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I recently received an email from MrBadak. His question goes something like this

we’ve been around the net around the same time but I see you took the opportunity to make an income out of it… I’ve been handling since 1997 (this year 10 year anniversary).. all these while using my own money to fund the hosting and domain, plus my sweat.

apart from adsense, how else do you think i can make some revenue through this site ah? cuz all my members are local so not much into buying stuff but i think i do get some foreign visitors on the main page.

i appreciate your tips on this one 🙂

Lets look at several examples how much some people are making from forums.

Most people know John Chow as a blogger at, probably fewer people know that he also owns a very successful tech portal at

While has a busy forum, a first time visitor won’t realize that immediately, instead he/she will notice the more visible bargain and deals on offer on the main page. John Chow does not shy away from monetizing the site to its fullest

I read somewhere that the site is making about USD20K per month. To reach that level of income, the site gets around 30K visitors per day.

My point is, while managing a portal can be quite a profitable undertaking, having to focus on the forum alone could limit the revenue potential of the website. But of course this is just one example and it’s not a representative of all the portals/forums out there.

I am managing six forums myself but none of them is making as much money as – not that this blog is making much either. The forums I manage are mostly my hobby forums that I left running without me promoting them actively.

Now back to MrBadak question, how to monetize

Before we can start making money, we need to identify the demographic of the communities of From the top of my head, I assumed most are males above 25 of age and Sabahan who support the local football club – a little rough guesstimate but you get the idea.

Armed with this info we can better serve them with relevant ads or messages that could generate income for the portal. I’ll try to answer the monetization part from’s perspective.


1. Affiliate Program

The problem of using affiliate programs to monetize this portal is that there are not many Malaysia based companies that offer credible affiliate programs which is one thing, finding a suitable program that serves demographic is another thing altogether.

I am sure there are some suitable programs out there but one would just have to search harder. Try joining and look for programs that’s available for the international audience.

Forums can be profitable but only if you have a lot of members and valuable content – not to mention the correct niche that the forum should focus on.


2. Look for Local Sponsors

If you can make private arrangement with local companies and have them sponsor your site, you could be making quite a nice income or so I heard. One good example is – one of the most popular Malaysian portals.

I’ve tried this method myself for one of my forums but it didn’t work as well as I wish since I didn’t have a well recognized brand, and the forum was lacking the communities strength at that time. Does your site offer good value for money and a good returns on investments for potential advertisers? This is the question every portal owner should ask him/herself when looking for sponsors.


3. Seek Voluntary Donations From Members

Although this is not one of my favorite tips, others have used it and achieved some level of success.

The expenses to maintain the have been coming out from your own pocket. Depending on your members’ loyalty, I think it’s quite fitting for them to share the burden – perhaps as a token of appreciation to you.

For larger donation you could give them something in return – a T-shirt to encourage donations perhaps?

That said, I am not saying that you should expect something in return but this is one way to help you keep the site running.


4. Sell Text Link Ads and Sponsors for Forum sub section.

There is money to be made by selling text link ads. You can place the them on your homepage or at suitable section in the forum.

You can also find sponsors for the forum sub-section and place a sponsor ad there. I used to see such arrangement at


5. Optimize your AdSense placement.

You could probably improve your AdSense income by optimizing your AdSense placement in the forum. Check out the six AdSense optimization tips for forums.


6. Offer Paid Subscription

If you can come up with premium features, services and content for members you could offer a paid subscription model in return for an access to those premium content. You could charge them a one time fee or on a monthly basis.

This list is in no way definitive but it will point you to the right direction if you are willing to give them a try. Like everything else, making money from a community based portal is not easy. You need tons of traffic, good content and use the correct monetizing methods to succeed.

One of the most successful forums is forum which is making $10,000 a month from Google AdSense alone. Shawn Hogan, the founder shares the revenue with users a win-win arrangement for both parties. He was featured in an article (free registration required) for the New York times last year.

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Comment by ehem
2007-04-26 00:40:26

Nice tips..but I don’t think #6 will work with local site

Comment by Gaman
2007-04-26 00:50:59

Well it depends on the perceived value of the premium content. The challenge is to come up with content/services that people are actually willing to pay for – not easy.

Comment by bengodomon
2007-04-29 17:01:29

I thought this method worked quite well with

Comment by hongkiat
2007-04-26 10:01:28

IMO, there’s no way to generate revenues without a fairly good amount of traffics.

Comment by mrBadak Subscribed to comments via email
2007-04-26 18:01:46

thx for your answer gaman.

based on your advice, the first thing i need to do is to get to know the demographics of my loyal visitors and also the one-off visitors.

i’ve thought of donation but i don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right. maybe i’ll try to do this later this year.

actually i’ve done TLA on the main page but no takers since February… it doesn’t show because no sponsors yet. fyi the site has a PR4.

your answers have trickled my brain of some ideas.. i’ll implement them soon and hopefully it will be successful.

thanks again!

Comment by shah
2007-04-27 03:06:14

nice info. For me forum is hard to make money because people go there just for fun. not to find info like reading blog

Comment by Malaysia Property
2007-04-27 11:04:33

I think locally, it is hard to monitize site unless you are in the advertising market.

My Malaysia Classifieds at is getting most income from adsense which solely depends on adsense. Therefore placement is important.

Tried emailing some developers for local sponsor, but have no luck up till now.

Also, text link is earning some small amount.

No luck on donation as well.

As a result, only 4 and 5 works in Malaysia.

Comment by mikanicco
2007-07-26 09:25:19

I am thinking about starting an internet business and wondered if anyone had any recommendations.
I have been looking at this site ( of top rateded ones, but am not sure which ones actually work.
Any help would be appreciated. Thankx.

2009-02-11 11:09:19

Good ideas thank you. I haven’t hit the bricks looking for local sponsors but I do have a special section in my forum for them


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