More Ads, More Money?

January 29, 2008 by  

In November last year I’ve decided to place more ads at as an experiment to see if I could make more money from this blog.

The experiment was conducted in response to a post by Sha of where he calculated how much a space is dedicated to advertising in a blog.

In the article, Sha asks if ads percentage has some correlation with the amount of profit generated by a blog. I know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that in general more advertising units usually mean more revenue streams if things are done correctly that is.

But if you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m not a fan of making my blog looks like a giant billboard for the sake of making money – at least not at my main blog.

It was not surprising to see that was at the bottom of the list when it came to how much space is allocated to advertising as you can see below.

  • – 15.15%
  • – 14.75%
  • – 13.98%
  • – 8.52
  • – 7.64%
  • – 4.77%
  • 1.94%


So let’s review how this blog is doing so far. I’ve added AdBrite, WidgetBucks and Kontera to increase the advertising space percentage of In the short span this experiment is running, I have generated the following amount from each program:

November: $6.53
December: $9.80
January: $6.36

December: $0.68
January: $0.99

September: $323.36
October: $144.36
November: $95
December: $56.01
January (until 29 Jan): $59.64

Revenue since 18 Nov: RM29.95


I know the amount is virtually negligible. I could have removed all those advertising units (except AdSense) and it won’t affect my overall Internet income in anyway.

But since nobody is complaining about the extra ad units, I might just as well continue serving them here and make US24.36 + RM29.95 extra without lifting a finger. With a little bit of work in attracting more traffic and optimizing the placement, I should be able to make more money from them.

Coincidently, last month was a very slow month for this blog when updates were infrequent due to the holiday so that might also explains the less than exciting revenue amount.

Other than that, WidgetBucks has to go. The amount it generates is so small, it doesn’t justify its placement other than taking up space that could have been used for a more profitable ad units.

Additionally, notice the drastic drop in’s AdSense income from US323.36 in September to US56.01 in December. That happens after my PageRank was dropped from PR5 to PR3 and now PR0. Oh well, at least my AdSense appears to be on the rebound

It’s good that my main motivation for writing this blog is not only to make money but also to share my experience in how I make money online in general with my other Internet business. Otherwise I won’t be motivated enough to continue writing when the reward is small financially.

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Comment by Raymond.CC
2008-01-29 17:12:30

About in-text advertising, Kontera is the lowest paying company. Vibrant and EchoTopic pays much better.

Comment by
2008-01-29 18:00:05

i already removed widgetbucks from my others blog.i never served adbrite and nuffnang also kontera.

i made USD59.00 for Widgetbucks in one month the other day, but now very few. so decided to remove the ads.

Comment by Rice Blogger
2008-01-29 18:00:47

i think it is due to lack of your frequency in posting as well….revenue from kontera could be higher

Comment by Gaman
2008-01-29 22:00:24

I agree. Don’t forget about the PR drop too.

Comment by KeVin
2008-01-29 22:27:01

Kontera was never good earnng for me….same goes with widgetbuck. anyhow, I was curious to know how’s nuffnang doing with others…

Comment by calvin
2008-01-30 12:36:06

probably the ‘make money online’ market is oversaturated…

Comment by Kay Kastum Subscribed to comments via email
2008-01-30 16:35:52

Gaman. What about your unique visitors since the PR drop, did it reduced as well?

Comment by Gaman
2008-02-06 13:18:02

Yes it did. But it appears that thing has started to bounce back up.

Comment by sha
2008-02-01 10:39:19

Hi for me … after i got PR0, my organic traffic was fine

Comment by Wayne Liew
2008-02-02 00:57:50

Actually, instead of placing PPC ads all over your blog, you should try writing pre-sell articles and promote some affiliate products which are good since you have a large reader base and nice traffic.

Comment by Gaman
2008-02-02 11:32:07

Yea been doing that once in a while. The PPC ads ensure continuous passive income while I don’t feel like promoting affiliate products.

Comment by Alan Johnson
2008-02-04 06:11:18

Trial&error is the name of the game and if you think that certain ad spots could perform better with other monetization methods, trying them on for size never hurts.

Alan Johnson

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Comment by What Sells Online Subscribed to comments via email
2008-02-04 23:14:21

Hi! Thanks for sharing… I always look forward to learning something from your blog.

Anyway, I tend to agree with Wayne on doing more affiliates. On the other hand however, there is also the problem of making your blog seem “too” commercialized if you do that.

Thus, an alternative would probably to sell ad space on your own. (like John Chow Dot Com)


Comment by Rice Blogger
2008-02-05 16:52:02

it seems like the post is slower already at sabahan….busy with other projects?

Comment by Gaman
2008-02-06 13:20:49

I’ve been away from the computer for the past few days. Will definitely be back with some new post soon 😉

Comment by Edward
2008-02-12 20:49:52

Well, your left sidebar looks a bit empty to me, perhaps you might want to put CPM ads over there?

Just my 2 cents 😛

Comment by anonymous
2008-02-19 17:05:00

Certainly, for a site like this — — more ads definitely equals more money! But in their case, they are donating it away it seems…

Comment by shawne Subscribed to comments via email
2008-03-14 11:14:58

Hii there thank’s for sharing with us.. As you can see here.. i’m the new post BLOGGER in your sabahan.COM blog.. And i also from the town name you use glad to know you got a blog here.. For me ads aren’t anything but “IF”! some company needed for advertised their company, Why not.. Why bother anyone else..

There’s one words for that : “Many men go fishing of their lives without knowing that it is not the fish they’re after.”

In A Nutshell : In order to to have something in your life, and keep it, you have to be comfortable with it.


Comment by becky
2008-03-18 04:11:43

I think all blogs’ advertising is saturated to an extent.

Comment by Felex Tan
2008-04-02 10:02:38

Seems like saturated in a way…but there is stil huge market,netsurfer is getting younger,i remember i started to surf net when i was 13 years old,but now 5 years old boy/girl already started to surf net and even have their own blog!No worry,we still can make monay on advertising.

Comment by StuckS
2008-05-03 20:43:33

ermm,where you put your nuffnang ads?..
coz i dont see any nuffnang ads on your page..

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