Is Out Of Google Sandbox?

May 6, 2007 by  

For the past two weeks, I am seeing a trend where the number of daily visitors to double.

If you are wondering how much traffic this blog is getting daily, well it’s still below the one thousand mark โ€“ not much compare to other more popular blogs. But that’s besides my point; I find it more exciting to see this sudden jump in’s traffic level.

The increase in traffic coincides with the time when many bloggers reported that they were seeing an increase in their site’s Google PageRank. I didn’t experience any PR increase for my main page, but I suspect several of my internal pages have enjoyed a boost in PageRank.

As a result, my pages started to appear in the first page of Google search results for certain keywords such as LHDN, pelaburan Internet, Vista advantages, Malaysian Blogs and a couple others.

This got me thinking, am I now out of the mysterious and speculative Google Sandbox if it even exists?

Google sandbox is the term used by some people to describe where new sites get placed when they are first indexed by Google. It’s speculated that these sites that are sandboxed do not rank at all or do not rank highly in Google’s search engine results.

At some point, however, they are let out of the sandbox and suddenly all their pages appear in Google’s index and those pages can rank much more highly in search results.

You can read my other article about Google Sandbox here.

Here’s my theory, officially Google Sandbox does not exit. All new pages will be indexed equally by Google provided that they can be crawled. There’s nothing preventing them from getting good rankings from Google if they have a good PageRank and properly optimized

What happen to the new pages is that they are probably placed in Google supplemental results, not penalized or sandboxed as some may have believed.

Now, later when they are awarded with good PageRank, Google recalculates their ranking relative to other pages with good PageRank. Given a similar PageRank, the only thing that separates the top pages from the bottom ones is whether they are properly optimized or not. However, keep in mind that a high PageRank does not always guarantee a high ranking in the search engine.

Another interesting side effect for the increase in traffic is the doubling the AdSense income for

While doesn’t make thousands from AdSense, I find it gratifying to see this part time project managed to bring in over one hundred dollars per month from AdSense.

These positive changes probably give me a little cause for celebration but I prefer to just wait and see if this new trend continues.

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Comment by ketyung
2007-05-06 14:22:55

Defnitely, a PR 5 web ranks pretty in searched result. Those sites with traffic shoots up, of coz due to PR goes up. The only thing u don’t see much unique yet, perhaps those keywords in your blog mostly localized? or still lacking keywords density? But I bet u at least have 500+ uniques a day?

Comment by ketyung
2007-05-06 14:28:22

Anyway I missed, I’m not 2sure abt your internal pages, but ur homepage shows a PR5 on my firefox google toolbar ๐Ÿ™‚ , so ur homepage is a PR5, both for with WWW and w/o www.

Comment by Gaman
2007-05-06 14:31:23

Having a high PR does help in the ranking but it does not guarantee a high ranking if the page is not optimized properly.

As I said previously, it has nothing to do with keyword density.

I have two other blogs with a PR4 which get thousands of visitors daily because they cover a very popular niche. If you want traffic don’t blog about making money and Internet marketing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by ketyung
2007-05-06 14:42:15

But how long your other blogs have existed? For those more than a year, surely have sufficient keywords density ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Gaman
2007-05-06 14:56:01

keywords density is a very vague term to use here. As I said it’s all about the niche.

Want to know how many visitors one of the most popular Internet marketing blogs get? Less than 300 visitors per day. His blog has been around about the same time as;unique?login=gobalak

Again it has nothing to do with keywords density – in fact we could be talking about spamming if we go that route. It’s all about the niche (to a certain extend the content – not density)

Comment by ketyung
2007-05-06 15:03:53

Hahaha, IC, maybe I missused keyword density, what I mean is keyword density on popular searched phrases, or you can call it niche ๐Ÿ™‚ But the has a PR4, that’s y it’s less than your Sabahan, hehe, anyway, I’m not one of those blogging abt internet marketing….. or making money… I blog for tech & gadgets ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by Gaman
2007-05-06 15:18:26

OK I understand what you mean. Just that keywords in the niche that I am targeting are not as popular as keywords in some other niches. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by papajoneh Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-06 15:33:34

i totally agree on the “if you want traffic donโ€™t blog about making money and Internet marketing”.
competition.. too many.
interesting to see what niche can do to one’s site. My other blog at RC Nitro got lower traffic compares to others but the adsense alone is enough to pay my petrol for 3 months, sometimes 5 months. Now, that is really satisfying. Thanks gaman.(indirect contributor).

Comment by ketyung
2007-05-06 17:15:33

Ummmmm…. ๐Ÿ™‚ I blog for fun currently, as part time ma, only for interest, I’m running some other biz, not yet into blogging for money yet… occasionally some reviewme’s review if got order…although put some gadgets found from amazon affiliate account, but only to fill up spaces not 2let my blog look too empty, haha, well not into any adsens stuff yet, perhaps, will apply for an account once I get up to PR5 or more ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by Freeze
2007-05-06 20:03:53

yup..i agree to much competition if u blog about making money..but u still can monetize it with ppp becos lots of opportunity in ppp about business or something similar…currently i’m making around…like what papajoneh define…14 months of petrol ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by KennyP Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-07 16:07:33

I think there is no such thing like, pagerank has no updated yet, the pagerank for internal usage is always update

Comment by icy
2007-05-08 12:26:03

I have no idea about blogging about money. I only blog about what i’m interested with ๐Ÿ™‚

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