How to Read Google Reader RSS Feed Offline

May 12, 2008 by · 24 Comments 

Working from Coffee Bean isn’t fun for me when there’s too much distractions. I guess the real issue is not so much about the distractions but rather the surroundings which I feel isn’t conducive to my productivity. Probably it’s just me because I am used to working at my own place without having some waitress serving coffee everywhere.

I guess that’s what you would come to expect when you’ve been working online for yourself for quite sometime but it’s no big deal 😉


Anyway, now I like to bring my laptop with me when I travel in case something needs my immediate attention online; from server issues to Google AdWords alerts. It’s hard to imagine leaving without it nowdays since I got my hands on that new laptop.

How to Make Money from Your Blog like John Chow

May 7, 2008 by · 34 Comments 

The first day of the month is usually the time when some bloggers write the much anticipated blog income report in their blogs. If done right, such post can be a win-win situation for the bloggers and their readers.

It can be a good way to keep your blog buzz going and attracts some link juice from other bloggers. While there’s a possibility that some readers might perceive your decision to reveal your income as bragging, most will see this as a proof of what is possible especially if you are not a stranger to them.

The Internet famous blogger, John Chow recently did his usually thing and revealed that the month of April is lowest his blog has made in 2008. Though, for the rest of us, his lowest is still nothing short of jaw-dropping as he has made USD 29,569.05.