A Closer Look At AdWords Bid Options

Posted on 9th May, 2007

Bid options are advertising types available in AdWords for advertisers to advertise their products or services.

Currently there are four bid options available which are:

  • Set maximum limits
  • Preferred cost bidding
  • Budget optimizer
  • Pay-per-action

Set Maximum Limits and Budget Optimizer have been around for a while and currently the most popular bid options.

The recent introduction of Preferred Cost Bidding as well as Pay per Action (beta) bid options demands a closer study to ensure you are using the best method in accordance to your advertising needs.

Search Engine Land has published a useful article explaining the characteristics, uses, advantages and disadvantages of these bid options. If you are an AdWords advertiser, this is one article you should read.

Full article: Are You Bidding Correctly On AdWords? A Close Look At The Four Bid Options


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