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June 20, 2007 by  

I received an email from Larry Lim of letting me know about a post he has written about blogging for money seminar over at his blog.

I stumble upon the seminar page before and was thinking to write about it and the growing trend I noticed where our enterprising local netpreneurs organizing seminars here and there to teach the general public how to make money online.

First off, the aim of this article is not to discredit the blogging seminar organizer, I am just offering my opinion for the benefit of those wondering if there’s any other alternative.

The blogging seminar is called “WordPress AdSense Mastery Malaysia” and it costs a jaw dropping RM600 to RM1,200 to attend.

I totally agree with Larry in that the seminar would have been more useful if they include trainers that are highly visible in the local blogosphere especially those who have been there and done that as far as making money from blogging is concern.

But if the target participants are those who have no idea what blogging is all about and don’t care who’s who in the local blogosphere, then I suppose that won’t make much a different.

There’s nothing offered in the seminar that you couldn’t learn for free from the Internet. However, when you follow the self-taught route, learning how to organise the gamut of information can be a challenge. Most newbies will have a pretty hard time in identifying which information is useful and which isn’t.

This is where the seminar can be useful as it offers a good introduction to the world of blogging for those who are just started to taste the water but as Larry writes in his blog, attending a seminar won’t guarantee your success.

Secondly, it takes more than “basic blogging” knowledge to make serious money and a one-time seminar is not enough – the useful stuff will come from your continuous learning and blogging experience.

Thirdly, you should have a reasonable amount of technical skills and money for marketing. Other qualities that’ll help include good written English, time, effort, patience, persistence, attitude, curiosity, willingness to learn and most of all, a good knowledge of the subject you want to blog about. Let’s not start another boring blog about teaching others how to make money and insulting their intelligence with more Clickbank products.

One doesn’t has to be a genius to figure out that organizing an offline seminar teaching people how to make money online is a lucrative endeavour.

The organizer only has to secure 1000 seats to make a RM1 million. Now in order to attract more participants, some organisers charge a reasonably low initial fee to attend their seminar only to offer overpriced ‘success packages’ later.

I once attended an Internet marketing seminar organized by I wasn’t expecting to learn anything new. I was just curious to know what tricks our local netpreneurs have up their sleeve.

True to my expectation, it’s nothing more than a glorified sales pitches for their other overpriced products. I won’t be surprised to see if most of our local Internet marketing seminars are.

Here’s an article written back in July 2004 about I think most of the points are still applicable today. Check it out, it’s good.

If I were to conduct an Internet marketing seminar and charge RM500 per seat and share all my secrets, I think I could make millions in no time, probably more than what I earn from my Internet business. Who knows, I might have more hands on experience than some of the organisers and that would be a good selling point don’t you think? But I won’t do that.

Now who says you ought to be a successful Internet marketer to organize an Internet marketing seminar? That’s especially true if your seminar participants do not know any better about Internet marketing.

If you want to learn blogging just head over to – it doesn’t cost you anything but your time.

Have you attended a make money online seminar before? Please share your experience in the comment section.

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Comment by pablopabla
2007-06-20 13:42:12

Never attended one and never will. If these guys are so successful and are making tons of money, why would they part away with their “secrets”? Unless, they would make more holding seminars instead 😉

Comment by malique
2007-06-20 15:24:49

honestly, no one wants to pay that much Larry. (if you’re reading this!)

I’d rather pay that for adam khoo’s lessons.

Comment by pinolobu Subscribed to comments via email
2007-06-20 16:36:17

Gaman, you blogged at before moving to

Comment by Coco
2007-06-20 17:08:36


I have read your posts and Larry’s – both being extremely critical to the Trainers for this workshop.

As fella bloggers, you should all be Fair in your judgement and comments, and since you do not know much about them, you certainly have aot to say about them Strangely ….

Show us your $$ otherwise I can only take your words Like A Pinch of Salt!

Comment by Gaman
2007-06-20 17:20:00

Sorry if it doesn’t sound fair, but I am just stating what some people might look for in such seminar. (Read the text again, it’s not about the trainers)

I don’t know you so there’s no need for me to show my money to a stranger who’s hiding behind a fake URL.

How about I conduct a free poll here (USD100 value) and see what my readers think of the workshop? Fair?

Comment by Gobala Krishnan
2007-06-20 17:47:58

I guess there will always be people who have these 2 different opinion. There will always be some blogger out there, who for various reasons, says that some Internet marketing or event is a scam (which I feel is too strong a word as in Larry Lim’s post). And since we all gravitate towards negativity rather than positivity those bloggers will undoubtedly get some links to their post as they wanted in the first place.

If it’s an honest opinion, maybe he should attend it before labeling it a scam.

For me, I know this year alone I’ve paid more than RM10,000 for a few seminars and I’m not calling them a scam. It’s just a different way to learn. In fact the next seminar I am attending is in the states and I have to pay for air tickets also 🙂

As long as there is a money back guarantee, if you feel like you need someone to teach you, there’s really no risk in that. Even Larry will prob not give you a few hours of time for free. I know I wont…lol

Comment by Gaman
2007-06-20 18:44:17

I agree, however the post isn’t about seminars held overseas or done by experts from the US.

Isn’t it nice if the local ones offer a money back guarantee? Ultimately those who know better, like you Gobala, are looking for seminars that offer value for their money even if it costs RM10,000 per seat for example. I would pay that amount if it’s worth the money.

Now those who are willing to pay RM1,200 to learn wordpress, please raise your hand.

Comment by Gobala Krishnan
2007-06-20 18:50:39

Oh yeah definitely, no money back guarantee, I’m not going 🙂

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Comment by Larry Lim Subscribed to comments via email
2007-06-20 19:54:59

Gobala, I think you’ve misunderstood the gist of my post (Coco too). I wasn’t criticizing the trainers or calling them scammers. Although, I would’ve thought that someone who wanted to teach others to make money blogging should have the relevant credentials themselves – agree?

My gripe was that their sales message encouraged people to blog for money and implied that it was easy doing so. Just look at the subject – Make Money by Blogging!

As you can see from the comments so far, none of the successful bloggers seem to agree.

Comment by Gobala Krishnan
2007-06-20 20:04:50

Hey no probs, I though it was just a link bait thingy. Cos in your blog post URI there’s the word “scam” there. Which implies of course, that it’s a scam 🙂 But it’s not in the title though so maybe it’s just something you missed.

Comment by papajoneh
2007-06-22 02:35:20

interesting read especially at this odd hour. thanks all related. 🙂
more of this exposure LOL.

Comment by pinolobu Subscribed to comments via email
2007-07-06 11:40:13

Fiona / eonenet doing an seminar on internet marketing at Promenade Hotel KK, 7/7/07, 9am-1pm for min RM49. They ran an advertisement promoting this in Daily Express 4/7/07.

Comment by Gaman
2007-07-06 11:56:52

I saw that too. Are you going?

Comment by pinolobu Subscribed to comments via email
2007-07-07 21:14:14

Nope. KK Bloggers meet was the night before, definitely followed by “agenda keempat”. So, even if I wanted to, it would be quite impossible to make it…

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by swordie
2007-07-06 21:19:04

now what?… is this promenade seminar worth to attend or not?… i thought of going… then i got ‘confused’…

Comment by Gaman
2007-07-06 21:30:11

Well it’s up to you. I don’t know what they have in this seminar this time but I won’t be suprises if they selling something at the end of it.

Attending one seminar won’t make you successful. But I suppose it can be a good intro for newbies nonetheless.

Comment by swordie
2007-07-06 21:55:31

ok… tats make more sense… 🙂

Comment by Gaman
2007-07-08 01:54:33

In order to advance past the “intro”, you’ll need to pay eonenet. Don’t expect anything groundbreaking if you are already familiar with basic Internet marketing.

Comment by pinolobu Subscribed to comments via email
2007-08-28 23:39:41

You might want to hear Steven Wong telling his side of the story in the 2nd part of his podcast with Dr Rizad. It starts around 7 minutes into the conversation:

Comment by ross maddison
2010-07-10 09:20:40

this is the first time to visit your site…i am so appreciate what you said.i got the same point of you.

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