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Last modified on 12th March, 2007

A few days after someone discovered the download link for the Day Job Killer ebook via Google, it was revealed that another self proclaimed Guru is making exactly the same mistake.

This time, it’s an ebook called Google Wealth Wizard. I’ve never came across it before but it’s like many other ebooks that claim to teach you how to make $300 to $500 per day using Google AdWords.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Day Job Killer is a good ebook. While much of what’s written inside sounds like common sense, unless you’ve been doing what the ebook is recommending, you won’t realize the true potential of those seemingly simple ideas.

The saddest thing about Google Wealth Wizard is that the author has not realized that his ebook was downloaded freely since it release on July 15th 2006.

From a software developer point of view, if a software was cracked or posted on a warez site and someone actively searches for the cracked software, some software developers do not consider this as a lost sale.

This is because most people using warez sites will never buy the software anyway. The best thing you could do is issue a new version which renders the warez version unusable and move on. Forget about wasting your time and energy trying to fight these freeloaders and just concentrate on developing and marketing your software.

But Google Wealth Wizard is not a software. The mindset of people who search for marketing ebooks is different from that of warez users.

Most would consider purchasing the ebook. But if it’s available for free as a mistake of the author himself, people’s curiosity – which is partly as a result of the hyped created by the author himself – would tempt them to download the freely available ebook.

Should one be called a guru if he does not even understand how to protect his download page using robots.txt file?

Click here
to see how Google Wealth Wizard is freely available for download via Google

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  • Freeze says:

    Thanks for the tips man…I downloaded the ebook for free already..hehehe

  • KennyP says:


    I also downloaded the ebook, thanks for your links 😀


  • XtremgenX says:

    This issue has been around the internet for a long time already. Pity for the webmaster to not knowing something that is regarded as the most crucial thing that you should do with robots.txt. Most of the time advanced queries such as [site:yourdomain.com ext:pdf] and [intitle:”index of/” size name pdf] are enough to gain any unprotected pdf file. Just a little tweak, you’d be downloading with a WICKED BIG SMILE!

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