7 Reasons Affiliate Programs Are Better Than Adsense

Posted on 18th January, 2007

Paydayloanaffiliate.com has a post up called “7 Reasons Affiliate Programs Are Better Than Adsense” where he talks about the advantages affiliate programs enjoy over contextual advertising programs such as AdSense and YPN.

Some of the issues discussed

1. Ad blindness suffered by most AdSense publishers

2. Made for AdSense sites and why it does not work

3. Theme selection to display relevant ads and why it’s hard to do

I find this one the most interesting:

6. Blending, images, and click here now!

Policies governed by some affiliate programs are more lax than programs such as Adsense. Don’t put images next to ads because it might make people click more? Granted, that is a CPC versus a CPA issue, but if you are a member of our affiliate network, I want all the traffic you can possibly give; sales is a numbers game – the more visitors that you give me, the more I have a chance to convert. I can’t cash a 80% conversion rate on traffic, but I’ll take 1000 visitors at 50% conversion over 10 visitors at 100% conversion all day long. Don’t encourage people to click or use incentivized offers? Ouch. Some of the best performing affiliate programs out there let you use incentivized offers; again, affiliate managers want all the quality traffic you can send.

What I like about affiliate program is the freedom you have when it comes to promoting an offer. All that counts is the conversion rate, and not how you get the visitors.

While I don’t think one should avoid AdSense entirely, I think you should not depend on it as your only source of income.

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  • ShaolinTiger says:

    Affiliate schemes have always, and will always be better than any PPC or eCPM based schemes.

    They are more reliable too and once you’ve built the eyeballs in your niche the traffic is guaranteed, unlike Adsense income which can disappear overnight.

  • Boss Stewie says:

    u mean u’re not allowed to put pictures right next to ur adsense ad units? but i see everyone doing it

  • Gaman says:

    ShaolinTiger: Totally agree
    Boss Stewie: Don’t you know that already? 🙂 Check this out:

  • Cygnus says:

    Agreed, I’m not saying ditch contextual in its entirity; I would agree with what Aaron Wall says, in that Adsene/YPN can be an effective means to determine a baseline revenue estimation, but from there, partnering with the right affiliate offer is likely what is going result in the most income.

  • icy says:

    Adsense has a lower entry level to earn USD as compare to Affiliate programs.

    To most of the people, internet is just side income business. If they could make a couple hundred dollar USD, they are happy already 🙂

  • vamp6x6x6x says:

    I agree that affiliate will earn you more then PPC prograams 6 times out of 10.

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