Second Banner Ad Slot Sold!

August 9, 2008 by  

Barely a day after the first ad slot was approved; another slot was snatched up by Ben of WorldRec.Info. Thanks Ben!

In his blog, Ben writes about the unconventional world records with a twist. Records that according to him are probably not available in the Guinness Book of World Records or Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

For a dose of unconventional stories to beat the office or work boredom I suggest you check out this blog.

So far I’ve made around USD50 – minus the PayPal payment fee of US1.15 for each banner purchase – from direct ad deals.

Ideally, I wish this happened without me lifting a finger but sadly that’s not the case if you consider the work involved in upgrading template, the cost of the template & plugin purchase as well as all the previous efforts I’ve put into maintaining and establishing trust in this blog.

If you think my rates are expensive, wait until I raise the price hehe. A text link ad in this blog will set you back for around US50 to USD100 per link. A review ordered via will cost you at least USD100. So what’s USD25 compare to those rates 🙂 not to mention, it includes a mention in my blog post for free. My aim is to give as much exposure to my advertisers at a nominal cost.

So what’s next? I am aware that I will need to be pro-active when seeking advertisers so here are some of the places where I plan find them.

AdWords advertisers
I’ve seen several blogs advertising on via AdSense so why not get in touch with them, help them save money buy cutting the middle man? Chances are, they might be interested since they know traffic is targeted to their own niches.

Regular readers
Most probably know what is all about. Enough said 😉

Other advertisers using other advertising platforms besides AdSense
If they are willing to pay to advertise here, why not offer a better deal directly plus better visibility to boot?

Forum & Marketplaces
Forums like and SitePoint Marketplace are good places to find targeted advertisers

Now, I’ve an offer for those who are the first to purchase empty ad slots here at If you buy now, you’ll pay the same rate as your first purchase for your next purchase.

As an example, Ben and nyst will only have to pay USD25 for their next purchase even though it’s made several months from now when my ad rates would have been much higher than they are today.

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Comment by Loker
2008-08-10 04:39:09

congrat you gaman, hope all of your ad spot will sold soon..

Comment by ben Subscribed to comments via email
2008-08-10 21:44:54

I’ll let you know later if it was worth it…

Comment by Gaman
2008-08-10 23:19:11

I hope you’ll find it worth it – but that would depend on what you are aiming for. It would be great if you find it cheaper than what you’d have paid via AdWords. Otherwise, I feel I should offer some kind of free advertising to make up for it lol.

Anyway, you might want to read my own experiment advertising at other local blogs:

Comment by Jordans
2008-08-10 23:05:58

hmm..interesting…Enterprising thinking there..Wish I knew whats it all about!
cheers to Sabahhan blogger!

Comment by Rice Blogger
2008-08-12 11:55:07

that is great news…well done

Comment by Shally
2008-08-12 21:49:38

Nice..I’ll work hard to get trust from readers..

Comment by bantingboy
2008-08-14 00:56:25

congratulations because you manage to sell it!

Comment by silentleo
2008-11-15 22:12:33

looks like i also need to do something like this. Hope can gather good income from this way.

Comment by Savings account
2008-11-22 06:39:40

Congratulations and hope it goes well for you.

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