A record-breaking kick-off for FIFAworldcup.com

Posted on 23rd June, 2006

Have you ever wondered how many visitors the FIFAWorldCup.com gets especially during this World Cup season?

If you have, you may find these stats interesting:

• 31 Million Video Streams
2006 marks the first year that video highlights of FIFA World Cup matches have been free on the Web, and fans have taken full advantage of this opportunity to watch and rewatch the best moments of the matches

• 1.2 Billion Page Views
In 2002, the site attracted just over two billion page views for the entire tournament, and this year FWC.com is halfway to that mark after only one week. This is the largest one-week total in the history of the site. The most page views were recorded on Monday 12 June with 226 million page views.

• Five Million Daily Unique Users
An average of five million fans have visited FIFAworldcup.com each day during the tournament, including a high of 6.2 million visitors on Monday, 12 June.

• Over 600,000 Fantasy Sign-Ups
Fans have signed up in record numbers to play fantasy football on FIFAwordcup.com, which features Yahoo!’s industry-leading fantasy sports platform.

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