5 Useless Tricks People Use to Increase Their Alexa’s Traffic Ranking

July 24, 2007 by  

For some site owners, getting a high Alexa traffic rank is more of an ego boost than a true reflection of their sites popularity. Others are trying to game Alexa so that they can command higher prices for their ad inventory among other things.

The recently released official Alexa toolbar for Firefox seems to re-ignite the obsession some people have over their Alexa ranking. I’ve seen several bloggers recommending tools and methods to game Alexa ranking.

Trying to cheat their Alexa ranks may be fun to some people but it degrades the value of the entire system and affects Alexa’s reputation negatively as it becomes less reliable as a traffic measurement metric. While I am aware that Alexa has its limitations, it’s essentially offering valuable service to webmasters and advertisers alike. Besides Google PageRank, I don’t know of any other universally accessible metrics for anyone when evaluating a site’s worth.

However, like other popular services on the Internet, Alexa is getting smarter in preventing people from artificially manipulating their rankings. What used to work yesterday doesn’t always work today.

The following are tricks/cheats employed by some people who try to manipulate and increase their ranking.


  1. Install Firefox extension that Reloads Web Pages

    There’s an extension for Firefox named ReloadEvery that as the name implies, reloads web pages every so may seconds or minutes.

    The idea is to increase your page views and hopefully they will be counted towards your Alexa rankings. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on which side you are on), this won’t work because multiple requests for the same URL on the same day by the same user counted as a single pageview by Alexa.

    In addition, if you are using AdSense on your site, using this tool could get you banned. So don’t waste your time with this one.


  2. Install Alexa Redirect Plugin for WordPress

    Installing this plugin will edit all your internal blog links except wp-admin related) to add the “Alexa redirect” prefix which is

    So your normal URL will change to

    There’s no limit at where you can use this trick. You can use the redirected URL when leaving comments in other blogs or in your forum signatures. The idea is to send the visitor through Alexa and counts them as a visit, even if they don’t have the Alexa toolbar installed.

    The problem with this method is that, it will negatively affect your site’s PageRank and search engine rankings as it destroys any good internal linking structure you may have on your site.

    In addition, there’s no evidence that using redirects benefits your Alexa’s traffic rankings.. As far as I know Alexa’s traffic rankings are based on the usage patterns of Alexa Toolbar users over a rolling 3 month period. No toolbar, no tracking.


  3. Install Alexa Toolbar on Several Computers in Your Local Area Network and Set Your Site as Your Homepage

    It doesn’t matter how many computers you have the Alexa toolbar installed, if they all share the same IP address, all page views will be counted only once per day.

    Sure you may notice a tiny improvement in the traffic ranking if your site is ranked in the millions to begin with, but that’s probably all that you’ll get.


  4. Put up Alexa Rank Widget On Your Site

    Alexa Site Widgets are those little graphic or button that you can display on your site to show Alexa traffic rankings and Alexa Traffic History Graph as shown below.

    There’s no evidence that these Widget will improve your traffic ranking. If nothing else, it just informs Alexa about your site and add it to the list of sites to visit, thus ensuring your inclusion in the Alexa service.

    That said, I am not saying all those using these widgets on their sites are trying to game Alexa. It’s a fun tool to display but if your purpose is to increase your Alexa’s traffic ranking, I doubt it’ll work even when the viewer click on it.


  5. Using Alexa Auto-Surfs Program

    Using an Alexa auto surf may work for new sites with very low Alexa ranking. However, I’ve seen Alexa auto surf users who complained that they are experiencing a drop in Alexa ranking after the initial increase.

    My theory is that, since the number of IP addresses which take part in the auto-surf program is not unlimited, up to a point, the limit will be reached. There’s just so many IP address for Alexa to consider as a unique page view per day during which your website ranking will stop improving. I won’t be surprise if Alexa has started developing a way to defeat the autosurf programs.

    In addition, you may get in trouble with Google if you are showing AdSense ads on the sites involved in auto surfing.

In my coming post, I’ll share the tips how you could increase your Alexa’s traffic rankings.

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Comment by ben
2007-07-24 16:24:14

Well gaman nice post, but in my ipinion, Alexa is just a statistic, there is lot’s others site can provide stats in details.

But most of the time Alexa is the place for people to check your stats. But i doub’t this stat are for real. i have a website that get almost 10-20 visitor per day now..and it’s been three months it stay like that but my site still rank 200 000 Among others website.

Compare to my other site that have steady vistior around 20 000 visitor a month..Hmmm..

Again alexa is not that popular..if they are very popular they don’t have to create a new toolbar for firefox user…

well that’s only my opinion.

But if this people still wanted to get fake traffic for their blog there is lots other way to get it done..


Comment by Gaman
2007-07-24 17:09:35

Alexa stats can be important too. Check out my previous post

I think it’s important to note that Alexa cannot be compared to other statistics tools like Site Meter or Google Analystics. These tools serve a totally different purpose from that of Alexa.

The Alexa toolbar wasn’t created to make them popular. It’s used to track users surfing habit for ranking purposes.

Comment by College Guide
2007-07-24 18:11:34

Haha, very cool tricks although very useless I agree! How about this one; buy some cheap bad quality traffic (pop unders etc) for 10 bucks. This can really boost your alexa rankings even though the visitors themselves are worthless.

I subscribed to this blog, eagerly awaiting more! ^^

Comment by ben
2007-07-24 20:41:28


Actually part the objective to have the firefox toolbar was to increase the usage of alexa…cause now there’s lot of competition to provide stats..

i agree with you statistic is very important…i really love to know what is my site ranking… and all nice details we can have from

thanks for the reply gaman… but you forgot to teach me about the adsense placement..i think still no reply.. 🙂

Comment by Gaman
2007-07-24 21:42:34

I don’t think there’s other similar service and as popular as Alexa on the Internet. As I said the “stats” that you have in mind might be different from the “stats” offered by Alexa.

Why don’t you give one example so that I understand what you mean? 🙂

About the AdSense placement, you can see my answer in the post. Cheers

Comment by LiewCF
2007-07-24 23:53:18

nice post, gaman. there are sites similar to Alexa (but US stats only): Compete and Quancast.

Comment by ben
2007-07-25 01:28:49

yeah correct compete anc quantcast.. 🙂 sorry gaman lambat kasi tu website.. lols..tot you know..anyways it’s a nice post! you are my man

Comment by Gaman
2007-07-25 01:57:08

Those are smaller “stats” companies than Alexa. I thought you were talking about real global contenders there. 🙂

Comment by
2007-07-25 02:19:30

I totally agree with this. For many, a high Alexa rank means a lot. But the fact of the matter is that this number is not really that important…

Comment by Ariah Fine
2007-07-25 07:03:05

I’m not saying my plugin is a great idea, it was sort of a proof of concept plugin, but I wanted to give 5 reasons in response why these ‘tricks’ aren’t ‘useless.’

1. Alexa ranking is used for some serious stuff like text link ads. So, many people have an interest in taking it seriously.
2. Alexa is a poor indicator of overall traffic, as it usually requires unique things like the Alexa Toolbar, which many non-tech internet users don’t have.
3. Things like redirect or a Alexa widget allow non-toolbar readers to be counted toward your Alexa ranking (your right that’s not confirmed).
4. For most people concerned with their Alexa ranking, the goal is not to ‘doctor the numbers’ but to find ways to provide a more accurate picture of the number of users your site has.
5. I run a tech blog and a non-tech blog. Though I know from other statistics I have far more readers at my non-tech blog, the Alexa rankings are about the same. This is because of the lopsidedness of the Alexa ranking in that it favors users of it’s toolbar and tech related sites draw those types of users in.

Hope those five comments help explain the situation.

Comment by Gaman
2007-07-25 10:24:36

You know what, actually I agree with your 5 points. The reason I said the tricks are useless because they don’t work, your Alexa rank would not be much different after using them.

I like Alexa because I am selling advertising from my sites. Sorry if I sounded a little harsh about your plugin.

Comment by papajoneh
2007-07-25 11:23:18

Good info again. For me Alexa is important. And I like it too. I love it simply because it helps me in getting good paid link posting, with higher payout. Other than this, it is just a stat. But honestly, knowing your higher position in the Alexa ranking sure feels good.

2007-07-26 23:16:35

Like you said, it’s worth doing this only if you want to boost your Alexa ranking because of TLA or ReviewME…otherwise I couldn’t see a reason to go through all the hassle.

Comment by Navjot Singh
2007-07-27 20:49:42

The wordpress plugin does not work on WordPress 2.2.1 and such poor attitude the plugin author has that he does not even want to belive that his plugin is causing the error. he asked me to look somewhere else for the error. Anyways the plugin is useless, since it will decrease search engine rankings dramatically and even your pagerank affects.

Worthless plugin.

Comment by Anay Kamat Subscribed to comments via email
2007-08-20 14:27:22

I don’t find alexa ranking really useful. However, it is true that if you want to earn money from your site, than advertisers will pay you high if you have good alexa ranking.

Comment by منتديات
2007-08-26 12:47:10

yse alexa very easy to play around it
just buy bif lista from ip
and u will on top after 1 moth

Comment by John
2007-10-11 16:10:53

Today, I came across a site It boasts they can rank the site easily. I think you may try their service.

2007-12-11 06:21:26

Hi John

I just checked – If that guys can boost alexa rank why their own domain is 1,429,588 ?

In FAQ they say

Q: Why not ranking your own site?
A: We do not want to be tracked by ALEXA , which will bring risks to our clients

Which means Tomorrow or day after they will be tracked down by Alexa 😉

2008-02-07 20:12:21

I installed alexa toolbar & widegt but no result see ranking of my website here.

Comment by Velvet Blues
2008-08-29 09:04:11

Yeh, there are lots of methods to game alexa. However, I don’t know of any that help webmasters to get and maintain the coveted low rankings.

Comment by RyanG
2008-10-10 02:05:08

Slow, but organic growth is the best way to increase traffic. Plus, do you really want to install the Alexa (spyware) toolbar?

My AV (avast) flags it up as such, and that is what it is.

Comment by infini3
2009-02-22 18:58:08

I will try it. Thank you very much.

Btw the second step can’t be used again. I have tried it.

2010-03-08 16:28:15

It’s useless you’re right, the best way is to inform your visitors about the Alexa Toolbar.


2010-07-10 15:58:09

i think they’re all useless also, you can see my website stats here after i installed alexa widget and toolbar a month a go

Comment by ikhwan
2010-07-16 17:14:28

alexa raise a good trick ….. please visit my site

Comment by Chris
2010-09-07 10:37:51

Real traffic is still the best. Nice discussion, thanks!

Comment by Mukund
2010-11-12 01:37:47

Definitely, those mentioned above are completely useless! Especially, the auto surf. It is worth nothing. We should never encourage such stuff!!

Everything About Blogging

Comment by TanyaLelaki
2011-03-17 14:30:06

haha.. I agree with you, so useless method

Comment by SSK
2011-03-18 22:16:08

Thanks for this great article, I will almost try 3 or 4 of them.

Comment by Neelam
2011-04-23 06:33:33

I like this article. Clear, concise and helpful. Thanks

Comment by sushil
2011-07-04 01:43:52

thanks if i not visited this site before visiting others site with similar topic then try all useless thanks for valuable post

Comment by work at home review Subscribed to comments via email
2011-08-07 20:02:05

Oh..I just read a while ago about using the alexa toolbar bar by richer or not and they say this one can help you boost your alexa ranking. I am inclined to download the toolbar and good thing that I found your article about this. Well anyway, thanks for your helpful article..

Comment by suresh
2011-09-19 18:07:33

All the tricks mentioned in the post are really worth? anyone tested?

Comment by Tutorial Sablon
2012-01-18 16:28:40

indeed not all the tricks can make our alexa rank to rise.
the important thing is we’ve been trying to increase page rank by always updating blogs or articles on our website.

Comment by wow
2012-01-21 21:37:01

nice share. keep it up…..

Comment by etravelvn
2012-02-06 17:51:24

Don’t try to cheat Alexa ranking and don’t care about Alexa ranking to. Lets focus on Search Engine that get you targeted users.

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