AdSense Optimisation Tips for Forums

July 29, 2007 by  

Over at the Inside AdSense blog, the team give out tips to help forum owners improve their AdSense performance. I quote the suggestions below.


  • The welcome box ad
    Many forums have a message above the fold on their pages welcoming users to the site and encouraging them to register. Placing a large (336×280) or medium (300×250) rectangle next to this message catches users’ attention right when they walk through the door (so to speak). By the way, these are our best performing ad units, and may also increase the number of site-targeted ads on your pages.


  • The forum post ad
    Based on previous testing, integrating ad units into your page content can improve clickthrough rate (CTR). It also provides a better online experience, since your users see relevant ads side by side with normal content. In forums, the highest visibility content is often the first post, so it makes sense to place the ads here. Again, large and medium rectangles are your best bet!


  • Blending colors and breaking down borders

    Colors are important for making an ad visible to the user, but they should still blend with the design of the site. Removing the borders on your ads helps even more with this concept of blending. Don’t worry — even with a well-blended implementation, the ‘Ads by Google’ label keeps your users from confusing ads with content.


From my experience, forums tend to have low CTRs compare to other sites mainly because majority of their users are regular who are familiar with the forums layout and hence blind to ads.

On the other hand, having regular users mean forums enjoy higher page view. A forum owner can take advantage of this by creating useful forum that attracts advertisers that pay on a CPM basis. CPM ads can make more money for the owner regardless of the forum CTRs.

One of the most successful forums that I know of is the Forum which is pulling over $10,000 a month from Google AdSense alone. Shawn Hogan, the founder shares the revenue with the users to create a win-win arrangement for both parties. He was featured in an article (free registration required) for the New York Times last year.

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Comment by sham
2007-07-30 02:35:03

Putting adsense on forum got pro and cons.It’s very low CTR. But it’s better than other site because it alway got repeated visitor..maybe some of them may click the’ better than no clicks..

Comment by Gaman
2007-07-30 03:36:52

Forum owners typically make money from CPM ads, not CPC.

Comment by
2007-07-31 01:54:41

I agree Gaman. I have never owned a forum, but that is what I hear. From what I understand there is money to be made, but you need to put in a lot of time growing your membership base!

2007-08-01 03:18:09

Another great post Gaman. I would like to see a post on how to drive traffic to forums, or forum SEO!

Comment by MYBlog
2007-08-01 23:31:51

my income experience in forum very poor

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