8 Ways to Make Money from a “How to Make Money” or a Blogging Blog

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This is a follow up to my recent post titled Why You Shouldn’t Create another “How to Make Money” or “Blogging” Blog

If you are a newbie, I’d incline to recommend that you should avoid creating another “how to make money” or blogging blog for reasons explained in the post.

However, if you are passionate about the topics and really think it’s the niche that you’d like to start your blogging journey with, here are some tips to help you make money from such blogs.

As I explained in the previous post, it won’t always be a futile attempt, provided that you know what you are doing.


Reader Poll: Do You Have A Blog?

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Perhaps that would be the case if the blog is about blogging and making money online.

However, blogs in certain niches such as politics or technology might attract a large portion of non bloggers readers because of the wider appeal of the subjects.

Now it’s time for me to run another poll.

From what I know about the type of audience that visits, the outcome of the poll is quite predictable but here’s a question for you anyway.

It would be interesting to see the percentage of bloggers to non-bloggers that visits

Do You Have a Blog?
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Why You Shouldn’t Create another “How to Make Money” or “Blogging” Blog

August 28, 2007 by · 21 Comments 

Recently I’ve written a post about beginners’ guide to making money on the Internet where I recommended to newbies to avoid creating another “how to make money” blog or a blog about blogging.

I find that it’s harder to make money from such blogs since they attract the type of audience that’s not very responsive to ads. Let me give a few examples

Most people (well at least his loyal readers) know that a large portion of Darren Rowse of income comes from AdSense. However, most of this earning comes from his other blogs such as the Digital Photography School not

At one point he considered removing AdSense from because it didn’t make him enough money to justify the placement, and that’s for a blog that attracts an average of 10,000 visitors per day. Last time I check, AdSense ads are no longer served at after the recent redesign.

Update Your Referral Link Now

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If you are a (TLA) publisher you may have received their email notifying publishers that they have begun using

The purpose is to shorten and secure the affiliate referral link.

It’s important that you do this today because your current affiliate link will no longer work starting next month.


I quote their email below

As a Text Link Ads affiliate we’re pleased to let you know that we’ve begun using to shorten and secure our affiliate referral links. We encourage you to update your affiliate links using the following:

Homepage URL

Starter Promo URL

** Please note that our old affiliate urls will no longer work in one week so please update today. Thank you!


A Beginner’s Guide to Making Money on the Internet

August 22, 2007 by · 22 Comments 

When I first learned the ropes in Internet marketing, I was lucky to find several useful websites that had guided me in the right direction.

It was good that I wasn’t trying to get rich overnight since I understood that it takes hard work to be successful. That had helped me avoid pitfalls or getting involved in more seedy methods of making money online.

Today, a quick search on Google returns a plethora of information to help you make money online. Instead of explaining every money making methods conceivable, I am going to focus on methods that I’ve been using to help me make a living online.


8 Things to Do When Your Site Is Removed From Google

August 21, 2007 by · 10 Comments 

If you depend on Google for 90% of your website traffic, the consequences of losing that traffic when your site is removed from Google can be devastating.

It’s even more so if you are making a living working on the Internet. All the long hours you had put in seems meaningless. Watching your cash flow dries up can be a real blow to your motivation, I know, I’ve been there.

But before we go insane over the whole debacle, take a deep breath and calm down. There will always be an explanation as to why your pages disappear from Google.

The good news is, having your site removed from Google isn’t a death sentence because you can always request for re-inclusion. If you know why your pages disappear, you should be able make the necessary changes and have them re-indexed as soon as possible.

“Banned” By Google? Find Out How to Entice Googlebot to Recrawl Your Site

August 18, 2007 by · 21 Comments 

In my previous post I wrote about a problem I had where many of my sites were suddenly removed from Google search result pages.

It was ‘unsettling’ to say the least because I could had easily lost hundreds of dollars per day from AdSense and affiliate programs that depend on Google organic traffic during that debacle.

I found it strange to see Googlebot repeatedly spewed the robots.txt unreachable error or Network unreachable errors via my Google Webmaster Console when I was absolutely sure that my server uptime had been nothing but one hundred percent during the period.



If you are not familiar with the robots.txt, it’s a file used to keep web pages from being indexed by search engines.

A few questions came to mind when it happened to me.


Why You Should Diversify Your Income Stream

August 16, 2007 by · 24 Comments 

Since a couple of days ago, I’ve noticed several of my websites have been experiencing a massive drop in traffic, some as much as half of their normal level.

As a result, any income source that depends on free traffic from Google suffers. This includes AdSense and some affiliate programs. isn’t spared as some of you may have noticed after checking my Alexa traffic ranking. In addition, it has dropped from number one to number four for the keyword “sabahan” in Google.

Other important keywords can be found for are now mostly missing from the Google first page results.

The first thing I did when I noticed this was login into my Google Webmaster Central account to find out what’s going on. Sure enough, Googlebot has marked several thousands URLs from those sites as unreachable.

How to Make $500 or more Per Month From – Guaranteed!

August 15, 2007 by · 23 Comments 

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I’ve written several articles about (TLA).

I like TLA because of its low maintenance while allowing me to make money without interupting the user’s experience.

If you haven’t signed up with TLA, click here to do so.

Unless you have a high PageRank blog with a good amount traffic to boot, it’s likely that TLA only brings in a couple of dollars to the table, perhaps less than $50 per month.

For the record, I don’t make more than $500 per month from TLA myself, at least not yet.

This is not too surprising considering that blogging is just one of the things I do to make money online. I am unable to devote as much time as I’d like to help me improve my TLA income quicker.

6 Tips to Make Money with Low Profit Margin Products or Services

August 13, 2007 by · 9 Comments 

In one of my previous posts, I’ve recommended that it’s easier to make money from affiliate programs by selling products with good profit margins

When you are operating a lower profit margin business, it limits how much you can afford to spend on advertising. The lack of promotion ensures fewer potential customers arrive at your website, hence limits how much money you can make.

Any little hiccup that may occurs along the way could cost your business dearly. In the end, this vicious cycle becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as there’s no way avoiding the impending failure.

The good news is, operating a business with low profit margins isn’t all gloom and doom, provided that you use a different approach in your promotion effort than that in a high margin business.

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