Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2008

August 3, 2008 by  

The well organised event took place last night at the glamorous 11th floor restaurant of the Imperial Hotel Kota Kinabalu overlooking the South China Sea. The bands were cool, food was delicious, and everyone was looking groovy.

There never was a dull moment when the lively DJ Selina and her sidekick took the stage as the MCs for the event.

Obviously, everything would not be possible without the hardworking organizing committee – the lovely Jacq, Gallivanter (Da Dude), Wei Chuen (you are tall), KadazanBonita (so anggun), PapaJoneh, Impedius, Julian and Farah. I think I chatted briefly with Julian (or was it Impedius). Anyway, hats off to them. I imagine it would be a hard one to top.

Meeting fellow bloggers including readers face to face was an interesting experience. I’ve met Don (apparently he is one of my subscribers), Lorna (I thought you looked familiar even before we chatted), Pinolobu a.k.a Ben (I already knew you), the famous Elphege Godomon the TV3 reporter.

Then there’s Josie (the cheerful one), Eshark (sama misai kita haha), Shukery (a rather quiet but nice guy), LadyMariah (I didn’t recognize you with the braids), Chegu(betulkah tu?), Sumardi and who could miss PapaJoneh, one of the most boisterous bloggers that night. Sorry Papa, I was unable to join you guys afterwards.

I’ve met several other bloggers too but can’t recall their names – my bad. I should’ve written them down like what some people did! The list will be updated from time to time.

I would have uploaded some photos if not of the crappy connection here in Starbuck. I need a more reliable wireless connection to tap into for that. I am certain you’ll find more detailed reviews about this event in other blogs with lots of photos to feast your eyes on 😉

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Comment by Lorna
2008-08-03 15:49:54

Ah, I was hoping you’d post some pics (particularly the ones with me in it!), but anyways it was great finally meeting you in person!

Here’s to continuous money making off the ‘Net and hope to see you again some time! (your new theme looks great)

Comment by Gaman
2008-08-03 16:03:35

Our conversation seems a little brief. Macam mau cerita lagi panjang-panjang tapi inda berkesempatan. Anyway, nice chatting with you Lorna. Yes I’m going to post some more pics soon hehe. (Glad you like the theme)

Comment by eshark Subscribed to comments via email
2008-08-03 16:14:00

Sama kah misai, adedeh! I wonder siapa punya lagi power ah? Anyway it’s been great meeting live with you the sabah online money making king. Bah! gaman, we keep blog in touch. All da best!!

Comment by JACQ Subscribed to comments via email
2008-08-03 16:45:28

My money making guru! So down to earth lah u Gaman. And like Lorna said, here’s to making more money off the Internet! 😉

Comment by ben Subscribed to comments via email
2008-08-03 20:04:58

It was good meeting up with you after perhaps years of virtual interactions. Did you blog about this from Bali?

Comment by Gaman
2008-08-03 22:25:41

I was still in KK when I posted this. I am now in Bali. Everything looks pretty interesting over here. Internet connection from my room isn’t very good still.

Comment by Shueqry
2008-08-03 20:13:59

At nearly 6pm, I arrived full of sweat, cycling from Lok Kawi to KK.

I changed my cycling jersey to usual attire, at one of Warisan’s washroom. I locked my bike near Starbucks and rushed to Imperial Hotel.

Finally i’ve met Gaman, the Sabahan blogger i admired most, for years since 2005!. Wow, ndak sangka betul-betul low profile, kagum saya.

I took a corner where i can ‘duduk diam-diam’ and analyze all bloggers coming in. Then Lady Mariah sat besides me and we have a small talk.

She is very chatty, i couldnt keep up. Suara jadi sarut-sarut sebab makan tu aiskrim, hehe..

The night was fantastic.

When i get home, i was full of inspiration!


Comment by ladymariah
2008-08-03 20:23:24

hehehehehe. really nice to know u… bejiran kita pula semalam. nasib i datang sana kalau tidak nda kenal kan? bah, bila? hehehehe.

Comment by JACQ Subscribed to comments via email
2008-08-03 20:31:19

OMG Shueqry, you cycled all the way from Lok Kawi?? Wow! Respect!!

Comment by Shueqry
2008-08-03 22:39:23

Jacq, I’ve cycled every morning and night since early March 2008. To get fit.

I’m working in our second cyber cafe branch inside Lok Kawi army camp, while my home is 16km away, in Bandaran, KK. The main branch is in Centre Point, second floor near Helen Beauty & Reflexology.

Usually i can reach KK town from Lok Kawi below 40 minutes trough Petagas – Sutera Harbour roadway. If i took Kepayan – Lido – Lintas – Damai road, reach home below 1 hour.

Every Friday evening, i go to UMS for uphill training.

Lady Mariah, thanks for the book you gave me.

After reading it, makes my mind open the unknown issue all these years. Thank you…

Comment by ladymariah
2008-08-03 23:33:56

u r always welcome shueqry. si Gaman ni famous bah pula kan??? yayyy…!!! u soooo cool, bro!

Comment by Fara Subscribed to comments via email
2008-08-04 01:02:59

XD I was so busy playing around I didn’t get to meet you in person. Garrrrghhhh~

Comment by julian sabah
2008-08-04 01:41:18

Hi gaman!

I think u spoke to Dino (tu yang tinggi sikit punya). XD

I anted to speak to u, but tak sempat! maaf ya! but hope we can meet again & someday chat face to face? 😀

By the way, thank you for coming yeah! Hope u had fun! RESPECT! 😀

Comment by Gaman
2008-08-06 23:02:22

Oh ok sorry my Bad. Yes.. there’s always next time

Comment by chegu carol Subscribed to comments via email
2008-08-04 01:44:15

i didnt get to chat with you though.
perhaps next time. 🙂

Comment by SMD
2008-08-04 02:35:42

Nice to see you Gaman. 🙂

Comment by nyst.wysrt Subscribed to comments via email
2008-08-04 08:37:54

nice meeting you gaman. Jadi ada harapan 3 10 ? haha!

Comment by Gaman
2008-08-09 21:47:40

Ada haha

Comment by papajoneh
2008-08-04 08:47:19

dari ofis live now.. but nothing to report other than the usual workload.
Nice to finally meet u gaman. I especially felt so malu that you went upfront meeting me when I was supposed to meet u at your sitting. Thanks for “teguring” me 😀

Did we take any picture that night? I hope so. I noticed the “misai” too. Great. Maybe I should let my misai kucing grow too. All great guy got misai one.. like eshark too 😉 LOL.

Till next time where we really can sit down and minum non-alcohol drink talking about making money off the internet or simply admiring our sabahan’s creations.

Have a nice holiday in Bali. Picture, picture and pictures! 😀

Comment by Shueqry
2008-08-04 10:10:22

PapaJ, i’ve met you at last 😀

Comment by Azmeen
2008-08-04 10:09:49

Please post the pictures as I’m dying to see them!

I’m happy to read that all of you had an awesome time. Although I’m not a Sabahan, I must set some time to join next year’s even (hope you guys do have it planned!).


Comment by bebek
2008-08-04 14:48:59


wahhh, cepat juga kau sampai di Bali…??

anyway kau memang hebat gaman – bakal huguan siou… dalam arena cyber…

for a very well known cyber master like you, i respect you for being down to earth and humble… yet you are among the best in the world in this field…

keep itu up gaman….

From Gaman no 2… (aka elphege p. godomon)

Comment by Gaman
2008-08-06 23:04:57

Jangan labah terlebih puji haha. Sia belum sampai ke tahap itu lagi bah. Kau pun begitu humble.

2008-08-04 21:51:04

must be a very joyful moment

Comment by Linut
2008-08-05 07:51:16’re so famous pula gaman! if i knew you were gonna be there, i would’ve gone too 🙂

Comment by Gaman
2008-08-06 22:56:21

Blog ja yang famous mangkali, sia inda mau famous bah hehe. Sia pun last minit baru dapat confirm. Kalau kau di sana jumpa juga kita tu

Comment by Don
2008-08-05 19:21:07

Hei Gaman, how’s your day ? do write me an email when you see this ya

Comment by Gaman
2008-08-06 23:06:06

Hi don.. hey nice meeting you there! Will get in touch.

Comment by mimie Subscribed to comments via email
2008-08-06 15:06:28

Alamak, i ter”miss” pulak tu gathering nite…But niway, im still in KL doing some works…will be back on 10th August….sorrylah termiss tu event…mesti siok kan….harap2 kamu boleh lah taruk gambar malam tu on this blog so that others can see even not Sabahan…Baru dorang tau Sabahan best gilar….Bah, bila lagi kita mau aramaitee nanti nie…

Comment by josie
2008-08-06 18:33:22

boss gaman..wah…sama kumis ko sama shueqry kah….

Comment by Gaman
2008-08-06 23:08:16

Hi Josie.. ya bah kebetulan

Comment by El Locco
2008-08-07 16:13:19

Well, Malaysia is too far from my place, if near I will join it 🙂

Comment by Shemah
2008-08-08 04:21:07

Woww.. Gaman the boss! boleh2 pula ndak terintroduce myself to you. Padahal ada pula I take candid pic of you membelek camera or something like that. hehee.. Next time, hopefully we meet again! 🙂

Comment by IT Buzz
2009-05-31 01:16:22

Yup that’s really true without teamwork achieving anything is somehow impossible.

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