Top Invitation and Why I Have to Pass

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I am not sure if I should share this info with your but well I have to come up with blog posts which are timestamp for the future so here we go.

Recently I received an email from Josh Lim, the founder of He invited me to sign up with them over the next 1-2 days, and in doing say I could benefit from a campaign targeted specifically at East Malaysians.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted – when this could mean easy money for me. Several bloggers are probably making nice income from but I have to pass – at least for now.

My decision has nothing to do with the quality of service or how much I could make from it. I am sure they are very good at what they are doing.

Where Do You Readers Come From?

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I got the idea to write about this post after reading Darren Rowse post at his blog in which he looked at where readers of his blogs come from geographically using Google Analytics.

You may have noticed that Google Analytics has rolled out the new features introduced recently for the rest of its users.

One interesting feature is the Geo overlay which allows you to see where your traffic is coming from by glancing at a Global map. You can set it to show data by Continent, country or City.

This is particularly useful if used together with the geo targeting feature in AdWords.
As you can see below, the majority of my readers come from Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Oceania.


Use WordPress Timestamp to Specify When You Want Your Post to Go Live

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If you are reading this, chances are I am currently away from my computer and didn’t just write this a moment ago.

I’m away for a couple of days but have prepared some blog posts that will be published at specific intervals thought out the day without my intervention.

There’s a useful feature in WordPress called Post Timestamp which helps me do this. Normally, when you hit the publish button, your post will be published right away.

You can specify when you want a post to go live buy adjusting its timestamp so that your post show up at that time. You can set a time in the future (or in the past if you like.)

Now I need to come up with a bunch of posts and set them to go live at different times of the day for several days.


How Many Post Do Your Write In Your Blog Per Day?

May 29, 2007 by · 16 Comments 

It’s time to conduct another poll. This time I’d like to ask the bloggers among you – how many post do your write per day in your blog.

As for me I try to maintain writing three posts daily if I can but, that’s not always possible especially if something came up that needs to be dealt with immediately. That will distract me from my normal routine.

Some people may argue that posting frequency does not really matter anymore but that’s not the point of this post. I just want you to share your opinion what your think the ideal number as far as your own situation is concern.

How Many Post Do Your Write In Your Blog Per Day?
View Results

Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section.

The Top 6 Questions You Need to Ask If Your Blog Isn’t Making Any Money

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Like most other bloggers, you are probably trying to make some money from your blog. (Those who don’t can ignore this post 🙂 )

You put in the effort, burn the midnight oil, your blog has been running for a month or longer. And yet you have not made any money from it, or if you have, the amount is perhaps best described as negligible.

This is one of the most common problems faced by most new bloggers who are trying to create new income streams from their blogs.

Each blogger is unique; I can’t address the problem from everyone’s perspective. What I can do is list six questions that you need to ask yourself to help you find out for yourself why your blog isn’t making money.


1. Is you blog belongs to the correct niche?

How to Properly Spend $100 dollars to Market Your Site

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SEOish has a post up to help you market your website on a budget. If you got 100 dollars to spend, what would you do?

That’s the question he asked 7 experts in web marketing, branding and search engine optimization. The answer he received varies from one expert to another but all give you ideas on how to start off on the right foot.

On point that I noticed mentioned repeatedly is that you need good content and good links. Without good content, it’s harder to ‘entice’ people to link to you but without good links there’s no point having good content if nobody knows you exist.

These two should go hand in hand. You should concentrate on creating link worthy content and market it. Get the word out using email and social marketing, AdWords, contest and so on.

Gmail Increased Max Attachment Size to 20MB

May 28, 2007 by · 4 Comments 

GMail has recently increased their maximum attachment size from 10 MB to 20 MB. However according to GMail Help Center “the precise amount allowable will depend on the attachment.”

I am not sure what that means exactly but I suspect the file type will determine the allowable size for the attachment.

Gmail competitors, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail both have allowable attachment sizes of up to 10MB.

If you’re looking for a free email service that offers larger attachment size, you might want to check LYCOS Mail. It offers 3GB storage with no limit on the attachment size you can send.

The catch? Your account will be deleted if there no activity for 30 days.

No Need to Report AdSense Accidental Clicks

May 28, 2007 by · 1 Comment 

Many honest webmasters consider it ethical to report clicks that are generated accidentally by them to Google AdSense. This could prevent your account from being banned if it’s view as a cheating attempt.

I’ve reported accidental clicks on several occasions myself but not each time it occurs. Apparently, Google doesn’t mind this at all. Google AdSense Team has a rather surprising entry up in their blog where they asked AdSense publishers who accidentally click on their own ads to stop informing them of those clicks.

This is probably an attempt to reduce email support requests as far as accidental clicks are concern.

As most of you know, our program policies state that publishers are not permitted to click on their own ads for any reason. For this reason, we’ve received many emails from publishers letting us know that they’ve accidentally clicked on their own ads. If you’re one of these publishers, we truly appreciate the efforts you’ve made to monitor your account and keep it in good standing. However, we do understand that an accidental click may occur from time to time, so there’s no need to contact us each instance this occurs. Contest Rules Changes

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I’d just like to let you know that I’ve made some changes to contest rules. The following entries have been added into the review rules

6. Entries from splogs a.k.a or spam blogs will not be accepted. This includes scraper blogs where content are grabbed from other sites in an automated way. If you are unsure of what splogs are, read here.

7. Your blog must be at least one month old and contain at least three earlier posts to qualify

I need to make these changes because it seems that this contest has started to attract entries from splogs. It’s not fair to the other real bloggers if I accept entries from splogs. Besides I don’t want to link to and to have splogs linking to me.

Another thing I’d like to stress is that, from now on, if you don’t confirm your participation by contacting me via the contact form, your entry will not be included. Contest: Group 4 Winner

May 26, 2007 by · 2 Comments 

To make it easier for everyone to keep track with contest, I’ve created a new category called “Contest” and place everything related to the contest in this category.

Also, just a quick reminder to all future participants, you’ll need to confirm your participation by contacting me via the Contact form. If you don’t do that your entry could be lost in the sea of pings everyone is sending me about the contest.

OK, now it’s time to announce the winner for the Group 4. As usually, the winner was picked by my assistant using a random number generator software.

The free domain name goes to… Andrew Raj’s Blog

Congratulation Andrew! You are now in the running to win the free WordPress hosting for life.

Thanks to all the bloggers in Group 4 that has participated in the contest. If you don’t win, you can re-enter by writing another review at a different blog.

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