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June 20, 2007 by  

Crazy Egg is a nifty tool that could help you analyse your visitors’ behaviour and find out how they interact with your website elements and content.

Unlike other tracking tools such as Google Analytics or Site Meter which track traffic trends and behaviour, Crazy Egg maps every time a visitor clicks on whatever elements you have on your site. This should give you a clear picture of not only where your visitors are on your site but what they are clicking on.

You can test different versions of a page to see which works better. Armed with this information, you can better identify the best placement for your AdSense ads or utilise the design that could improve your pages conversion rates.

Crazy Egg offers four methods to analyse your clicks:

Overlay Mode

It shows coloured buttons with a plus sign. These buttons are overlaid on your page and appear next to each clickable element on your page. The click frequency determines the colour of the button; red is high, green is medium and blue is low.

You can obtain extra information such as the number of clicks and the percentage this represents of total clicks on that page. In addition, you can find out the origin of the traffic that clicked on a particular element.




List Mode

List Mode displays the click frequency each element received in descending order. The data can be exported in CSV format for further analysis.



Heatmap Mode

This is my favourite mode that displays the clicks using a heatmap display. Most clicked elements are represented by the brightest areas.




The Confetti mode allows you to identify the elements that are clicked the most by visitors sent by your top referrers. As shown below, direct traffic which is likely to be return visitors, use the search box the most



It’s nice if Crazy Egg can be used to track the click paths that lead to a conversion. As far as I can see this feature is not yet available.

You can get a free account that will track up to 5,000 clicks per month. Paid users are able to analyse other areas on their pages where visitors are clicking that aren’t clickable links .

I ran Crazy Egg for a week to test main page. I noticed that it didn’t track the number of visitors very accurately (but keep in mind that it’s tracking a single page in case the low visitor count makes you wonder). In addition it fails to recognise how many submitted their search queries by pressing the enter key. Flash ad clicks tracking seem to be problematic as well.

Small gripes aside, Crazy Egg offers another dimension in tracking users’ behaviour that proves to be quite insightful. Such information can be useful when you are trying to convince potential advertisers that your page is worth their money.

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Comment by dott-com
2007-06-20 15:55:07

Yups its true sabahan – I already use this crazy egg and the interface is smooth enough.

Comment by wati
2007-06-20 19:04:06

i like the heatmap mode. from the results, user can improve their web design. thanks for the good info.

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