Why You Should Have an About & a Contact Page At Your Blog

June 11, 2007 by  

Many established bloggers know about this already but newbies are often clueless as to how important it is to have an About page and a Contact page at their blogs.

When I came across an interesting blog, more often then not I’ll be drawn to the About page to find who’s behind it.

A good About page should include a story about the author. The story should give your blog some credibility and value proposition that help convert casual browsers into subscribers.

Even when you choose to blog anonymously, I think some sort of About info is better than none. It’ll give your readers a reason why they should care about your opinions.

An about page could contain variety of information and links to other pages. But it should primarily consists of info about you, what’s you blog is all about and how your readers could subscribe to it.

The other page that you should have at your blog is a Contact page. I find it pretty frustrating when I wanted to contact a blogger, only to find that no Contact page or any other contact information is available.

Not everything should be made public in your comment section. A contact page allows your readers to contact your privately.

It’s an indication that you are willing to be held accountable for your opinions. Splogs usually do not have a contact page to hide their identity for obvious reasons. Therefore without a valid contact page, you risk your credibility as some readers could mistakenly assume that you are a spam blogger.

That of course also depends on what you write. If your content is mainly of the pay per post types, or untargeted ramblings of all kinds – you really do need a contact page.

A Contact page eliminates potential frustration your readers may encounter when they want to contact you. If you are using a Contact form plugin, make sure to include your email address in case the plugin fails to work when you are not checking.

Your can protect your email address from being harvested by automated email harvester programs that crawl the web by masking it using image email such as this youremail.png or some special formatting.

Try E-Mail Icon Generator to generate your email address image if you are using one of the free web based email services or yyyZ.Net for any other emails.

I often find my Contact form as a source for ideas for new posts and potential partnerships.

I am also in the opinion that it’s better to have a dedicated contact page than just an email address wedged somewhere in your sidebar. Why? Because it makes life easier for the users by eliminating the hassle of launching their email program when contacting you. It also makes you look more accessible.

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Comment by zhongg
2007-06-11 16:56:23

gahh…that reminds me. I’ve yet to do this as well hehe. Well, gotta lift myself from the newbie status.

Comment by Sazkul
2007-06-12 00:49:43

If you want to look professional, a good contact page is the answer…it’s’s true..

Comment by ezams
2007-06-12 11:52:58

Yup. Some visitor prefer to contact, communicate, comment or even condemn the site owner personally. At least it only between them 😆

Comment by sns
2007-06-12 18:53:33

AMEN to that!! Totally agree!! That’s why for shoppingNsales… we set up the ABOUT US page!!

Good point!

Comment by Rob O. Subscribed to comments via email
2007-06-14 23:02:01

I’ll second the opinion that a contact page is one key means of giving your blog a more professional image. Next up, you also need a 404 Not Found page!

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