Why You Shouldn’t Create another “How to Make Money” or “Blogging” Blog

August 28, 2007 by  

Recently I’ve written a post about beginners’ guide to making money on the Internet where I recommended to newbies to avoid creating another “how to make money” blog or a blog about blogging.

I find that it’s harder to make money from such blogs since they attract the type of audience that’s not very responsive to ads. Let me give a few examples

Most people (well at least his loyal readers) know that a large portion of Darren Rowse of income comes from AdSense. However, most of this earning comes from his other blogs such as the Digital Photography School not

At one point he considered removing AdSense from because it didn’t make him enough money to justify the placement, and that’s for a blog that attracts an average of 10,000 visitors per day. Last time I check, AdSense ads are no longer served at after the recent redesign.

Another famous “how to make money” blog that doesn’t make money from AdSense is John has also removed AdSense from his blog and has started selling the empty ad spots directly which has helped him make more money.

Getting traffic from the search engines is crucial if you want to make money from AdSense. One blog that has taken advantage of this is Everton the owner has been pulling over $4000 monthly from AdSense alone.

His explanation why a higher proportion of his income comes from AdSense clearly support my point that writing post about blogging won’t make you money.

Writing Posts That Get Good Ads: If you want to increase your AdSense earnings then you need ads with good CPCs, and to do that you need to write posts that will attract those ads. Writing posts about blogging, themes, what you did last night etc are probably not going to get good ads as no-one is going to want to advertise on those posts, whereas posts about products will. That’s why even though probloggers like Darren Rowse don’t disclose their earnings, I can guarantee you that his digital photography blog makes disproportionately more money than his problogger site,which I bet relatively makes no money at all, even though it probably has a lot more traffic

Let’s take another example closer to home. is one of the most useful Internet marketing blogs in Malaysia. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help in attracting traffic from the search engines. From his stats, the blog attracts an average of 294 visitors per day.

There are other good “how to make money” blogs out there. While the owners are making tens of thousands dollars from the Internet, their blogs continue to attract little traffic from the search engines.

Just to mention a few –, (the guy who’s making $90,000 profit per month) and (251 average visitors per day). What about Well his offline reputation probably has helped promote his blog. Besides he makes more money from his other sites.

Most of these people do not use their blog to make money as they are making money from somewhere else. Instead it’s a place for them to share their knowledge and experience with others.

About 60% of traffic comes from the search engine and a large portion of this traffic landed on pages unrelated to blogging or making money.

Most of my posts about making money, affiliate programs, AdWords, AdSense receive little traffic from the search engines. Not because they are not optimized, but because there’s just too much competition while at the same time the demand isn’t that high. It usually take me hours to research and do the write up but the pay off seems not worth the effort.

The reason why I continue writing about these topics is because I am passionate about them. At one point I was considering writing more about other topics but I figured this blog should be about my real interest, and not about making a quick buck.

As you can see below, I lost about 60% of my traffic when Google removed my pages from their index. Thing was back to normal on Tuesday onwards when the pages were re-indexed. It shows how dependent this blog on Google.


Now please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that creating a “how to make money” blog is a futile endeavor. By all means if you are passionate about the topic go ahead and do it. But if you are new to blogging, just don’t expect to get rich overnight by creating another “how to make money”, or a blog about blogging.

I know one of my readers; Katana was running, a blog of varied interests as he called it. He once mentioned that he had learned a lot from which had helped him in his effort to monetize and promote – glad to know :).

Last time I check, this blog received around 10,000 to 15,000 unique visitors per day and generated four figures monthly income from AdSense alone in USD.

Then he created another blog at where he shares his money making endeavor. Now if you were to ask him, I’m pretty sure he would say it’s harder to repeat the success he have had with with this blog because of the reasons mentioned in this article.

I’ve written a related post about staying away from the Internet marketing niche especially if you are a newbie.

All I am saying here is don’t create a “how to make money” blog or write posts about blogging IF your only goal is to make money. Unless you are passionate about those topics, you’ll be better off exploring other niches.

If you can create the kind of buzz is creating, you will do better with advertising programs such as ReviewMe, and text link ads or direct ad sales. So I guess the question you should ask yourself when you try to make money from a how to make money blog is, can your blog generates the same kind buzz as that of

If you have a “how to make money” blog already, just continue with it, I know it can be a great learning experience. But I’d also suggest you creating another blog in a different niche or explore other money making methods and use your make money blog to share your experience instead of attempting to make it as your main income generator.

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Comment by Mr. Rajawang
2007-08-28 17:37:08

Hi Gaman, you really did a post about this..haha. Well I agree with your point! For newbies, it is better to start with blog other than making money online..personal, photography, community, fashion, politics just to name a few is a good way to start.

Comment by papajoneh
2007-08-28 19:47:42

Talk about “how to make your car faster than the other ferrari”. Pretty good traffic. 🙂

Comment by dott-com
2007-08-29 11:00:24

pretty good idea indeed papajoneh

Comment by jaxon s
2007-08-28 21:09:03

ya, make sense. btw, what do you think of sites that use sub-domains such as or etc as opposed to separate domains such as,, (addresses being just for illustration purposes)

u think they are as effective as dedicated domains?

Comment by Gaman
2007-08-29 01:54:48

I would say using a dedicated domain is a better choice

Comment by Tirut
2007-08-28 21:37:00

I would agree with you gaman. If you were to google the word “how to make money”, you’ll drain your brain out just by looking at the list. Papajoneh idea could work 😀 – just add little spice on the topic – “how to make your Kancil faster than the ferrari”. Anyhow, thanks for the posts – Aramai Tii

Comment by Arstan
2007-08-29 01:42:24

Make money online? Huh, some sites are 1 months old and they give tips on how to make money online. I think it’s ridiculous.

Comment by
2007-08-29 02:43:25

You are right about this. Having another blog to compare is always a good idea…

Comment by dott-com
2007-08-29 10:58:17

you right gaman, to blog about make money online there should have a proved that the blog already make money. If not I agree with Mr.Rajawang that newbies, it’s better to start personal, photography, community etc.

Comment by Kay Kastum
2007-08-29 18:08:39

Always a quality post from you Sir Gaman! Yep. It’s like opening a burger stall next to McDonald’s. Too many people are doing the same stuff I believe.

Comment by David
2007-08-30 05:50:38

Writing about making money online is oversaturated >_

Comment by JennyHow
2007-08-30 14:46:05

Well written and I pretty much agree with you. Another point also may be people looking to learn how to make money online already knows how to search from the search engine. So, they don’t hv to click on the adsense ads.

the ads literally become trasparent to them.

Comment by Katana
2007-08-31 00:02:58

Thanks for the mention Gaman, I would truly agree with you. If anyone wants to really monetize a money making blog, you have to be different from others besides just providing money making information just to stand out from the current crowd (johncow is a great creative example albeit generating buzz from original site).

It’s all about link baiting and its not easy to get other make money blogs to link to you unless you are providing special information or written a great post worthy of linking in comparison to other niches.

Comment by Wahlau.NET
2007-09-02 16:29:47

quite true…too many competition..should find a niche topic where you can get sufficient readers

Comment by make no money
2007-09-05 15:34:16

I had posted around 50 articles in 3 months. It didn’t bring me even 0.5$ 🙂

Comment by Mr. Rajawang
2007-09-06 23:27:29

traffic , traffic you must bring more traffic to your site.. 🙂

Comment by Jali-jeni
2007-09-17 03:57:20

Ouch, i just created the make money online blog….

Comment by kahoongchai
2008-06-23 15:03:23

i agree what you mention in the post that newbie don’t start a “how to make money blog”..nobody want to read “how to make money blog” that written by a newbie that doesn’t make any money from it.

Comment by Zeeshan
2012-09-01 10:36:18

And yet you yourself run a blog on the very same topic. Yeah.

Comment by Gaman
2012-09-06 22:17:49

Don’t take it personally. It was just a recommendation for those who are starting out.

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