Google’s January 2008 PageRank Update

January 15, 2008 by  

There has been a lot of buzz around the blogosphere and forums about the recent changes in PageRank and backlinks counts from Google

From where I am sitting, I can see that Google is getting tougher towards those selling text link ads and paid reviews. It appears that is penalized again for selling text links, and this time around my PageRank has been reduced to 0.

Personally I think PageRank is important but not as important as the amount of traffic you get. For example if 10K unique visitors stop by at your blog daily, and you are making tons of money from them, do you really care about your PageRank? I don’t.

On the other hand, when the drop in PageRank is followed by a reduction in your daily traffic, which does happens every now and then, you can start dropping everything you are doing and promise to follow Google guidelines to a tee and hope Google will give your original PageRank back.

It appears that this is what’s happening to The drop in PageRank is followed by the reduction in traffic this blog receives daily. That’s a clear signal that it’s time to remove those paid link ads asap. Sorry advertisers, I have no choice but to comply with the big brother’s rules.

Have you noticed any changes so far?

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Comment by lilian
2008-01-15 15:21:08

Yeah, even the adsense payout dropped drastically. And the SERP too. I got kicked off page one for many keywords. That’s why I choose the Google’s way. After I cleaned up my sites and apply no-follow, I got my PR back. But I have yet to get back the previous traffic I enjoyed in September, before the whole PR fiasco started.

Comment by Fahmishah
2008-01-15 15:41:46

me too! i got PR4 then PR0.
some of them call PR0Blogger

Comment by Noorizam Shah
2008-01-19 11:07:34

my blog drop to PR3 ..

Comment by AhTim
2008-01-15 17:37:53

my PR has been increase from PR2 to PR3! 🙂
So Im not sure why other bloggers say their PR drop?

–blog for dream–

Comment by My
2008-01-15 22:20:05

one of my web dropped to 2. but now has 6 advertiser..should i wait to get paid or drop now everything ? i am using text link ads

Comment by Gaman
2008-01-16 00:17:11

How’s your traffic?

Comment by ciken
2008-01-16 00:03:36

i agree with you gaman..i dont care about PR..traffic is important..

p/s only 2 blog PR decrease..suck!

Comment by pinolobu
2008-01-16 00:50:26

But has there ever been cases where a drop in PageRank did NOT result in a reduction in daily traffic?

Comment by Gaman
2008-01-16 01:41:00

That’s for sure.

Comment by thatedeguy
2008-01-16 01:26:14

Mine went from PR5 to PR3 the first time, now from PR3 to PR0 this time. I haven’t noticed any traffic decrease just yet, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

I’ve already begun weeding out the follow ads and have even worked on a new design to maximize some other things. Hopefully, we’ll all come out of this on the other side with pockets of cash!

Comment by Raymond.CC
2008-01-16 12:41:21

Although PR is not important, but it’s one of the factor that you can use to show the advertisers. Just like Alexa rankings. That’s my opinion though…

My site’s traffic increased to 45k unique per day, but PR still remains at 4. It has been at 4 for very long time already 🙁

Comment by Gaman
2008-01-16 12:58:50

You must be making a ton from AdSense

Comment by Raymond.CC
2008-01-16 23:05:08

That’s because I learn a lot of optimization tips from here 🙂

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Kay Kastum
2008-01-16 13:44:40

Wow.. I mean 13,161 readers and collosal traffic.. you da man lah Raymond CC$$. Oh I just subscribe to yours so that makes it 13,162.

Comment by papajoneh
2008-01-16 17:21:22

im one of the visitor 😀 Love your site Raymond. Keep it up.

Comment by papajoneh
2008-01-16 17:19:20

my other blog is actually making more adsense money after the update. In fact, like triple the income. So funny. PR is not so important as long as the traffic is there.. especially they coming from Google search itself. 😀

but for doing paid posting.. aiiiyooohh .. lower income. look for other sources. Whatever it is, google is still the master. For me at least.

Comment by abi
2008-01-17 19:03:59

I still havent the seen the daylght of a number! Still sitting on the fat zero 🙁 sure it will change..matter of time innit!

Comment by ketyung
2008-01-18 14:17:24

Did you really experience big drop of traffic after the page rank dropped to zero? Btw, my blog seems like never had its page rank fluctuating much since its launch 🙂 well but I don’t depend on text links, I depend on ads by impression 😀 Anyway, I just blog for fun 🙂

Comment by Mahendran
2008-01-19 00:40:39

hi..i have no idea PR didnt go up 🙁
been having the same PR 2 for a year..haha..tot this Jan it cud go to 3..sedihnya


Comment by Alan Johnson
2008-01-20 06:50:57

PR, just like Alexa rank, is not what one would call relevant nowadays, but most advertisers take them into consideration so that more importance tends to be given to them than they deserve.

Alan Johnson

Comment by
2008-01-20 10:04:49

i lost my Blog PR6- PR0 now i am in the mids of cleaning my blog and see if this is working like what lilian did.

i really hope i can gain back my PR. As far as i can see the blog traffic was never decrease.

Anyhow we have to accept the fact that we need PR 🙁

Comment by locos
2008-03-14 08:13:24

erm.. PR pun boleh jatuh, susah la macam tu nak kekalkan PR

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