9 Lessons for Would-be Bloggers

Posted on 15th March, 2007

Joshua Porter has written an interesting post over at Bokardo where he gives out 9 lessons he learned in 7 years of blogging for would bloggers.

If you are just starting out, you may discover some useful tips here. Some of his points seem to contradict what one would advice a new blogger should do.

Nevertheless everything seems to fall into place when I compared them to my own experience when I first got started blogging. I used to feel uncomfortable with the idea of people reading what I have to say personally. I’ve been doing Internet business for a while but that’s different because it had never been this personal.

Another point that I find interesting is that, people really don’t care very much about your grammar. While it’s important to maintain good grammar and spelling in your writing, people are actually more interested in your ideas, more than how you write.

Check out the rest of the post: 9 Lessons for Would-be Bloggers

[via ProBlogger.net]
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