Blogging Again After A Year Hiatus…

April 9, 2010 by  

It’s funny that my last post was written exactly a year ago on 9 April 2009 and here I am again.

I am still alive and kicking, just doing things in the background while I took the time out from blogging. As some of you know, this is what I do for a living, i.e. work online (not so much of a full time blogger by the way) so I’ll always be around.

For sure there are lots of new developments in the blogosphere for me to catch up to but let’s do this one thing at a time shall we 😉

While I was away, people kept coming to this blog. Nothing changes much in term of number of visitors although it’s not as busy as when I was active writing obviously. 

One thing I would like to mention is the passive income generated by this blog. There have been several purchases made for the products I promoted in my posts and advertising income from direct ad order as well as AdSense. While the amount is nothing to shout about, neither I am complaining since I don’t even have to lift a finger to earn them.

If you would like to sell advertising directly from your blog, check out the script that I use to sell banner ads from Oio Publisher. It’s not free but I think it’s one of the best investments you could ever make for your blog if you want to take control of your ads inventory.

During the time the blog was dormant, AdSense has generated USD621 from alone. Yes it’s not much I know but that’s roughly the amount I am making from AdSense monthly from all my websites combined including It’s a passive income and that’s what makes it interesting to me.

I am currently concentrating on my software development side of my online business and will be releasing two new versions of my software soon.

Anyway as you may now I am an affiliate marketer and always try to find a way to do affiliate marketing more effectively. Recently I was contacted by Richard Adams, the owner of who came up with a product to help people like us to make more money from our websites… without getting any more visitors.

I am going to do my own review of his product soon but for now if you are interested to learn more just read on the following article by Richard.


Affiliate Marketers: Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

If you wanted to boil affiliate marketing down to it’s simplest, you are essentially trying to attract traffic to your website and then send them through to an affiliate program where if they buy anything, you make money.

It sounds simple enough. Set up a niche site or blog about mp3 players for example, plaster it with adverts from Commission Junction or Amazon and cross your fingers that you’ll make money.

Some sites work, others don’t but over time if you keep on building your profits slowly rise.

But the problem with this process is best described as "missed opportunity".

You see, you will often find that one affiliate program converts better than another, even for the same product. Send 100 visitors to each one and it’s very likely that you will make considerably more money from one than the other. Strange but true.

Taking it another step, if you do some testing you will also normally find that some of the adverts on your website get far more clicks than others. And that adverts in certain places on your website get more clicks than adverts in other areas of your website.

So if you could find which affiliate program converts best, which advert converts best and where to place that advert on your website for best results, then got rid of everything that *didn’t* work so well, as I’m sure you can imagine you’re likely to significantly increase your affiliate marketing profits.

And remember that you don’t have to write any more content, build loads more links or spend your life trying to build up visitor numbers.

All this extra money is simply as a result of some smart testing to reveal how best to monetize your affiliate sites. Surely this is leverage at it’s best.

By now I’m sure you can see the potential of this method and are wondering how best to actually go about the testing phase.

There are two ways to go about it. The first way is to simply make manual changes to your websites and see how the results change. However not only is this not exactly scientific, but it also takes quite a bit of time and effort to constantly move adverts around, keep an eye on clickthrough rates of adverts, affiliate profits and so on.

However there is also a tool which you can use which will do most of this for you. It will make all the necessary changes to your website and track the results. Let the script do all the "heavy lifting" and you can just pull out the top-performers from the statistics area of the tool and make the necessary changes to maximize your profits.

If you’d like to learn more about the tool that I mentioned that automates 95% of the process for you, saving you time and hassle, while helping you to increase your income, click here and get a free report.

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Comment by Jonathan Kent
2010-04-09 20:40:47

Glad to see you blogging again. Looking forward for more updates from you..cheers!

Comment by syarani
2010-04-10 05:38:28

Hello Gaman welcome back with your new entry, its been almost a year since ur last post in 2008 and i think almost everyday i keep visiting ur site even though i know your feedburner will notify my email first so i don’t need to check whether you update or not,but its so nice to read your previous post, very informative 😉 hope i can read more new post from you after this gaman, keep it up bro

Comment by donnyien
2010-04-10 21:56:17

Welcome back Gaman!

Comment by CJ
2010-04-10 22:35:35

Yes, good to se you blogging again.. hope to learn abit more about affiliate marketing. I am not able to make head or tail with my blog after having set it up in June 2009. Perhaps some good comment from you?

Comment by Lorna
2010-04-13 09:15:23

Great to see you’re blogging, although saying that you’re “back” might not be the right word because I bet you’re still focusing on your main projects 🙂 Hope to get more golden advice from you soon, cheers!

Comment by Yin Teing
2010-04-15 16:18:27

Hi Gaman, great to see you blogging again. Actually, as a blogger, most of us depends on either Adsense or other affiliates program. And the income is quite peanuts- because writing blog posts is just a small part of the equation- majority of the time is spent on networking, tweaking, SEO, etc. And once we stopped writing, the income drops.
After reading blog by Skellie, I am seriously thinking of marketing my own products instead of depending on Adsense. Probably we are just settling for very little when depending on 3rd party advertisers.

Comment by Do follow blog
2010-04-21 10:11:44

you can always just blog away with good content and make money from ad space and than hire a PR firm to really push your site to the next echelon.

Comment by Game Critic
2010-04-22 07:46:00

Welcome Back!!! I hope you have along stay.

Comment by Siau Hen
2010-04-24 14:26:22

Good to see you back. Hope to get more useful IM tips from you! Cheers

Comment by rohaizad
2010-04-26 10:00:06

What a long “holiday” ya Gaman… 🙂
Welcome back!

Comment by donnyien
2010-04-26 23:17:25

welcome back too Bro Izad :)…

Comment by PART TIMER
2010-04-27 23:56:30

Wah, Bro Rohaizad also here? Hahaha..

Comment by hosney
2010-04-28 12:04:05

It’s good to be back bro.

2010-04-29 17:43:23

Wow, just caught you on my RSS feed. I’ve been reading some of your older posts. Good stuff. Welcome back to the blogosphere.

Comment by Bryan Hee
2010-05-01 18:17:44

Congratulation and Welcome Back! Monetization in your blog/website is vital to maximise online profits!

To your success,
Bryan Hee
Follow on Twitter

2010-05-05 15:57:24

welcome back, Gaman! WP blog split tester impresses as a brilliant idea for optimizing conversions in your space. Everyone screams for traffic but improving conversions can be even more effective in my experience. Geoff

Comment by blinkky
2010-05-14 03:27:54

You’ve been silent for a long time =)

Comment by aatif
2010-05-18 18:40:52

after a long time , but i love your articles 🙂

Comment by mrBadak
2010-05-21 15:56:46

weiii.. I thought you migrated to US and became a millionaire, then forgot about us 😛

welcome back!

Comment by Indialoka
2010-07-07 21:55:14

Or maybe he has migrated, made a million and came back 😉

Comment by Streaming
2010-05-28 00:06:39

Hope you start posting again and give us some tips about affiliate marketing ..specially for newbies

Comment by chuan
2010-05-30 10:00:24

Where have go been?

Comment by PakOsu
2010-06-06 03:46:54

Welcome back, bro.
Salam kenal dari Jakarta.

Comment by sugar
2010-06-11 14:11:16

hm.. amazing how this website-Sabahan got listed in the top 100# blog ranking in Malaysia.

Check out my other listing on how to do a self check on CTOS.

Comment by webhosting
2010-07-02 13:04:03

nice site…good words. Thx,Glad to see you blogging again

Comment by Valentine Belonwu
2010-07-04 03:44:44

Welcome back Gaman!, But try to be around maybe every month. Anyway take care and remain bless.

Comment by jackliu
2010-07-07 22:56:27

Looking forward for more updates from you..cheers!

Comment by jackliu
2010-07-07 22:57:50

What a long “holiday” ya Gaman…
Welcome back!

Comment by jackliu
2010-07-07 23:00:11

weiii.. I thought you migrated to US and became a millionaire, then forgot about us

welcome back!

Comment by Alvin Nyau
2010-07-16 00:44:39

Have been waiting for you for a long time!
Welcome back!

Comment by Alvin Nyau
2010-07-16 01:11:36

Welcome Back!

Comment by deakaz
2010-07-21 21:47:44

Welcome back to the blogosphere, hope to see a lot more posts from you soon. 🙂

Comment by titan
2010-07-27 13:20:32 are back!

Comment by JBCool
2010-07-29 21:06:42

I love affiliate marketing, but these days its getting much more harder to earn from affiliate marketing.

Comment by sell things on ebay
2010-08-05 04:46:23

I was wondering why there was such a break in the posts – I was enjoying some of the info on your site. Are you on a break again or do you plan to pick up blogging in the near future. I know it can be hard sometimes to fit it all in – I have about 50 blogs and it takes a bit of managing 🙂

Comment by Cat
2010-08-10 18:08:21

Hi and welcome back – looking forwrad to your posts.

Comment by HidrogeN
2010-08-12 09:31:30

now you wait another one year before posting new entry?

Comment by Rash
2010-08-13 10:50:20

Welcome back Sabahan (busy buat duit ke?),

First time commenting,love reading your posts..keep it up!

Comment by jualkeretasaya
2010-08-24 11:47:55

Welcome to blogging again~!

Comment by apple hunter
2010-08-31 17:42:29

welcome home gaman!

Comment by Encik MT
2010-09-19 08:40:21

wihhuuuuuuuuuu! you are back! come,come,come,let me kiss you.haha!

Comment by
2010-09-20 21:36:24

Welcome back and happy to receive fresh update from u

Comment by sepul
2010-10-02 21:44:49

welcome back Gaman!

Comment by facebookblasterpro
2010-10-07 00:15:32

so you’re back! i thought the internet market is saturated already so u started an oil palm ventures.. hehe just kidding!

Comment by Android tablet
2010-10-08 18:48:33

Good luck with your software development projects. Will keep on checking and see how it is going.

Comment by Pacquiao Margarito
2010-10-29 14:21:09


I think your blog is already very stable compared to mine. Your last blog was april and you still continue to get a good amount of traffic (and for sure, money as well). Nice job man!

Comment by jason
2010-10-31 17:46:03

welcome back to the blogosphere

Comment by menj
2010-11-04 15:51:26

Good to see you around but it seems that you have disappeared again….

Comment by Sarimin
2010-11-15 00:28:19


Comment by Sarimin
2010-11-15 00:30:39 are back!

Comment by Addy
2010-11-15 04:28:56

Good to c u r bloging again

Comment by MauGemuk
2010-11-22 19:34:23

Gaman your english is so oriented! mana ko belajar dulu?

Comment by donnyien
2010-11-23 20:03:12

hello gaman… how are you?

Comment by MrLonely
2010-11-30 23:33:12

yoyoyo… back blogging lor ~~ XD =P

Comment by
2010-12-02 23:15:07

it been a year u didn’t update…that a new world record..hehe

Comment by mykerjaya
2010-12-24 13:13:25

welcoma back dude!

2010-12-30 12:53:21

glad to see you back and glad to see you’re still pulling in the dough!

Comment by Mantra
2011-01-06 03:35:51

glad to see you writing again. Hope there are new post in year 2011.
Waiting for your next tips 🙂

Comment by Greco
2011-01-17 06:14:21

I can’t comment?
What is this?
How’re U?

Comment by toko online
2011-01-17 12:47:01

Walcome back Gamman


Comment by Dwen Rasid
2011-01-18 14:40:45

thanks sir,nice sharing

Comment by sari
2011-01-18 15:50:54

salam kenal .
good article .
keep the spirit of the blog.
success .

Comment by Dustin
2011-01-20 11:03:12

Affiliate marketing is awesome I wish I was good at it. I try to do that on the side of my other online business. Good luck in your blogging and being back!

Comment by Anish@ PcPedia Tech
2011-01-22 02:53:16

Arrange some giveaways for the readers ;p .it will be a good start ;p

Comment by CeritaSejati
2011-01-24 20:02:52

Welcome back Gaman, your making good money, keep up the good work.

Comment by Kay Kastum
2011-01-25 16:17:49

Ai? Got big project ka?

2011-01-28 03:59:09

Really nice post as well, here always are great topics and helpful info Thanks for sharing

Comment by Iklan
2011-02-16 17:19:09

Gaman, as you have mentioned that computer, internet and technology is very much in your ‘blood’, thus seeing you coming back to blogging would not surprised us. At times, we have the information overload and needed a break. Your articles are very much needed by all.

Thanks for writing honestly from your heart.
I enjoyed your blog very much.


Comment by Russell Davison
2011-02-19 14:54:34

I think that USD621 from AdSense monthly from all your websites combined including is very good and puts you in the top 0.5%. Well done!

Comment by ahmadhaikal
2011-03-06 07:25:03

emm..why you not update anymore???

Comment by Rhia George
2011-03-21 17:41:52

Glad to see you’re blogging again…look forward to your upcoming posts

Comment by donny
2011-03-23 16:38:41

Gaman,apa kabar kau?contact me urgent,i have something to discuss..hehe

follow my blog kio..kopisanangan…

Comment by Turubasa
2011-03-26 01:05:14

wer r u gaman? we are waiting 4 ur post.

Comment by Josef Benjamin
2011-04-07 10:04:50

Hey Sabahan,

I saw your site from JohnChows website and, I didn’t
even realize you were gone for a year until I checked
out your most recent post.

You should stick around and continue developing your
own voice…it’s interesting and, you don’t NEED the
“JohnChowEffect” to be a top blogger —

I like your ideas about affiliate marketing. I used
to do it part-time and made good money w/ Clickbank.


I don’t think it’s remotely smart to do affiliate
marketing without first sending traffic to build a list.

That way, you can keep marketing your products and
services to people who were on the fence and help
them step on the grass and walk towards the light (ha ha).

Anyways, that’s all. Look forward to reading more
from you.

Comment by Azam
2011-04-08 19:23:33

Welcome back Gaman to the blogging world, any other interesting business that can make money?

Comment by Ricky
2011-04-23 07:59:18

Welcome back man!

2011-05-05 22:12:10

Good to see you back on the blog scene and awaiting your next post

Comment by Curso Fondant
2011-05-06 04:06:09

What has happened with you? Are you OK? I think a lot of people is waiting for your posts. Hope you can get back soon.

Comment by Survey4Income
2011-05-08 18:49:18

he’s gone again! his last post a year ago lol..

“I made $50-$900 a day just for giving my opinion.”

Comment by lb1897
2011-05-16 12:35:01

haha been busy? welcome back. i believe many of your fans are happy.

Comment by Maxwell
2011-06-24 16:27:50

Gaman is dead!

Comment by colbert
2011-07-12 22:35:28

hey gaman. how are things? no updates in 2011 yet ?

Comment by Chosen Fingers
2011-07-14 12:19:37

Welcome back!

2011-08-16 04:08:54

Welcome to back to fighting! 🙂

Comment by ROJAK
2011-08-20 21:04:24

another 1 year hiatus? or 2?

Comment by Richard
2011-09-04 18:31:41

omg, more than 1 year already this time… i want to learn like you, haha ^^

Comment by sadli
2011-09-15 12:47:32

Hope you write more bro..

Comment by galapagos travel
2011-09-26 14:20:08

how about making a comeback on ’12

Comment by Jersey Murah Online
2011-10-28 11:03:51

welcome back Gaman…ingatkan dah x bminat dah blogging…hehe

Comment by Prince
2011-11-17 23:49:19

Welcome back from ‘long holiday’

Comment by Alb
2011-12-23 16:53:58

Any rational reasons (or emotional) why this blog stop updating? Are you still around in the cyber-sphere tompinai? 🙁

Comment by donny
2011-12-23 17:10:39

I have no idea Alb..hmm

Comment by Mat
2012-01-26 18:28:18

Blogging is fun and very educating. I have learnt lots from blogging.

Comment by
2012-02-03 17:22:46

Which site are you doing now ??

Comment by Nazri Salleh
2012-03-10 02:35:22

I am new in blogging and found your blog really interesting. 😀

Comment by adam narzuan
2012-03-26 09:14:21

i also start blogging back…

Comment by Colocation
2012-04-30 23:46:33

I am curious as to what site you are working on now, this one seems to be abandoned?

Comment by Free Voucher
2012-05-26 10:46:37

It has been 2 years this website didn’t get updated. 🙁

Comment by ediemv
2012-07-25 16:33:38

many things that I learned on the internet…
I have learned techniques to generate income on the internet and have generated up to now ….i love money…..

Comment by Full Throtte
2012-07-28 05:22:03

The consistency would pay off!

Comment by washington seo
2012-07-31 16:21:27

was wondering why there was such a break in the posts – I was enjoying some of the info on your site. Are you on a break again or do you plan to pick up blogging in the near future.

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