Spammer Make Fools of Google?

May 17, 2007 by  

Over at someone who wish to remain anonymous has written an interesting article explaining how someone fooled Google to rank number one in Google search result for the term “metal building”.

According to the author, Mark Moore, President of wanted to be number one for the phrase “metal building” in Google and rank for thousands of other industry terms such as “steel buildings”, “metal garages” etc.

To do this he purchased 6000+ domains and filled them up with identical, duplicate content using exactly the same template. They are then linked to the main domain at

The author asks

Why didn’t Google’s vaunted algorithm catch this blatant attempt to spam their index? I have no idea. However, if Google haven’t noticed before, I’m sure they’ll notice real soon.

Here’s my take, Google do not penalized duplicate content, they just consider these pages less important. By their sheer numbers, those 6000+ domains do help the main domain to hit the number one spot, but they by themselves are worthless.

I am sure none of those domains that carry duplicate content enjoy decent ranking at Google. You can confirm this by using the rank check tool here.

Try any domain from the list (I’ve listed couple of dozen below) and enter the terms “metal buildings”. It’s not surprising to see none of them is even in the top 100 for that keyword.

His method is interesting but a short sighted one. It’s so easy for Google to wipe his ranking and when that happens all his effort go down the drain.

I wonder how much this has cost him. If each domain costs him USD8 (I’m sure it’s cheaper), he would have spent USD48,000 for nothing!

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Comment by Jase Lee Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-17 16:47:15

Basically I guess he felt that it was well worth the pursuit without further research. Or does he have ulterior motive?

Comment by Gaman
2007-05-17 17:23:54

I think he has ulterior motive but without further research he will fail regardless 🙂

Comment by Kay Kastum Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-17 17:54:22

So much money so little to do?

Comment by Kassper
2007-05-18 02:09:06

If Google hasn’t stopped the spam yet, they will soon, he can’t get by undetected! I like his style though, at least he’s inovative – you gotta give him credits for that…

Comment by Gaman
2007-05-18 02:17:20

The method he used is a typical spam technique so I don’t see it as innovative. The different this time – this guy has got the money to start with, so he could spam the index better than the rest.

Comment by icy
2007-05-18 15:23:10

He could get back all his investment even if he got one or two sales i think 🙂 BTW, he is in the construction company, the turnover should be large.

Comment by Gaman
2007-05-19 19:00:06

Good point. But he could have spent his money in a more meaningful way.

Comment by Solent Blue
2008-11-03 17:12:28

You have not taken into acocunt the hosting charges. 6000 domains all sitting on the same IP address is going to get flagged as suspiciouse pretty quick. The only way he could achieve what he want would be if they were spread the domains over a large number of IP addresses.

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