Reader Poll: Do You Blog On The Weekends

June 26, 2007 by  

I used to blog on the weekends but not anymore. However, if there’s an idle time, I usually end up posting something.

For some people, they always feel the need to post something and always thinking about the next post. They feel that they are letting people down if they don’t have any new posts up on their blog.

I used to feel that way too. However, when blogging burnout begins to creep in and I need to cut back a bit on something – not blogging on the weekends seem to do the trick. Once you’ve established a routine, your readers will know what to expect so it’s fine to take sometime out.

However, it doesn’t mean I don’t work on the weekends even when I take a break from blogging. That’s if I don’t go anywhere.

OK it’s time for another poll and this is for the bloggers among you.

Do you blog on the weekends?
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Please share your reasons why you blog or do not blog on the weekends.

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Comment by pablopabla
2007-06-26 11:21:20

I have a comp but got no line at home! LOL!

Comment by Arstan
2007-06-26 11:30:33

It’s very hard to concentrate with the weekend going-ons…

Comment by papajoneh
2007-06-26 12:13:33

I blog on weekend… have to, coz I’ll be working then. and we always online. so might as well blog something. 🙂
But if I’m off, which is rare, I take half day off… but still blog. blogaholic habis2an. LOL.

but yes, sometimes u need to just shutdown and enjoy the day without any interference or comment needed to be replied. I tried 3 days off. Man it was tough. 🙂

Comment by Azmeen
2007-06-26 12:58:34

I almost never blog on weekends, because that’s the time I spend with my family in our weekend home (that doesn’t have Internet connection).

I might compose something offline though, and post it on weekdays.

Comment by Kay Kastum
2007-06-26 13:09:59

If I’m not out and about from the house, I will consider it my blog off-day.
But when there is a pc / laptop and internet connection, I am always tempted.

Comment by ben
2007-06-26 16:08:11

i blog when i have free time…

Comment by Lorna
2007-06-29 05:19:59

I find that ideas come easily to me on the weekends, so I usually post on those days, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are published the same day — I use the Future Post function a lot and I end up not having to blog anything for a week or so some times.

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