload, set, and you are done

Make Money From YouTube & Other Online Video Sites

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Here’s another way how you can make money from online videos. is a service that allows you to create your own video site from videos you found on YouTube, Metacafe, AOL Video and others.

You can also upload your own video and create a branded video channel that you control. Here’s an example of a Video Channel created using provides upload, storage and free bandwidth. You’ll be able to create your own video community and generate revenue through Google AdSense or

So how do you actually make money from this?

Members make money from 50/50 revenue sharing on the advertising displayed on your site. The type of advertising messages shown on Magnify sites are

  • Text Links and Banner Ads Magnify shows contextual advertising messages in the margins of some pages.

Someone Is Treatening to Sue Me?

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This afternoon I checked my stats and found someone was spending more than an hour on the Malaysia Securities Commission Investor Alert List post.

Then later today I received an email from a lawyer who claimed to represent one of the companies in Malaysia Securities Commission (SC) Alert List.

The lawyer demanded that I remove certain companies from the list immediately or certain action will be taken ‘to compel this to take place’.

You know how legal sentences are worded – I had to read between the lines several times to really understand what it meant.

My first thought was this must be like one of those ‘harassment’ emails sent by some ‘big companies’ that use scare tactics against small-time bloggers. Since the list came from the Securities Commission themselves – not me – they are basically trying to undermine the integrity of the SC – so I thought.

An Introduction to Google PageRank

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Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land has written a comprehensive article explaining what PageRank is all about.

PageRank is basically a system used by Google to tell how important a page is relative to other pages on the Internet. While it’s an important factor, it’s just one of many ranking factors used to determine ranking in Google search results.

One of the common misconceptions about PageRank is that some people assume the higher your Google PageRank, the higher you will rank in the search results.

If that’s the case, Yahoo with the highest PR will occupies position number one for every keyword you searched for.

To rank well in Google search results, your pages need to have a good content and must be properly optimized for the search engines.

The PageRank value is not based on the number of incoming links to you page, but the value of those pages linking to it.

Domain Suggestion Tool: Find Out If a Domain Is Available As You Type

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If you are looking for a new domain name, there are several services out there that could help you zero in on the right domain name.

One of those services is Domains Bot. To use it, all you have to do is type in the words that match your concept of what you’re looking for and click “submit”. As you time, some suggestions will appear below the search box including an indication whether they are available or not.

Domains Bot could suggest hundreds of domain variations unlike some other domain suggestion tools which offer a much limited number of suggestions.

Check out DomainsBot

Google AdWords Trick Video – How to Write Killer Ads

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If you are doing Google AdWords, check out the following video from MindValley Labs for some tricks on how to optimize your ads for Google AdWords.

Some Google AdWords users may already be familiar with the trick described in the video which is basically teaches you about split- testing to improve your ads CTR (click through rates).

Check out this related article I wrote earlier about identifying successful ads using Statistical Significance.

How to Make Money From Your Community/Forum Based Site

April 25, 2007 by · 9 Comments 

I recently received an email from MrBadak. His question goes something like this

we’ve been around the net around the same time but I see you took the opportunity to make an income out of it… I’ve been handling since 1997 (this year 10 year anniversary).. all these while using my own money to fund the hosting and domain, plus my sweat.

apart from adsense, how else do you think i can make some revenue through this site ah? cuz all my members are local so not much into buying stuff but i think i do get some foreign visitors on the main page.

i appreciate your tips on this one 🙂

Lets look at several examples how much some people are making from forums.

Most people know John Chow as a blogger at, probably fewer people know that he also owns a very successful tech portal at

Skim Cepat Kaya – Penipuan Di Sebalik Pelaburan Internet Palsu

April 24, 2007 by · 14 Comments 

There is a lot of good information on the Internet warning unsuspecting investors about the dangers of investing in an illegal Internet get rich scheme. However many of these articles are written in English and as we know there are many people who are searching for this info using Bahasa Melayu.

So for the benefit of these searches and as an experiment, I am writing this blog post in Bahasa Melayu. Here we go:

Pelaburan skim cepat kaya melalui Interent kerap mengisi buletin berita di kaca TV mahu pun dada-dada akhbar ahir-akhir ini. Tidak menghairankan skim-skim ini menjadi perhatian pihak media apabila ia semakin mendapat sambutan luar biasa daripada orang ramai yang cuba mencari jalan singkat untuk menjadi kaya.

Walaupun kebanyakan skim pelaburan melalui Internet mengatakan mereka berpusat di luar negara, sedikit siasatan menggunakan Alexa membuktikan skim-skim begini ini sebenarnya paling popular di Malaysia.

How The Internet Was Like In 1994

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I think I first heard about the Internet and how people were using emails to contact each other in 1992 but I’ve never really used it until 1995. Back then the email interface in my University was still in text based, so did chatting which used Telnet.

I remember I downloaded Doom and Duke Nukem – the first person shooter games and installed it on my department computer lab without the knowledge of the lecture.

Me and my friends stayed at the lab till midnight playing games – well that was fun.

I used NetScape browser (Mosaic) to surf the young Internet. It was the age of discovery and innocence. Everybody was still experimenting with this new medium. I was astonished to find that I could actually chat with someone from the other side of the globe in real time when I first discovered IRC. Since I was not studying IT, this self discovery became a lot more interesting.

Google Is Paying 83.7% to AdSense Publisher?

April 24, 2007 by · 1 Comment 

A member of Webmasterworld forum has calculated the revenue share percentage allotted to Google AdSense publishers from Google earning reports.

He finds out that the highest revenue share ever recorder is 83.7% during the first quarter of 2007. The lowest recorded is 77.1% in the fourth quarter of 2004.

While the percentage is not official, I believe the real value should be in that neighborhood. If normal publishers can command 83.7%, I wonder how much those premium publishers are getting from the revenue split.

Is it possible that Google is earning only 10 cents or less for every dollar an advertiser pays for advertising on Google AdSense network?

QTR Publisher Revenue Publisher Payouts Revenue Share
QTR Publisher Revenue Publisher Payouts Revenue Share
Q1 2007 1,350,000,000 1,130,000,000 83.7%
Q4 2006 1,200,000,000 976,000,000 81.3%

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