Do You Need A Business Plan For Your Internet Business?

February 29, 2008 by · 15 Comments 

If you are reading this, chances are you are probably trying to make money online or are already generating some good money from the Internet.

Whether you are a full/part time blogger, an Internet marketer of some sort or someone who are just getting his or her feet wet in the world of netpreneurship, there’s a benefit to be had by having a business plan that guide you along the way.

Talking about business plans, the recent silence period in this blog has to do with me trying to catch up with my own business plan schedule. The recent Internet outage has threw me slightly off the track and time needs to be spent to catch up.

Finally! My Net Connection Is Restored

February 16, 2008 by · 31 Comments 

If you were expecting posts from me during the weekdays, I should inform you that I was deprived of an Internet connection when the net access for my town went kaput for 5 days.

I contacted Streamyx support for an update of a report I lodged earlier and later contacted the local TM exchange to find out what took them so long to fix the problem only to be given a conflicting information where one party basically blamed the other.

To be fair to them, I felt that someone somewhere did try to do something (after several follow-ups), just not as fast or perhaps not as competent as they should had been.

Otherwise we wouldn’t have waited this long to have our connection restored. While our online businesses were affected, the least they could do was to make the customers understand what the real issue was instead of asking them to wait.

How Not To Make Money from Blogging

February 6, 2008 by · 28 Comments 

It’s usually the time of the month when many bloggers eagerly reveal their Internet income for the month of January. Ideally an increase in one’s income should help him/her to get off on the right foot for the New Year ahead.

One of famous bloggers doing this regularly is none other than John

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere or probably you just don’t care about making money from blogging 😉 you know that this guy has been making an insane amount of money from his blog.

Last month alone, he “single-handedly” made $30,616.35 from That’s roughly RM98,000 in my local currency! I can only imagine things that one could possible do when making such an insane about of money as an individual.