Top Invitation and Why I Have to Pass

May 30, 2007 by  

I am not sure if I should share this info with your but well I have to come up with blog posts which are timestamp for the future so here we go.

Recently I received an email from Josh Lim, the founder of He invited me to sign up with them over the next 1-2 days, and in doing say I could benefit from a campaign targeted specifically at East Malaysians.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted – when this could mean easy money for me. Several bloggers are probably making nice income from but I have to pass – at least for now.

My decision has nothing to do with the quality of service or how much I could make from it. I am sure they are very good at what they are doing.

Just that I don’t feel it’s time to display a permanent image based ads yet. May be I’ll change my position in the near future – who knows.

Besides this, I’ve also rejected paid review requests from ReviewMe because they are not targeted to my blog and several text link ads.

Have you rejected any sponsorship request before? If you have – why?

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Comment by Josh Lim Subscribed to comments via email
2007-05-30 19:03:11


Thanks for your honesty, and we appreciate your comments. Just so you know, we are currently already running the East Malaysia targeted campaign, which you should be able to see on quite a few East Malaysian blogs.

However, in future do let us know, whether you are keen on text ads, or sponsored posts in future. We understand your concerns of relevance. It would be helpful to know also, is your concern whether the image advertising takes up space when it is not displaying ads?


– –

Josh Lim

Comment by boringest
2007-05-30 22:23:18

well i think if the majority of your readers are out of Malaysia, it’s gonna be real slow to load these ads hosted in Malaysia…and turn them off.

Comment by papajoneh Subscribed to comments via email
2007-06-01 04:26:44

Interesting… is it slow? Wow. Well, for my low traffic and only malaysian visitors, this should be no problem then. 😉

Comment by Turk
2007-06-01 09:28:25

I have never received such an invitation due to low traffic 🙂
Wow Gaman, you are such an honest person. I like your style (you like to listen to your readers). I like reading your blog, very informative and well presented. Keep up the good work!

Comment by Wahlau.NET
2007-06-01 10:33:52

advertlets ads actually look pretty nice, but to get the demographic filled is pretty hard, coz user does not know to click them and fill it up

Comment by Kassper
2007-06-02 06:59:43

I never had that kind of offer 🙁 Nor did I expected one 😉

Very nice to see some people actually turning down the sponsors, not grabbing them with two arms.

Comment by weirdoux
2007-06-03 08:18:42

Gaman: Besides this, I’ve also rejected paid review requests from ReviewMe because they are not targeted to my blog and several text link ads.

Not targeted (text link ads)?
How about that Concert Ticket link up there?

joking only!!

anyway, good and honest post gaman.

Comment by Gaman
2007-06-03 14:29:24

I knew someone going to ask that 🙂 . I guess we can put that in the ‘interesting stuff’ part. Well those related to forex, pharmaceuticals, adult etc are the ones that I rejected

Comment by Lorna
2007-06-03 12:53:18

“I’ve also rejected paid review requests from ReviewMe because they are not targeted to my blog and several text link ads.”

I’m fascinated with this statement. I never really looked into monetizing my blog, and I never really considered ReviewMe as a tool to target visitors, until I read your statement. You’ve given me an idea which I will be blogging soon. Thanks!

Comment by Business Education
2007-06-04 15:11:07

I just wondering, What make different than Adsense? I see it have similar benefit with google adsense.

Comment by Gaman
2007-06-06 14:05:05

The image ads are not optional are they?

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